Monday, February 18, 2013

Dorner Should Have Advised - Follow the Russian Practice

Dash Cams Are Logical Protection -

 Dash-cam footage is the only real way to substantiate your claims in the court of law. Forget witnesses. Hit and runs are very common and insurance companies notoriously specialize in denying claims. Two-way insurance coverage is very expensive and almost completely unavailable for vehicles over ten years old–the drivers can only get basic liability. Get into a minor or major accident and expect the other party to lie to the police or better yet, flee after rear-ending you. Since your insurance won't pay unless the offender is found and sued, you'll see dash-cam videos of post hit and run pursuits for plate numbers. ...
While those lucky enough to traverse the Russian roads with an American or other Western passport are hassled less, the Russian Highway Patrol is notorious throughout their land for brutality, corruption, extortion and making an income on bribes. Dash-cams won't protect you from being extorted for cash, because your ass shouldn't have been speeding. It will however keep you safer from drunks in uniform, false accusations and unreasonable bribe hikes.

That's how cops should be treated

Attention! Dash cam is on!
Memo for the traffic patrol officer

1. Introduce yourself (name, surname, rang, position)
2. Name the reason of pulling over
3. Сlarify the rights and responsibilities
4. Be polite and restrained
Please, don't swear aloud, kids are in the car.

Dorner on Race- MSM FAILS

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