Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vatican Assassins Site is GONE

 the site of 'Eric Jon Phelps'
 [and as of 2-15 it is back up]
 Eric Jon Phelps - Vatican Assassins
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Letter from Troy:
Many thanks for the heads-up on the closure of the VA site Doug!

The January 16 2012 VA post (last date of site "crawled" by - see:*/ states that Facebook & Twitter pages were being wound down (only about three or four years after I denounced the active endorsement of using Facebook (that it seems that all intell infiltrators/surveillance operatives were at one time instructed to encourage the use of. The "dollar short, day late" announcement of pulling away from these is IMHO a misguided too-late attempt at credibility damage-limitation:

I know that you have used FB, but at least you never actively encouraged its use & made up specious reasons to justify it.

As for the website being pulled:

Either the CIA or US Army Intelligence budgets are being slashed or perhaps the Vatican Assassins site had simply served its covert purpose for the time frame intended in acting as a self-discrediting diversion to attract those who correctly concluded that the Roman nexus via the Jesuits lay within the deepest, darkest "unholy of unholies" of the NWO beast system, but who had not yet developed the nouse to avoid the & ideological land-mines & pitfalls of consciousness laid by the official Jesuit-commissioned leading false opposition Eric Phelps. 

Perhaps his championing of those covert Roman/Jesuit assets James VI/I & George Washington was finally being seen through as the sick ruse that it was/is by increasing numbers since my taking him to task on the these false opposition "red flags" after coming across the evidence showing their true agendas, via which process I uncovered even more substantiating incriminating evidences on these dissemblers a couple of years back?

It may sound far fetched, but it has even crossed my mind that Phelps may have been recalled to Rome to help in the training of a new final Pope to help play out of the Malachi "prophecy" bunkum. Stranger things have happened! :D

If it reappears in some other form then maybe there has simply been a falling out between Eric & his VA "webmaster" Jay Lutz. I guess we'll have to wait & see.

Please keep me posted on any further developments. I've been laying low on the postings front due to working six days a week to sort out my finances in case the proverbial hits the fan later this year. Still take an avid interest in all of the BS "developments" that continue to stifle the spirit & consciousness of every sentient being that is adversely affected by these psychopaths/sociopaths & their despicable minions.

Peace -


On 13 Feb 2013, at 04:56, Douglas Willinger wrote:


Just wanted to inform you that the EJP site is gone.

I have not checked on it in a while, so I don't know when it was taken down, let alone why.

Best Regards

Douglas Willinger
Continuing Counter Reformation


Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Both the .org and .com versions show no more 'Vatican Assassins'

avles said...

Facebook/Twitter seems more to be a dialectical opposition: Facebook the bad, "controlled by Jews" [Zuckerberg] versus Twitter the 'god' used by the pope. Probably the bad image of Facebook is wanted just for this goal, global marketing for the pope [as the one done by the lightning]:

If I would have energies I would have not problem to re-pick my FB account and to continue also there the exposition of WDG. Show me a single internet social web which is not controlled!

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

All of these platforms are controlled, including telephones.

So we are to not post to the internet- me thinking of those people dogmatically opposed to the use of Facebook.

I like Facebook, but understand the many traps, like those people who go on it to start checking of extensive "block" this person, that person etc. telling intelligence all of the people you fear in particular, there by creating a security hole.

And of course with the internet in general, don't type what may be embarrassing later.