Friday, February 22, 2013

No Unwanted Pregancies WithOUT Abortion

Those who have supported unrestricted abortion towards the late end are guilty of GROSS and DESPICABLE disregard towards human life and SUFFERING- Please note that such Abortions are generally via CUTTING THE UNBORN CHILD WHICH HAS A SOUL and a NERVOUS SYSTEM and must DEFINITELY feel pain- after all how often do you even hear of the issue of ANESTHESIA for the unborn CHILD being slaughtered?

Those who have looked towards early chemical chemical abortion, and 'solutions' as the morning after pill are WELL-MEANING with the above matters and the concern of "placing it all underground may make matters worse"; but are guilty of not sufficiently understanding 'sexual-spiritual dynamics'.

Just signal your intent upon ejaculation.

And with thought to the issue of rape, as well as the meeting of the minds of both participants, the woman must ALSO signal her intent at that time.

No unwanted pregnancies and No abortion.   Yet pro life and pro choice, as that latter term has been politically hijacked to mean only abortion, and less and less else.

--- addendum August 2014

Prior to this being demonstrated, ban the later term abortions while keeping an early window via chemical means, as in our imperfect world, things as a personhood statute going back to conception will only make things worse driving it all underground and perversely having the potential effect of making abortions more later term then early term.  ALSO, for later term abortions as required for such instances as saving the life of the Mother and for incurably serious medical situations, REQUIRE anesthesia for the unborn- END the barbaric practice of chop-job no-anesthesia abortions.

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