Sunday, February 10, 2013

Truthseeker Timothy 24 on the Mystery of the Masonic Mosaic

The mystery of the Masonic Mosaic pavement is ever real. The pavement is made up of a black and white checkered floor. This image has existed in temples during the days of ancient Egypt. 

The image is more than a decorative setting. Researchers have found that the image has esoteric meaning. Freemasonry now incorporates this black and white checkered board floor image. It is found in the ritualistic floor of all Masonic lodges. It relates to initiations and represents human life checkered with good and evil. Some of the floor has the Blazing Star of Sirius on it. 

The black and white image represents the symbols of evil and good in human life. Occult researchers have found the checkered mosaic pavement can be traced to ancient Egypt and the Dionysiac rites. This is found in the House of the Mysteries. In the Entered Apprentice Degree, the mosaic pavement describes the ground floor of King Solomon's Temple. In the book of 1 Kings 6:15, the ground floor of King Solomon's Temple is made of pine or fir. 

Colors may vary in the checkered patterns of Masonic lodges. Lozenges might be used instead of squares. The same mosaic pattern can be found inside of the Notre Dame de Paris, which is a cathedral built in the era of the Knights Templars (which are some of the ideological ancestors of the Freemasons according to numerous scholars). The checkered floor outlines the concept of dualism or dualistic like the Ying and Yang symbol (as found in the number 2 card of the Tarot called La Papesse). Duality is a key portion of hermeticism. 

To the Lodge, the dualism is shown in the black and white squares. Dualism to the occultists means that in the terrestrial or physical world, there is the dualism quality in life. There is positive and negative, good and evil, light and shade, etc. Peace to the occultists is the synthesis of these dual concepts into one, so enlightenment can flourish in the world. The material world and the spiritual realm to the esoteric is opposite of each other. The checkered floor is of the Earth, while the ceiling of the Lodge is used to represent the heavens and the spiritual realm. The mosaic pavement is where there is the ceremonial altar. The square pavement is where the High priest in Masonry walks upon in the Third Degree Ritual. Many cultures, movies like the Imaginarium film has this checkered pattern. So, when you look at the truth, the truth is stranger than fiction. 

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