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Attempting to Minimize Numbers from 2.2 million to half a million is as obnoxious as such to reduce the number of Holocaust dead from 6 million to one million

A comment left at wipipedia:
In the book, de Zayas claims that approximately two million Germans died during the post period of 1944-1949, although most recent research on the subject has put the number at around half a million.

In fact, the most recent research has been conducted by de Zayas and published 2012 in his "50 Theses on the Expulsion of the Germans" ISBN 978-3-9812110-4-7

There, on pp. 55-58 de Zayas convincingly explains that none of the "recent research" is professional or methodologically reliable and that therefore one must continue to rely on the demographic studies of the Statistisches Bundesamt and those of Dr. Fritz Peter Habel and Gerhard Reichling. 

Although, according to a study at the German Federal Archives of 1974,  at least half a million were murdered directly, succumbing to beatings, dying of rape, shooting etc., a million and a half died as a direct consequence of the expulsions, since these were brutal and disorderly and Germany was in a state of total collapse upon their arrival -- so that a humanitarian catastrophe ensued, as abundantly reported in United States and British official memoranda and studies. 

Moreover, nearly two million East Germans were carted off to slave labor in the Soviet Union and some 40% of them perished on the way to the Urals and Siberia, during their hard years of slave labor, or during their repatriation. 

Attempting to reduce the number of German dead from 2.2 million to half a million is as obnoxious as attempting to reduce the number of Holocaust dead from six million to one million as some revisionists do.

Dr. Raymond Lohne, Columbia College Chicago (talk) 15:53, 21 September 2012 (UTC)

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