Sunday, March 31, 2013

Popes Emeritus

Then there were four
Black Popes Adolfo Nicholas (current) Peter Hans Kolvenbach (former)

White Popes- Pope Francis meets Pope emeritus Benedict XV

Jorge Bergoglio was elected Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church on 3/13/2013, and Nicolas Pachon was elected Superior General (Black Pope) on January 14, 2008. With the abdication of Joseph Ratzinger on February 11 of this year, and Peter Hans Kolvenbach's (the previous Superior General of the Jesusits) resignation in Janurary of 2008;  There are now 4.

Joseph Ratzinger is Pope Emeritus in Rome, and Peter Han Kolvenbach is retired (in Lebanon).  That equals 2 White Popes and 2 Black Popes, at once in totality.


avles said...

Italy - Pontifical reign - is shacked by the two marines who killed two indians:

Shooting in the sea as the fluids of the Admiralty law but also the waters of the Flood, two as transition between the pre- and after-flood? Remember the psychiatric preaches of Francis(tein), love, tender etc., characteristics of the "Dove" alias Juno/Semiramis/Queen of Heaven, etc.

avles said...

Francky's preaches "love, tender" etc. smell to me as the "Love's Gospel" of which talks Alberto Rivera as regard Jim Jones.