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Gorbachev Offered Riga Line to Poland & 'Kalingrad Oblast' to Germany in 1990

'Riga Line' the pre-WW2 Polish eastern border with the U.S.S.R.
mutually agreed upon March 18, 1921;
plus 'Kalingrad Oblast' Sold to Germany for 48 Billion DM

Found this on a facebook page
In 1989, Mikhail Gorbachev suggested meeting in Moscow G-Dragon, the return of the Eastern Lands in two versions.

First: the return of Vilnius, Lviv and Kremenets;

The second arrondissement of Grodno from the wilderness Belovezhskaya Pushcha and the former province. The Lviv Centre for petroleum. The reason for this proposal was the cancellation of the jałtańskich agreements and mutual waiver of claims for compensation.

Soon, Jaruzelski has adopted proposals for Gorbachev on behalf of Polish. When the case came to Warsaw, Mr Geremek, Michnik, Kuroń and Mazowiecki went in haste to Moscow and almost kneel wybłagali Gorbachev not to do. What kind of influence they used no one knows, in the end

Gorbachev przystal on their requests. Consul General in Krakow, p. Serdaczuk was talking about in the presence of Prof. Edward Prus. Also confirmed is the Member of Lithuania to the USSR Jan Ciechanowicz in an interview with Stanislaw Sadowskim from Toronto. It also said the New York press. It was published in the National No 4 (2) (2006).

 Apparently the same Gorbachev did with Kohl by Wrocław and Szczecin during talks about zjednoczenkiu Germany, but Kohl said he would wait for the traffic to the poles. Source: Helmut Kohl said a German journalist Dieter Shmitzke on June 1, 2005 and published in the newspaper "Bayerische Fulle" Nr. 2.

As for 'Kalingrad Oblast' - the northern portion of pre-1945 German East Prussia:

see page 12 at
Seemingly, the Society of East Prussia expects a change in the status of Kaliningrad to occur sooner or later. In his address to the 2000 national meeting of the Eastern Prussians, the speaker of the SEP, Wilhelm von Gottberg, pointed out that it will be impossible to preserve the present status of the “Königsberg region” permanently. He gave expression to his hope that someone will take a chance to change its status and that the opportunity will not be lost, as was the case when Gorbachev offered to sell Kaliningrad to Germany and the German government rejected the offer.
In his later interview “The Königsberg region and its perspectives”18 he even mentioned a concrete purchase price estimated of 48 billion DM. Kohl and Genscher rejected the offer and the major Genscher reason was that he did not want to have “Königsberg as a gift”.

If I recall correctly, I have seen an account of this with Kohl turning down the offer as if it were premature, with words to the effect of East Prussia having to return to Germany under the proper set of circumstances, as if already predetermined.



avles said...

...but in fact in the same year there was the meeting between polish pope and Gorbachev...

....where wojtyla pointed out "After all, I know Eastern Europe poorly. I am a Western Slav. I did not know the towns that were in Poland before the war and are now in the Soviet Union. These are Lvov and Vilnius. But most of all I want to meet and feel what I call “the Eastern genius.” "....

>Also one of the comments under this FP polish page confirm that the giving back of the Eastern territories could have been (hypothesis) only in order to allure Germany to think that "in the future if Poland goes East we too can go back in Koenisberg"... or at least I believe this what the reader intended to say:

"...Martin Tyller If this is true then we should use the four pleading build monuments today in thanks. For the fact that the breach of governance Yalta, Germany could not deliver to us in return of the western, and we were not "in the ass" of the 15 million ethnic minorities areas devastated by the Soviet Union, and hatred of all other neighbors. Dreamers suicide patriots. "

[see comment: "...Martin Tyller Jeśli to prawda to powinniśmy tym czterem błagającym budować dz ....January 28 at 5:42am ...."]

avles said...

My hypothesis: Gorbachev wants to appease Poland for the coming post-URSS scenario giving her Eastern territories... But all that would have inspired Germany in to ask a similar shift of her borders to East... the Vatican intervenes and Poland remains fixed in the West.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

I suspect that JP2 was behind the not allowing Germany to accept the offer on the northern part of East Prussia.

Conversations and comments on various Polish Facebook groups confirms the theory of Poland being afraid to accept its eastern territories for inducing such a request from Germany.

Of course as most don't know about Ledochowski's 'aim of the counter reformation' many assume that the Oder Neisse lines stays as Germany's payment for WW2.

avles said...

Uh?... funny... i usually click on "receive notifications" for the answers... also under this post... usually i receive them... But i didnt receive the three ones related the previous three comments... I think they're scared the truth coming out...

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Early last Nov- I here this juxtaposition on the tv news -- NSA spying on MERKEL, a group in Spain, and MERKEL supporting the protesters in Kiev -- all together telling me the start of the countering of the counter reformation order of Wlodimir Ledochowski- with the unwraveling by Wlodimir Putin - both born Oct 7 (1866 and 1952)- funny how Putin's ancestry is only traceable to 1879.