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Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski & Pius XII Mass Murder of Yugo 'Heretics'

Wlodimir Ledochowski
26th Superior General of the Jesuit Order
February 11, 1915 - December 13, 1942

Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli (Pope Pius XII)
March 2, 1939 - October 9, 1958

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Further, I would add that without Hitler installing Pavelic in power in Croatia in 1941, there would have been no Serbian-Jewish holocaust in Croatia, Bosnia and Krajina. The masters of Hitler were the same masters of Pavelic---the Roman Hierarchy ruled by Pope Pius XII overseen by Jesuit General Ledochowski.

Brother Eric

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Subject: The Greatest Sins of Pius XII & The Genocide of Orthodox Christians

With the 50th Anniversary of the death of Pius XII, the Vatican is again pushing for his sainthood. While Pius can be legitimately criticized for his tepid condemnations of the Nazi Holocaust there is no question he was complicit in the deaths of at least 500,000 Orthodox Christian Serbs, Jews and Roma murdered in Croatia, Bosnia, and Krajina during the Second World War by the Axis allied Croatian regime.

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Dr. Jonathan Levy

Co-counsel for Plaintiffs

Alperin v. Vatican Bank and Franciscan Order

United States District Court for Northern California , Case No. C-99-04941 MMC tel/fax +1 202-318-206


This is a reminder to Mr. Ratzinger, Mr. Nicholas, and company, that the Roman Catholic Church continually looses credibility with its outrageous suggestions that Pius XII be canonized as a 'saint.'

If not, why then are not they suggesting canonization for Wlodimir Ledochowski?

Why do they act -- via omission -- that Ledochowski is a supreme embarrassment?

The Butcher Pavelic and the Mother of War

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skyeI begin to come more and more convinced that God will knock these folks off for us, if we only heed more to doin what God wants us to do.

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