Friday, October 10, 2008

Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski's Pius XII Canonization?

Wlodimir Ledochowski
26th Superior General of the Jesuit Order
February 11, 1915 - December 13, 1942

Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli (Pope Pius XII)
March 2, 1939 - October 9, 1958

On the 50th anniversary of Pacelli's death, the Roman Catholic Church's Pope Benedict XVI, pushes the idea of his canonization (declaration as a 'Saint'); this is despite (or in defiance of) the many negative things about his role in WW2 and the rise of the 3rd Reich.

Yet in all of the news reports, there is no mention (as far as I have found) of the man that Pacelli 'idolized'; according to Tupper Saussy:
15 Brienner Strasse


Eugenio Pacelli had served in the Church’s diplomatic service since his ordination in 1899. His international sensibilities had been mentioned by the Jesuits, one of whom – Vladimir (Wlodimir) Ledochowski – he idolized. I say “idolized” because this is the exact word an elderly Jesuit I interviewed in Rome employed to describe Pacelli’s relationship to Ledochowski. He’d known both figures personally.
Pope Benedict, Adolfo Nicholas, and company- why is the name Wlodimir Ledochowski so obscure?

Why is Ledochowski so rarely mentioned?

Even by the Roman Catholic Church?

His two older sisters were canonized.

So why no canonization for Ledochowski?

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