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Wlodimir Ledochowski Great Roman General 4

Wlodimir Ledochowski Amber Path Great Roman General 4
A Functioning Yet Obscured Counter Reformation War
Destroying Prussia through many others via religious war

Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, who met Father Ledochowski in 1930, wrote later that "everyone in Rome I was told that Father Ledochowski would rank as one of the two or three greatest heads of the Jesuit Order," an estimate which would group him with such men as Ignatius Loyola, the first [Jesuit] general, Francisco Borgia, the third, and [Claudius] Aquaviva, the fifth.

It was during the twenty-seven year Generalate of Father Wlodzimierz Ledochowski (1915-1942) that the traditional character of the Society received the firmest stamp and clearest definition since the Generalate of Claudio Acquaviva in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. One might even say that Ledochowski insisted on fidelity to the structure of Jesuit obedience, was an almost merciless disciplinarian, and maintained a stream of instructions flowing out to the whole Society about every detail of Jesuit life and Ignatian ideals. He know exactly what Jesuits should be according to the Society’s Constitutions and traditions; and under strong hands of two quite authoritarian Popes, Pius XI and Pius XII, he reestablished the close ties that had once linked papacy and Jesuit Generalate. Ledochowski, in fact, gave renewed meaning to that old Roman nickname of the Jesuit Father General, “the Black Pope. Just as Pius XII can be described as the last of the great Roman Popes, so Ledochowski can be called the last of the great Roman Generals of the Jesuits.

There seemed, indeed, during those years of Ledochowski, Pius XI, and Pius XII, no real limit to what both Jesuitism and overall Roman Catholicism could achieve. Even – especially, we should say – in the afterglow of Ledochowski’s long reign and into the Generalate of his successor, Belgian Jean-Baptise Janssens, the magic power of the momentum seemed to continue.
Considering WW2 in particular as a religious war; checklist:

- The Jesuit Order -- otherwise named the "Society of Jesus" -- was established to promote the RCC's power.

- That the Jesuit Order Superior General from 1915 to 1942, Wlodimir Ledochowski is considered a success, rather then as a failure for not stopping WW2.

- Europe became more RC by becoming less Jewish, Protestant and Orthodox via WW2.

- Ledochowski's life plays out revenge against what he most likely hated as a child- Protestant Prussia.

- That revenge against Prussia went through so many other Jesuit targets: Jewish, Protestant and Orthodox peoples

Target certain groups of people, such as people who are educated, Jewish, Orthodox or Protestant, particularly Lutherans from eastern Germany.

Set up a chain of events culminating in bloody wars targeting all of these groups, with 10s if not 100s of millions of deaths. In other words, figure out an evil gigantic game of pinball if you will.

Set this into motion by setting up evil governments, government entities and government leaders, particularly the 3rd Reich, the SS and Adolph Hitler, and the USSR and the KGB and Joseph Stalin.

Make sure that key events, along with all of the major players, are manipulated for the desired outcome, including perhaps even your fellow Jesuits, who may not necessarily know your objective[s].

In this case of geo political religious chessboard, that meant a Germany starting a brutal war against civilians, which it would lose.
Maximillian Kobe's words highlight the idea of 20th century counter reformation war, one that targeted so many traditional Jesuit targets, and which Kolbe so described:
During the first centuries, the Church was persecuted. The blood of martyrs watered the seeds of Christianity. Later, when the persecutions ceased, one of the Fathers of the Church deplored the lukewarm ness of Christians. He rejoiced when persecutions returned. In the same way, we must rejoice in what will happen, for in the midst of trials our zeal will become more ardent.:
WW2 as a war of the continuing Counter Reformation, the Vatican’s War for God to ‘Cleanse’ Europe

From “A Man For Others: Maximilian Kolbe Saint of Auschwitz In the Words of Those Who Knew Him” by Patricia Treece, published by Harper & Row Publishers, 1982 hardcover 1st edition, at page 73.

Though written in 1934 for his spiritual soldiers of the far flung Militia, an article entitled “Our War” sums up the message that consumed so much of Kobe's energy between 1936 and 1939. In it he says:
Don’t set out to do your own works for God, however great these might be, but give yourself humbly into his hands to do his works.

Accept all that happens as his will, including the sufferings he permits (not causes) you to undergo at the hands of evil men, knowing that even these will mysteriously enrich you.

As embers of the spiritual army fighting under the generalship of Mary, give yourself to God through service to her. To be one in will with Mary of the great fiat, the only human being whose will has never deviated by her choice from God’s, is to be perfectly united to the will of God. And it is this alignment of your will with his that is the pressing business of your life.

Offering yourself totally to God, let him transform you into a knight of love who, with others, will conquer the whole world, not in the sense of capturing it, but of freeing it.
He ends this article by saying that when each Militia member is “set aflame with the fire of divine love (I repeat we are not talking here of sweet tears and feelings, but if the will) … melted (and) fused to God … we will melt the whole world and each individual in it with love.”

And at p 107:

Brother Arnold may be right in thinking that Father Maximilian, in talking about his mystical experience in Japan, was buoying his own spirits. Equally possible is that he was trying to prepare Brother Arnold for those moments – and beyond them – when the distraught young secretary would try to follow his spiritual father into the Gestapo’s car.

Brother Cyprian said Father Maximilian’s “seraphic and ardent” love of God was visible in his conversation and in the conferences he gave the Brothers. Certainly it was this love that permitted him to look at Poland’s tragedy as others could not. In March 1938, before most people thought of a war, he had said to the Brothers:
During the first centuries, the Church was persecuted. The blood of martyrs watered the seeds of Christianity. Later, when the persecutions ceased, one of the Fathers of the Church deplored the lukewarm ness of Christians. He rejoiced when persecutions returned. In the same way, we must rejoice in what will happen, for in the midst of trials our zeal will become more ardent. Besides, are we not in the hands of the Blessed Virgin? Is it not our most ardently desired ideal to give our lives for her? We live only once. We die only once. Therefore, let it be according to her good pleasure. [!!!]
Once war came, he did not change his tune:

“God is cleansing Poland,” he said. “After this her [spiritual] light will shine on the world.”

By this Kolbe refers to that of a religious war against:

Jewish peoples:
to kill the Davidian blood line to stop Jesus Christ's Return

Ledochowski apparently favored racial persecution of Jewish Peoples:

"liberal" educated Roman Catholics in Poland:
to kill those deemed insufficiently loyal to Rome

Ledochowski despised liberals, 'modernists', such as those in Poland

(this has had parallels throughout the Roman Catholic world, including in Franco’s Spain and in Central and South America)

And further south along the great central European axis towards the Adriatic:

Against the Serbs (non-Roman Catholic South Slavs);
to kill, convert to Roman Catholicism, or expel

While killing all of the Jewish and Gypsy peoples

Via an openly Roman Catholic Clerical-Fascist State of Croatia

Ante Pavelic

b. July 14, 1889 – d. December 28, 1959

“Poglavnik” (Headman) of Clerical-Fascist Ustasha Croatia

“we shall convert one third, we shall kill one third and one third will leave willingly or unwillingly”

Pavelic with Franciscan Monks

Ustasha were the grisliest participants of WW2 Holocaust, sawing, hacking and stabbing people to death, often AFTER gouging out their eyes which were eaten as a delicacy by Ustasha figures- practices beyond those associated with Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire

The Butcher Pavelic and the Mother of War

The Ustasha Clerical Fascist regime was by any indication something fully allowed and protected by the Vatican and not renounced nor refuted, with its leaders being neither prosecuted nor let alone excommunicated, but rather protected in ‘rat lines’ to the Americas, with the Ustasha counter reformation crimes downplayed if not ignored, particularly by controlled mainstream media entities.

And to the east:

of the Christian Orthodox in Russia:
via a war designed to maximize death

Stalin’s blunders allow an initial deep penetration by a Nazi Germany that would kill millions of Jewish and Eastern Orthodox peoples under the brutal Jesuit inspired occupation of the SS.

of the Protestants from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Stalin’s invasion and occupation of the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, with USSR forces targeting Protestants for deportation to Siberia.

Ledochowski's Hidden Holocaust

of Predominantly Protestant Prussia For the Counter Reformation ‘Aim’ of the Oder-Neisse – Destruction of Prussia

A revenge more terrible then commonly acknowledged

The idea of setting up Germany to start and loose a brutal war with severe consequences eastward undeniably dovetails with the Jesuit Order's major goal of recapturing lands previously lost to “heretics” such as Lutherans, notably the post WW2 partition of East Prussia, historically the 1st Lutheran state in 1525.

De Zayes book focuses exclusively upon the expulsion of the ethnic Germans as a terrible revenge for the crimes of the 3rd Reich; it overlooks the broader picture of a continuing counter reformation directed by a man born into a prestigious Polish ‘Noble’ family – so-known for their devotion to the Vatican – who was only about 8 years old when his uncle Mieczyslaw was imprisoned by Otto Von Bismarck, leader of the predominantly Protestant state of Prussia that would prominently defy the Vatican with its KULTURKAMPF.

Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski's Goal Predicted by Maximillian Kolbe in 1938?

And yes, it was that the Oder-Neise line post WW2 border between Germany and Poland that Maximillan Kolbe 'prophesized' before WW2

Rome's planned theft of the predominately Protestant areas of East Prussia, Pomerania, Silesia, etc to the north, came as the cap stone of an agenda of war for the gain of the Roman Catholic Church Empire: a 20th century continuation of the counter reformation.

Rome's 20th century continuing counter reformation agenda was via wars of staged crimes against the peoples of Poland and the rest of eastern Europe, and accompanied to the south by the clerical-fascist Croatian state which openly murdered non-Roman Catholic for not being Roman Catholic.

To achieve these ends by the most terrible of means, managing the wars’ players was essential for managing the wars.

From Eric Jon Phelps Vatican Assassins; pages 505-510

The one who doubts that World War II was “managed” by an unseen hand, must deal with the following facts that have baffled historians for years. The blunders or failures by those in power, always benefiting the purpose of the Vatican's Jesuits, are not by accident. A friend and graduate from Princeton has written the following for you, dear truth-seeker.

“In books on Europe during World War II you can find many maps. But the one that would tell you the most about what happened, and in my judgment why it happened, exists in no book I have seen. That is a religious map of Europe before and after World Wars I & II. Now in viewing such a map, for all you hear about the holocaust of millions of Jews, you would immediately see a greater religious consequence of the wars: The complete suppression of the Orthodox peoples under the Inquisition of the Atheistic ideology of Communism along with that bulwark of Lutheran Protestantism — Prussia and East Germany.

Many decisions against peace and victory were made on both sides. The religious results indicated in such a map were predetermined, evidenced by the course of the war.

Therefore, it is worth briefly listing chronologically a few of the major ‘blunders’, so that one may, out of them, better evaluate the likelihood of a guiding hand directing the results of the war.


The Treaty of Versailles imposed such an unfair burden of war repercussions on Germany, that when Clemenceau of France was asked by the press what they had given the world through the treaty, he said, ‘We have guaranteed another war in twenty years.’


The United States, whose presence in the League of Nations could alone have prevented the Second World War, stayed out of the League.


After the Reich’s Concordat with the Vatican, Hitler’s military planners made a mistake. This blunder occurred on the Russian front where two-thirds of the fighting took place and it proved to be fatal. Unlike the Brits, Hitler’s military planners ‘failed’ to build a long range, thousand-mile bomber to knock out Russian factories in the Urals.


During the lull after the German invasion of Poland, and before the invasion of France known as “the phony war,” the negotiations conducted by Admiral Canaris of German Intelligence’s ‘Abwehr’ with England, through the Vatican as intermediary using the Pope’s diabolical Jesuit confessor and future Zionist, Robert Leiber, were disclosed through a Swiss newspaper, contributing to their ‘failure’.

1939 - 40

Knowing Norway was the geographical key to maintaining Swedish neutrality, whose steel was critical to the continuing of the German War Machine, and although in possession of intelligence, Churchill, as Lord of the Admiralty, ‘failed’ to attempt to defend Norway for over six weeks, doing too little, too late, and so Germany gained control of the Swedish steel needed for a long, protracted war.


When The British Expeditionary Force, key to the defense of the British Isles, was cornered at Dunkirk on the French coast for three days it could have been wiped out, making Britain an easy prey for invasion. But Hitler ‘failed’ to do so, as he personally countermanded the requests of his Generals to attack and allowed three hundred and fifty thousand British to escape by boat changing the whole course of the war. [As “Stonewall” Jackson was forbidden by Jefferson Davis to capture Washington after the First Manassas, so the German Generals were forbidden by Hitler to destroy the British at Dunkirk indicating that both wars were to be Crusades – Papal wars of annihilation – against historically and predominantly White Protestant peoples.]


In North Africa the Brits were defeating the Italians and looked to rout them entirely, but ‘failed’ in that they paused long enough to let the Germans reinforce the Italian positions, insuring a long North African Campaign and thereby preventing the invasion of Italy for years.


Russia — We can hardly even try to do justice in a few lines to the colossal ‘stage set’ where most of World War II was fought, in the ‘former Soviet Union’; we will only try to state three points. First, one military analyst has written that despite the six-week delay in the invasion of Russia caused by the uprising of the Serbian people, the Germans had in August-September of 1941 a ninety-seven percent chance of conquering the Soviet Union and would have done so had it not been for ‘decisions’ or ‘blunders’ made by Hitler from Berlin over the objections of his Generals. Secondly, the German invaders were at first welcomed as liberators in much of the Soviet Union, notably the Ukraine. And, if they had intelligently enlisted the support of the peoples, rather than brutalize them via the Jesuits’ SS, they would have defeated Stalin in spite of Hitler’s wrong military decisions. Thirdly, Stalin had several intelligence sources telling him Hitler was about to invade and refused to act to prepare the defense, allowing a quick, deep penetration by the Nazis and the death of millions of Orthodox Russians and Jews. With Hitler’s subsequent ‘failure’ to follow up on this military position or bring the peoples enslaved to communism to his side, the combination of ‘blunders’ led to the maximum death anddestruction to the mostly Lutheran German Army and many millions of Orthodox peoples. The ‘blunders’ were made in obedience to and in accordance with the Jesuits’ Council of Trent and Extreme Oath.

December 7, 1941

Much has been written about FDR’s foreknowledge of the attack plans of the Japanese and his ‘failure’ to warn the Admirals at Pearl Harbor to insure that the United States could get into ‘the war’ on the side of England against Hitler. The significance of a very basic point is always neglected in these discussions. The United States declared war on Japan after Pearl Harbor, not on Germany! If Hitler, whose forces had just been bogged down and iced-in by the Russian winter, had not proceeded to commit one of the rashest acts in the history of world diplomacy, by unilaterally declaring war on the United States, Roosevelt would have been hard put to drag America into the war in Europe, which was not seen as necessarily closely connected to the War in Asia. Hitler got nothing for Germany out of his ‘foolish’ declaration. He ‘failed’ to even attempt to get Japan to declare war on Russia in the East, though that, by opening up a second front, would have made much more likely a German victory in the West over Russia. It was a staggering mistake, strongly indicative that Hitler danced to someone else’s tune — the tune of the Jesuits’ ‘infallible’ Pope with whom he had a Concordat.


Churchill talked about “the soft underbelly” of Europe but instead directed the Allies up what amounts to “a porcupine ridge” in Italy. A rapid invasion could have been made through Montenegro and Serbia, which, being the only active guerilla war in Europe, was already holding down fifteen to twenty German Divisions, and was without the general uprising, which would have occurred immediately upon an Allied assault. This, however, would have brought the war to a close in early 1944, and would have put Eastern Europe in the hands of the West, neither of which was intended. Instead, Italy was invaded in about the hardest and most ignorant way. If victory had been the object, the Generals would have gone for the capital, Rome, landing amphibiously on any number of close shore points and driving straight to the city, taking the enemies’ natural base and mopping him up from there. Circling Sicily to take its capital, then letting the German army escape by boat unimpeded to the main peninsula [as Meade allowed Lee to escape from Gettysburg unimpeded] was only the beginning of the follies – ‘the blunders’ – tragic to so many allied soldiers and their families (including Shriner Freemason Bob Dole). For much of the next year, the Allies fought against stiff resistance up the spine of the mountains, an excuse being made that they lacked boats to make the strategically obvious landing near Rome. But that such was just an excuse is made plain by the way in which the one major amphibious landing in Italy at Anzio was conducted. They landed, and waited on the beach for forty-eight hours for the Germans, caught by surprise, to arrive. Reconnaissance jeeps went out, reaching the outskirts of Rome and the invasion force could have followed; but instead, the force stayed put so they could have several months of World War I style trench warfare which resulted in the deliberate sacrifice of all but six of Darby’s seven hundred U.S. Rangers, betrayed by their High Command.

The policies of Roosevelt and Churchill [Churchill, like Hitler, also advocated the 19th Century Jesuit doctrine of an “International Jewish Conspiracy”] – who throughout the war maintained an active personal correspondence with Mussolini (the man who restored the Temporal Power to the Jesuits’ “infallible” Pope) – were carried out to perfection, and the taking of Rome with its Vatican, the second capital of the Axis, was delayed until June 5, 1944, one day before ‘D-Day’. So rather than the Roman Catholic hierarchy being embarrassed for its support of the Axis, its shame was quickly driven off the front pages by the Normandy Invasion, the Allies having ‘failed’ to timely capture Rome.

July 1944 to April 1945

The Division of Europe, placing Lutheran Protestant Prussia and East Germany under the Inquisition of Atheistic Communism.

At least three major ‘blunders’ had to take place to keep the American-English Allies from taking Berlin and Eastern Germany. First, there was the failure to destroy the critical core of the German army in the West by the basic maneuver of an encircling action, the closing of ‘the Falaise Pocket’ in France allowing two hundred thousand Germans to escape while ensuring the blood-bath called ‘The Battle of the Bulge’. Secondly, there was the complete intelligence ‘breakdown’ on the side of the Allies that ‘failed’ to recognize that the beefed up and returned German Army was about to attempt the breakthrough known as ‘the Battle of the Bulge’. Thirdly, there was the prevention of General Patton’s Army from blitzkrieging into Berlin and East Germany (where the German people were ready to welcome Americans and surrender to them, as this was the hope of the German Army in the East, fighting fiercely against Stalin’s Red Army.) This deliberate forbidding of Patton to take Berlin (which would have resulted in surrender) combined with the all-out suicide assault by the Soviet Armies to take the Nazi capital (raping, pillaging and plundering all along the way), resulted in the slaughter of 600,000 more Russian soldiers than a sensibly conducted campaign would have killed, according to recent estimates by Russian intelligence sources.” {} 61[Emphasis added]

All these “failures” and “blunders,” causing all this heartbreak and unnecessary death, were deliberately committed in fulfilling the Jesuits’ Council of Trent – the heart of the Counter-Reformation – in mass-murdering the “heretics” of East Germany, Prussia and Russia — the Lutheran and Orthodox peoples. The remainder were subjugated or exiled to the concentration camps of Siberia, overseen by Jesuits like the American Walter Ciszek, being under the iron heel of the Jesuits’ Roman Catholic, Communist Grand Inquisitor – the savage – Joseph Stalin.
Indeed, from 1914 to 1945, the Jesuits, pursuant to their Oath, killed nearly eighty million people through war, starvation and disease. Using their Masonic dictators, they waged relentless war on the Jews of Europe, Spanish Protestants, Catholic liberals, German Lutherans, Serbian and Russian Orthodox, Baltic Lutherans – in short – on all Protestant, Jewish and Orthodox “heretics and liberals” regardless of how many liberal Roman Catholic priests and people perished.

According to Richard Whitehall's page 95 cite of the book
"Rex Germanorum, Populos Sclavorum: An Inquiry into the Origin & Early History of the Serbs/Slavs of Sarmatia, Germania, & Illyria" by Ivo Vukcevich

"In World War II, it should be noted, Moslem leaders placed the blame the crusading war and genocide against the Serbs and the chaos in Bosnia squarely on the shoulders of the Austro-Polish 'Black Pope,' Wladimir Ledochowski, Superior General of the Jesuits, who, perhaps inspired by deranged visions of a divine Polish mission, appears to have supported Roman Catholic crusade against schismatics in eastern and southeastern Europe."

Wlodimir Ledochowski Amber Path Great Roman General 3
Fullfilling a Childhood Revenge Vow- the destruction of Prussia

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