Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tupper Saussy: The Most Powerful Man in the World

The Most Powerful Man in the World
by Tupper Saussy
ONE OF THE REASONS the Roman Catholic Church forbids the unlicensed reading of Scripture is its belief that minds unformatted to receive the word of God pose a threat to public security.
I support this premise. Although I reject the standards by which the Church judges who is and is not properly formatted to receive the Scriptures, I affirm that privately interpreted Scripture can wreak societal havoc.

Likewise with irresponsible knowing the name of the Most Powerful Man in the World.

The world thinks allopathically—kill the problem. I wouldn’t want to be the one who announces the MPMW’s name within earshot of some political allopath. So I disclose it, and then only sotto voce. Really, we wrestle not with his flesh and blood but with the spiritual wickedness he’s ordained to manage.

He lives in a huge piece of real estate that commands Rome’s finest rooftop vista, and from it I’ve personally gazed out over St. Peter’s Basilica. His riches are beyond measure. He creates money simply by suggesting the need for it. All this, and yet, a biography written shortly after he became the MPMW says he sleeps on the floor, prefers walking to driving about Rome, and personally attends to the luggage of his powerful guests.

For my part, I’m morally obligated to wish this important man well. He rules evil, in all its serpentine convolutions, and in my opinion he does an outstanding job of it.

Thus, his name should be reserved only to minds accurately informed as to his position, responsibility, and to the history and provenance of his vital office.

In other words, I identify him to people whom I trust have read RULERS OF EVIL all the way to page 297. That’s where his name appears, inconspicuously, at the bottom.

By the time the reader’s made the journey to page 297, I figure that he or she can handle the knowledge wisely and safely.

I snapped this picture oF the rarely-photographed MPMW from a photo hanging on his wall. The MPMW is the duly authorized commander-in-chief of the best and oldest covert army on earth. He’s in his seventies, speaks seven languages fluently, including Arabic. His mission is to keep the world continually at war so that political economies can continually strive for peace. He’s held office since 1983 and is prohibited by law from receiving awards for his many extraordinary successes. -FTS

Tupper Saussy on the Jesuit Superior General of 1915 - 1942: Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski

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Papenhater said...

I do not agree to Tupper Saussy here. Not at all.

Off course, we are just expressing opinions. I do not say that my opinion would be the only right opinion. In contrary, I am not proud off my opinion. But I disagree with such attitudes as Tupper Saussy, and many others, express.

Another opinion is, that Jesuits must be converted. Like Alberto Rivera converted maybe. But this is impossible, because Jesuits are brainwashed, and trying to convert them inflicts even physical pain into their bodies, so is torturing them. I know this from experience.
Do you really think you can convert a Pedophile, as most Cardinals are, without castrating them? If you believe such, you are a fool, and I would not want to give you any responsibility over my children.

Kolvenbach is importing citizens in Europe now, for a coming and final inquisition to all Heretics. The jews in Europe where already killed by the Jesuits, but the purpose is, to destroy the Bible, as this was the purpose as long as Counter Reformation and before that; Holy Inquisition, all church laws, even the Roman Empire before Papism.

The root of the problem is visible.

My opinion is:

All Roman Catholics into the Gas Chambers. Kill em all!
Roman Catholic may survive in order to comment the first Christians: the Bishop of Rome. But he will loose his wealth, his title of Pope, his title of Pontifex Maximus.

The Bible and other Holy Books made available to all citizens. From whatever Tradition they choose, except maybe for Papism. Freedom of choice to the seeker. Freedom of founding organisations that do not co operate to the Vatican and their communist, socialist, fascist, right-left wing, democratism hypnoses for the fools in Creation.

Than the fools of Creation will get a New Lokal Order (NLO) for getting convinced into protecting the jews, and hunting the other lies also. The opposite of propaganda is truth sharing, but such a truth sharing is impossibel without Holiness. Research what I say, you need not believe me. Holiness is my personal choice.

Every Roman Catholic killed has a chance to be made an official Saint by the Vatican. So helping out the Roman Catholic, in it's path to Holiness, is love.