Monday, September 10, 2007

Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski: A Duped Remembrance

The Nazi Counter-Reformationist who did not know about Ledochowski and Lenin's Treason to Russia by re-admitting the Jesuit Order

From Avles Beluske

In fact some days ago I spoke with a retired person that had a direction job. I know this person as a supporter of the Nazism and the 'Great Germany'. I told him about the role of the Jesuits in starting the XXth century religious butchery. He was aware, and proud of them! Then I spoke him about Wladimir Ledochowski, and he was very happy when he heard that name! He knows very well Ledochowsky, who is and what did. Only a thing surprised him: it seems he doesnt' know that Lenin allowed the Jesuits to reenter in Russia.... But at the end of the talking he told me: "Is possible govern the world ONLY with the crime". Then, as I was exposing him the buildings of the Jesuit city of Trieste (= the stadium & others) that with the most probability are destined to be the extermination camps of the near next Global Jesuit Pogrom (2012-2022 ?), he fled smiling away....


They are well AWARE about the Counter Reformation core of the WWI & II!!!! All this confirm their SATANIC essence and so the religious nature of the war in which we are involved. All this is a confirmation not only of the past goals of Jesuits, but of the next future near the corner assassin planes.

Remember, I am writing from one of the cores of Counter Reformation slaughter zones, the North Adriatic region. Here operated the most cruel & satanic force of the XXth century, The Ustashas. I am not telling you tales.

The kommander of Jasenovac slaughter camp was a FRIAR, Filipovic Mojstorovic. The spiritual master of Ustasha in Croatia was archbishops Stepinac, 'Mons. Genocide', that the 'atheist' red kommie Tito didn't touch and let him to die in 'peace' in arrest in his house.... The master of Stepinac was the pope in Rome, so the Catholic church is the responsible of the slaughter in Balkans.

From a reply on that thread regarding the Ledochowski/Lenin axis by Eric Jon Phelps:

[This is indeed a great secret which I discovered in Notre Dame Professor and Priest James J. Zatko's Descent Into Darkness (1965). Zatko was a professor at Notre Dame University run by CFR-member, "Father" Theodore Hesburgh.]

[Of course! He really believes that Nazism is an enemy of Communism. He does not know that Hitler and Stalin worked together for the entire duration of Ledochowski's WWII. The cooperation between Hitler's Gestapo/SS and Stalin's NKVD produced the mass-murder of 15,000 Polish officers in the forest of Katyn.]

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