Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski: one of the most powerful three men of the twentieth century

According to Eric Jon Phelps:

No doubt that Ledochowski is one of the most powerful three men of the twentieth century. As the Jesuit Superior General from 1915 to 1943 he was the mastermind behind the Armenian massacre via his Masonic Islamic Young Turks; he was the prime mover of the Order's Bolshevik Revolution after which Lenin permitted the Jesuits to legally renter Russia since their expulsion in 1820; he was the builder of the USSR via his Protestant Masonic Skull and Bonesmen overseeing his Holy Roman Fourteenth Amendment Corporate Fascist American Empire; he was was behind the Spanish Civil War during which his Crusader Franco murdered 600,000 anti-Jesuit, "heretic and liberal" Spaniards while he was financed by the Knights of Malta controlling New York banks; and was the man who brought Hitler to power via his student, Eugenio Pacelli, who was later Pope Pius XII---the mass-murderer of Eurasian Jews, Protestants and Orthodox Christians.

The Society of Jesus regardes Wlodimir Ledochowski as the greatest of Jesuit Generals for his successful running of the Order's Second Thirty Years' War (1914-1945).

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