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A Vast Roman Catholic Substratum Within the U.S. government

According to Tupper Saussy

From the cover of Rulers of Evil:

Rather then pass through the Atlanta Federal Prison Center gate to serve a sentence for a tax misdemeanor back in 1987, author F. Tupper Saussy chose to become a fugitive in order freely to investigate his adversary- the United States of America.

Since his prosecutor was a Jesuit priest employed by the Jusice Department as an Assistant United States Attorney, Saussy devoted his fugitive years – ten of them – to studying the extent of Jesuit involvement in United States government, both presently and historically.

His labors have rewarded us with valuable new proofs of a vast Roman Catholic substratum to American history. Evidence suggest that Jesuits played eminent and under-appreciated roles in moving the complacent New Englanders to rebel against their mother country in 1776.

"Rulers of Evil" - Divide and Conquer the Jesuit Way
American history is intimately entangled with occult politics.

The secret science of Masonic, Roman and Babylonian symbology figures
prominently. The semiotics of cabalistic signs as well as Sumerian iconography also points to a subliminal influence which has been virtually ignored by mainstream historians.

Tupper Saussy's "Rulers of Evil" is a well-honed and highly readable account of the hidden history of America.

In great detail, the author circumscribes the influence of the Roman
Catholic Church and its Jesuit cadres in promoting the governance of the Church Militant and the US Federal Government -- both of which he equates with the proscribed rulership by those bearing the Mark of Cain.
From Amazon:
Founding...Fathers?, November 8, 2002
By Gary E. Goodman (Meadville, PA United States) - See all my reviews
Much more than a theory of conspiracy -- A fascinating account of this country's "behind the scene" history and one that will never be told in school text books. Mr. Saussy's research of the religious powers that formed this country's true political agenda may leave the reader in a state of mild shock, disbelief, or denial; but the facts as they are presented here can not otherwise easily be denied.

Does the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church lurk within the very fibers of The Land of The Free? Within every historical account written for the public dissemination, there usually lies another commentary entitled; and now for..."The Rest of the Story".

This is one that you'll definitely want to have on your personal library book shelves. But a note of caution, if you'd rather be lulled into the blissful ignorance of that which you learned in school or believe the lies of the Roman Catholic persuasion -- this book may be out of your league. Are Roman Catholics Christians? -- Of course they are, isn't everybody?

And while the historical significance of this book is invaluable, I otherwise can not agree with the biblical interpretation of that which is presented as "The Mark of Cain". All in all, I gave the book five stars for a bold and accurate historical account not presented in any other format that I know of.

Saussy has made a fine contribution, May 3, 2004
Reviewer: A reader
Reviewers Aberlard and Beckett (obviously false names) of this book on this review site have obviously neither a grasp of history nor familiarity with the Jesuits, the so-called Socoety of Jesus.

I was taught by Jesuits for 13 years-- from Prep School till the PhD in graduate school. The enmity they expressed towards one another (so obvious to anyone who spoke to them about their fellow Jesuits) makes Saussy's analysis quite credible. For Saussy is telling us, in general, this Society is not Christ-based, its not Chrostocentric. but instead is a conniving, self-aggrandizing, paranoid, almost at times patholgical replica of the power the Vatican has sought through many of its channle over the centuries.

The role of Louis Ricci, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, which Saussy adumbrates pales in comparison to the role some Jesuits executed in the Croat crimes against the Jews in WW II.

I can recall one Jesuit asking me quite directly how many times a week I performend onanism. I was young at the time, horrified, and disgusted to the core that any Priest would ask such a question. Why did the Jesuit want to know? DId he return to his room and engage in the practice himself to relieve his tensions, his sicknesses, his filth?

How naive I was. Seeing what Roman Catholic priests have done in the perdophilia scandal of this country in the past 20 years, some of the Jesuit subterfuges for power which Saussy details seem easier to believe than the court cases today of Priests fondling "the little children, of whom such is made the Kingdom of God."

Saussy merits my praise for his research and analysis. It's time everyone woke up and saw exactly what a vicious body Roman Catholicism's hierarchy-- from the Inquisition to the murder of the Jews-- actually is. Anyone thinking otherwise I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell them-- dirt cheap. Maybe a "Jebbie" can buy it from me.

The sooner the Jesuits pass out of history, the better off we will all be.

History is too deep for some folks..., February 1, 2005
This book is outside the box. It is off the hook; you need to read this perspective on world government if for nothing else to jerk you out of the hypnotic matrix the Federally controlled schools and universities have put us in. If you don't have any religious beliefs, fine, the book is still packed with history which has been hidden by the fascists who continue to try and run our lives and take over our governments.

Tupper tho a preterist, has done his homework. How many people do you know who beat the IRS on a tax evasion case because they knew their constitutional law? Power to the people, kudo's to Tupper Saussy. This was my first real eye opener to the New World Order in relation to our US history. I was a minister for 25 years and can attest to the religious part. (tho not a preterist)

My only disagreement (and I argue everyone for the pure enjoyment) is we should not just accept evil rulers as part of God's predestined plan, we should fight them tooth and nail every inch of the way! Tupper has so much information here it may get dry, but you have to dig to find gold. Buy it and read it, then pass it on to someone who is asleep in the matrix.

Matt Pittaway, -

a must read! ... one negative reviewer did not read, October 18, 2004
By Josh (WV , US) - See all my reviews
This is one of the best books i've read. comprehensive and full of useful knowledge, fun to read and with much substance especially fulfilling for someone already having a bearing in the topic, though, thorough enough for one who is not.

Jonathon M. Brunk has unintentionally lent great credence to Saussy's book in that, yes, Freemasonry is without a doubt and provable as having an extremely major role in America, as Saussy goes about to reveal and give many areas of proof in this very book, and is one of Saussy's main subjects he deals with. He gives very fulfilling history to freemasonry, vatican politics and intrigue both in the present day as well as going into great detail on the vatican during the birthing of America and throughout it's life. and the evolution of the relationship between these two heirarchies.

It covers ancient history also, which is a must for understanding today. It is a very good book, even for those who haven't put much time into the subject. I would recommend this book to anyone who believes the Bible, and even if you're prejudiced about it, there are so many things to learn from this book. It is not the Bible. It is written by a man, and having read much of the Bible taking it for what it says it is, rulers of evil is such a great read for someone having some degree of a biblical worldview. However, even if you have much doubt about the bible or "religion", this book is not really a religious book at all.

Wonderfully written regarding how the author deals with the reader, the circumspect view of history and today and how Saussy delivers is certainly worth reading. It isn't dry, nor a bunch of imagination or theory, though the theories in the book are plainly identified as theory by the author. Articulate, honest, and interesting. An absolute must for the thinking person, of whatever branch of knowledge you grow.

Novel Analysis of Jesuit/Catholic Role In Occult History, August 21, 2002
By Jed Shlackman (Miami, FL United States) - See all my reviews
This book presents a groundbreaking examination of the role of the Catholic Church & the Jesuit Order in the history of America and Western Civilization.

This book contains excellent scholarship and interesting theories, although I perceive it to have a significant flaw associated with the author's beliefs. The author has Protestant Biblical beliefs, and sees the Jesuits/Catholic Church Hierarchy as a Divinely-appointed force of evil that is necessary to separate the dark from the light among humanity. This personification of the Creative Source limits Saussy's ability to see the bigger picture. Also, this view would help the devious schemers rationalize their endeavors as a "necessary evil." It shouldn't take a genious to figure out that pretty much all major religious organizations have been started or infiltrated by devious schemers who wish to use a benevolent-appearing spiritual institution as a cover for treachery and depravity. The Roman Catholic Church & Jesuit Order are apparently the most dominant and potent network of this type of scheming over the last 2 millennia, although they are not really independent or unconnected to other secret societies and cabals, as the Jesuits have been connected by historians with the Illuminati, Nazis, Freemasons, Templars, Communists, and other sects and movements. Despite what the Amazon editorial review suggests, the book is not against Catholics, it merely exposes what the forces within the church have been up to.

Also, the "Protocols of Zion" was apparently not what it appeared to be, but rather a coded, forged document intended to turn people against Jews rather than the shadowy secretive occult/elite group behind the protocols, if and when the plan was exposed.

The people who gave one star are ignoramouses, June 19, 2002
Reviewer: A reader
I have read a number of conspiracy books, and this one is totally different. In reading other books, it is easy to become angry (if you assume that conspiracy theories are real), at the perceived injustice of it all - "How can these people be allowed to get away with this?".

Tupper Saussy has written this book in such a gentle style, such that it educates the intellect without one getting emotional about the content. The exception is for those who strongly disagree with the views espoused.

To compare this book to the Protocols of Zion is ignorant at best, and intellectually dishonest at worst. The protocols of zion were written to turn public opinion against the Jewish people. Rulers of Evil turns no-one against no-one else. I challenge anyone to find a single sentence in this book which advocates hatred of Catholics or anyone else.

To those who argue that the author is ignorant of American History - Did you bother to check out the detailed bibliography?

To those who say the publisher should be ashamed, perhaps it may shock you to know that the executive who accepting this book for publication is a Roman Catholic, with 7 sisters who are nuns...

I will deal with some aspects of the book.... forgetting about the role that the Society of Jesus played in the American Revolution, the rest of the book is fascinating, particularly concerning the "Mark of Cain", which Yahweh granted Cain, which gave him the power to have vengeance against anyone who might take his life. The spiritual descendants of Cain, the Roman Catholic Church, bears this mark, and continues to rule under it.

The author offers his views without saying "This of course is true"... he is offering a possible explanation of why the world is the way it is.

Negative Reviews of "Rulers" say nothing about its contents, May 7, 2002
By peter fleming (Malibu, ca United States) - See all my reviews
Having an interest in this book, we can see that PW and other negative commenters may well not have read the book. Actually, they all ignore content and sound very much the same.

There is so much verifiable and revealing information per page, that it is irrelevant whether the reader has or has not any kind of religious beliefs. (However, after reading "ROE", it may well become obvious to the reader to consider that government HAS such ancient, underriding beliefs.)

Consider the scholarly qualities of this readable book: an 11 page INDEX; a brilliant, 5 page contemporary BIBLIOGRAPHY of titles going back to 1649 !; 10 pages of detailed foot NOTES; a 5 page GLOSSARY that includes invaluable words like "casuistry" (the Jesuitical taught discipline of lying); 2 pages listing Superior Generals of the Society of Jesus, commencing with the first, Ignatius Loyola in 1541: and 50 centuries of the ANNU SIGNATURE, the Mark of Cain. How can a fact filled book be an expose? Example: there is absolutely no mention of the Church's newly exposed, but long known history of pedophelia, sexual license, and taking the law into its own hands.

ROE helps explain how the political world works. Last thoughts: forget, if you will, Saussy's superb descriptions and illuminations of Roman influence dominating our Capitol landscape, does any other church have its own Embassy in Washington DC? The Vatican does. They call it an apostolic nunciature, and with it, go many of the immunities of being treated like another government. That should light up anybody's curiosity. "ROE" can help the reader to understand the world of awesome, polarizing events that occur one after the other.

Geting to the Bottom of our financial "prison", February 3, 2002
By Monty Hall (Las Vegas, NV United States) - See all my reviews
This was an excellent book by F. Tupper Saussy as he shows step by step how the foundation of the U.S. was preconcived on the basis of the Roman pagan system. How else could one explain the design of the capitol building, with the great pilars of the roman era and the overwhelming proof of the pagans in the "dome of the capital," depicting the pagan rulers of our society. The book shows how corrupt our leaders are and what their evil intent is for our society. It's compelling information for those who "need to know" the truth, but cannot be viewed without a foundation in the history of the evil of our financial insturments. The true intent of the bankers who control our destiny is very evident in the paper we use in our everyday lives, printed as an all knowing "eye" over the rulers who obey it's every comand without question and are rewarded with a top spot on the pryamid. They are then given the power to rule the world over the masses positioned underneath them for their undying loyalty to the unknown "eye." The question is who is the ruling eye and how do you get in touch with it? Saussy alludes to this evil power and contrasts it with the warnings of christ in the bible, which in the end will guide you to the answers, and leave you with a feeling of peace. Read the book and save it for your children, so they will not be led astray by the power of evil men. I'm suprised that Saussy did not see in his book why the pentagon is shaped as it is, but you will know the reason and after reading this book, that will certainly have you highlighting passage after passage.

Rulers of Evil,
September 5, 2001
By Ron Wendt "goldstreamalaska" (Wasilla, Alaska United States) - See all my reviews
Outstanding! Tupper Saussy did a thorough job in writing this book. As journalist, historian and Biblical scholar myself, he approached this subject from angles I have not observed before. This book is a must for these times and weaves a strange and intriguing web that has been woven through time. I highly recommend this book to anyone seriously wanting to continue their research in what makes the human race really tick.

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