Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vatican Bank Claims: Vatican Turns Blind Eye While Their Minions Gouged Out Eyes

Vatican Turns Blind Eye While Aiding And Abetting in 1940's Croatian Genocide

"These innocent Serbs have been impaled, fire has been lit on their bare chests, they have been roasted alive, burned in their homes and churches while still living, covered with boiling water and then their skin peeled off..."
By Greg Szymanski, JD
Sept. 19, 2007

In a federal court case filed in San Francisco, the Vatican has admitted
to taking part and helping to organize The 1940's genocide in Croatia,
killing more than 800,000 innocents including woman and children.

In Alperin v. Vatican Bank, the pope's attorney admitted to the Vatican's
involvement in the genocide but said it was justified under international

This motion was made in Nov. 2006 but the judge in the case still has not
made his ruling.

Besides admitting to its involvement in the Croatian massacre, the Vatican has never condemned the actions of the political leaders involved in the genocide. Further, testimony has shown that Dominican priests, including high-level bishops, were directly involved in the physical torture and killing.

Although the Croatian genocide has never been fully reported to the
American people, the extent of the violence in which the Vatican has
admitted complicity is graphically shown through a letter written by
Croatian politician, Prvolsav Grizogono, on February 8, 1942 to
Archbishop Dr. Alojzije Stepinac. As it turned out, Stepinac actually
aided the perpetrators of the genocide.

Here is a portion of the letter and Americans beware this could happen to you if you do not question stop the Vatican and Jesuit Order's assault on U.S. freedoms:

"I am writing to you as a man to a man, as a Christian to a Christian. I
have been meaning to do this for months hoping that the dreadful news
from Croatia would cease so that I could collect my thoughts and write to
you in peace.

"For the last ten months Serbs have been killed and destroyed in Croatia
in the most ruthless manner and milliards of their property is being
destroyed. The blushes of shame and anger cover the faces of every honest Croat.

"The slaughter of Serbs began from the very first day of the establishment of the Independent State of Croatia (Gospic, Gudovac, Bosanska Krajina, etc) and has continued relentlessly to this very day. The horror is not only in the killing. The killing includes everybody, old men, women, and children. With accompanying barbarian torture.

"These innocent Serbs have been impaled, fire has been lit on their bare
chests, they have been roasted alive, burned in their homes and churches while still living, covered with boiling water and then their skin peeled off and salt poured into their wounds, their eyes have been pulled out, their ears, noses and tongues cut off, the priests have had their beards and moustaches raised together with their skulls, their sex organs severed and put into their mouth, they have been tied to trucks and then dragged along the ground, nails have been pressed into their heads, their heads nailed to the floor, they have been thrown alive into wells and abysses and bombs thrown to them, iron nails have broken their heads, children thrown into flames, into boiling water, into lime klilns, their legs thorn from them, their heads smashed against walls, broken backs against rocks and tree stumps and many other horrible torture was perpetrated, such as normal people can hardly imagine.

"The rivers Sava, Drava, the Danube and their tributaries have carried
thousands and thousands of their corpses. Dead bodies have been found with the inscription: 'direction Belgrade - traveling to king Peter'. In a boat which was found on the Sava river there was a heap of children's heads with the head of a woman (who could have been a head of one of the mothers of the children) with the inscription: 'Meat for the Jovanova Market in Belgrade'.

"Horrifying is the case of Mileva Bozinic from Stabandza whose child was removed from her womb. There was also the case of the roasted heads in Bosnia, the vessels full of Serbian blood, the cases of Serbs being forced to drink the warm blood of their slaughter kin.

"Countless women, girls and children, mothers in front of their children
and children in front of their mothers were raped or else sent off to
Ustashi camps to serve the Ustashi, rapes even took place on the altars
of Orthodox churches. In the Petrinja county a son was forced to rape his own mother.

"The slaughter of the Serbs in the Glina Orthodox church and the murder of Serbs on the altar of the Kladusa church is without precedent in history.

"There are detailed and original accounts of all these horrors. Even the
Germans and the Italians were astounded by these crimes. They photographed a huge number of cases of such slaughter.

"The Germans are saying that the Croatians did this also during the
30-years War and that is why there has been a saying in Germany since then: God save us from the plague, hunger and the Croats.

"The Germans despise us because of this and behave in a more human
fashion with the Serbs.

"The Italians photographed a vessel with 3.5 kilograms of Serbian eyes as well as a Croat who wore a necklace strung with Serbian eyes and another one who came to Dubrovnik with a belt on which cut Serbian tongues were hanging."
Vatican Bank Claim News


Neda Topic said...

Having a blog such as this suggests that one has some responsibility in reporting truth so that one can at least live with one self. Also, suggesting that one's interest is in history and then reporting half truths and allowing others to reports half truths is evil in my eyes. I strongly suggest that you stop listening to Serb propaganda. First you will find that some of the names that you have acting as witnesses are Serbs. Second, I recommend that you find out about the atrocities of Serbs not only during the Second WW but also during the most recent crisis in the Balkans. Take a look at the Genocide record towards Jews, Gypsies, Croats, Muslims and more. Also you should get your facts straight about who destroyed Jasenovac: try Serb Army while they were committing atrocities in the 90's. Why don't you investigate the mass graves (10,000 and more) found in the Vukovar region and in the Northern Bosnia region. This is all the work of Serbs. Take a look at the genocide of Serbs south of Belgrade during WW2. You see, us Jews know the truth and who our enemies are. We start with those who are blind to it and who want to blind us. That includes people like you. But, you are not interested in any truth. You are one of these Evangelican right wing crazy people who like to believe that Clinton is a witch in some world order because she is wearing some kind of a pin. Your crazy type likes to believe mumble jumble like Jesuits controlling the banking system all over the world. Wow, that sounds familiar. I recall someone by the name of Adolph believing that about us Jews. I strongly recommend that this hate that you have for everyone be hidden and that if you really believe in anything, other than your own stupidity (which you show very well) that you take couple of history lessons and then you might see the truth. But, even that might not help. I have seen history teachers who do not want to see the truth because their hearts are sick. Get a confession from a Serb priest.
Real Jews who do not hate Catholics or Serbs

Douglas A. Willinger said...

Please elaborate. If I have told an untruth, can't you specify?

If Serbs commits atrocities to, how does that excuse the Croatian Utashe which you seem to be so fond of?

Are you just another Jesuit pretending to be Jewish? If so, should not that tell you something about joining such an organization based upon lying- e.g. white is black and black is white?

Neda Topic said...

It seems that posting truth does not matter because you cannot see it. It is obvious from my previous posting that I have posted truth which contradicts what your blog states yet your reply asks for such facts? As I said in my first posting even if truth hit you in the face you could not see it.
Then you cleary show your lack of logic by writing:
"If Serbs commits atrocities to, how does that excuse the Croatian Utashe which you seem to be so fond of?"
First of all, nobody said anything about excusing anybody form committing any atrocities. It does not matter who committed the atrocities, he/she or they should pay for it. Who in the world is fond of these Croatian utashe (sic)? Where do you get this idea? If you knew a bit of history you would clearly know that they are similar to the Vichy regime of France. These people sold Croatian lands to Italy. Do you really think that true Croatians like these people? In fact these were such a tiny fraction of people that it was the Croatian Partizans who went after them and gathered them up and imprisoned them. Here is another history lesson for you. I am sure that you know who Tito was, right? Just in case you do not, he was the President of former Yoguslavia. He was not a Croatian Utashe (sic). He was a Croatian Partizan. Yes, Tito was Croatian. Did you also know that his second in charge was a Jew. Did you know that Tito's wife was a Serbian?
Now, if you really want to know the truth about what happened to Serbs, Croats, Jews, then I suggest that you take off your hate glasses and try and find out from reputable places. I will tell you this. It is doubtful that there were 700,000 Serbs killed in Jasenovac. The original figure, as stated by Serbs, was around 30,000. That steadily grew up to a million at one time. Would you like to know how many Jews were killed just south of Belgrade? Some say it was around 60,000. Some say it was 30,000. Some say it was 100,000. Well, it depends on which prison we are talking about. The one that they refused to transport to Rumania, 8,000 Jews were killed. So, as you can see, I am not interested in blowing up any numbers, unlike others. For the rest of the numbers in Serbia you will have to do the work yourself. But, even 1 person killed was too many. Repeat, one innocent life taken during that war was too many. These numbers are staggering so let me repeat it again: even 1 innocent life taken is too many.
You should ask yourself how I know a lot of this information. That is the real question before you start to throw accusations again. I recommend to you to think about the fact that certain people get upset when their grandmother lives through certain atrocities. I am the person who gets upset because my grandmother lived through the atrocities and she told me about them. And then you have someone who thinks he knows what suffering is and what really happened during WWll?
Get a life or an education-I repeat myself!

Douglas A. Willinger said...

Please specify- what lies or half truths have I told or re-told?

Douglas A. Willinger said...

From Eric Jon Phelps

He is a liar of several times in his short post. Jasenovac was never destroyed by Serbs. He may be in fact a coadjutor.

Brother Eric