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Adolfo Nicholas, S.J. Antics In India?

An Indian police officer and hotel staff hoist an Indian national flag
at the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, India,
on Sunday, Nov. 30, 2008. (AP Photo)

Members of the Samajwadi Party Youth Brigade burn a Pakistani flag during a protest in the northern Indian city Varanasi November 29, 2008. Shock gave way to grief and anger on Saturday as India grappled with what newpapers called its own "9/11" and protesters accused neighbouring Pakistan of being behind attacks that killed 195 people.

A North Adriatic Perspective
from Avles Beluskes

SURPRISE! A yellow sacred Hindu armband at the arm of an ‘Islamic’ assassin terrorist!

(Poor Adolph, what is he constrained to devise in order to conquer India!)

I searched first in the Italian web news, and I found traces of the polemic started in India related to a particular ‘armband’ carried by one of the terrorists. Many Italian newspaper mentioned the strange ‘yellow armband’. Then I switched on the English Google news and …..another surprise! I didn’t find nothing regarded the yellow hindu armband, even if I typed: “mumbai + yellow + hindu + armband + bracelet”!!!

It seems that, meanwhile the Indian and Italian reader have to know the existence of the mystery of the ‘yellow armband’, the other Anglosaxon and English speking nations have to be kept in the ignorance….. Heheheh, Adolph is always at works with this bloody attacks….

What says the polemic? But simply there are doubts about the origin of the terrorists. One of them carried a well visible yellow hindu sacred armband…. Please, don’t tell me that this scoop will not arise in India the attention of the large public!

So our Adolph, I mean Nicolas, obvious, had another bright idea! Yes, in fact did you hear about the months ago clashes in India between Hindus and ‘Christians’ (read: papists)? Please give a look to the below posts (link). To tell the truth, Hindus were usually always the first to start the troubles: as they are (not totally wrong) seeing the ‘Christians’ (read: papists) as true invaders, they react in the right manner: “Christians (read: papists) go home!”
I don’t like the Hindu theological system based on the casts, but at the same time I can’t blame them. Because they, like the ‘Christians’ (read: papists), are only the “flesh for the guns” used by Rome in the conquer (read: submission to the divine emperor of Rome) of India. Hindu are clearly not-submitted to the pope so they have to be smashed down. But not with a direct war. No, the Eastern philosophy and martial arts that Nicolas could enlighten you about are the right strategy to be used with the ‘savage’ Hindu in order to kneel them down. I’ll try to do a résumé.

You have to understand the true Jesuit policy for India. Every day some priests, here and there, are blaming the anti-Christian forces persecuting ‘Christians’ (read: papists) all around the world, and India is always on the first places of their hit parade. But what that sneaky priests will never tell you is that the persecution is the goal N° 1 searched by the Romanist hooligans of the Society. How they could in another manner to submit a country if not depicting it like a ‘rough country’ which ‘doesn’t respect the freedom of faith’? I hope you are starting to understand….

Because for Rome, the most the Hindus are attacking her ‘Christian’ (read: papist) communities, the best she can hold India by the bowls. If you want call it a: provocation. Or: a blackmail. Legions of Mother Theresa of Calcutta, with their infinite ignorance and ‘charitable’ Roman Catholic arrogance, are trampling the feet of the Hindu community. Purportedly. The Hindus, tired to be submerged by those alien invaders, reacts, and then the scuffle starts. As usually the Legions of Mother Teresa are defeated, the Romanist priests return home with the tail among the legs and the black eyes, so the ‘poor’ divine emperor of Rome can, with his false tears, fill the print machines of the world wide press and media system. “The ‘Christians’ (read: papists) are persecuted!” you can hear often the Romanists crying.

With the blade of the International condemn at her throat, India has not many possibilities to do an autonomous policy when confronted with the Vatican and Jesuits dirty interests. So goes the world and in such a manner Rome become so powerful in 2000 years. But now is the entire world that has to be conquered and with the next great Big Bang all the enemies of Rome will be shipped on the same Titanic in order to be drowned all together, once for ever!

And now please, an exercise of imagination. What do you think about Hindus of India? Did Rome or not prepare a one-way ticket for them for the next Novo Ordo Seclorum Titanic?
There are no doubts that the Hindus will have a very luxury cabin in the next Jesuit Titanic. With wide porthole on the incoming iceberg. At least the years and years of clashes “bad Hindus vs good ‘Christians’ (read: papists)” have decisively reserved to them a very good cabin onboard.

But not the Muslims and their friends, the ‘Christians’ (read: papists). Especially the Muslims with yellow sacred Hindu armband. In fact what do you think about the selective censorship of the scoop? Do you think that the news has been censored in the Islamic Pakistan? Or now, under the blame for having supported the terrorists of Mumbai, in every tv news, every daily in Pakistan you’ll find e scoop of the “yellow sacred Hindu armband on the arm of a Islamic terrorist”?..... Heheheh, another bright idea of Nicolas…..

It is clear now that that yellow armband is similar to the many armbands, belts, tickets used in airports and harbour to identify humans and packages before to be shipped. Clear, in an imaginary way. For the Muslims, especially the Pakistan ones, who have to defend themselves by the usual blames of ‘terrorism’, they’ll use that yellow armband to blame the Hindus as the true responsible for the attack. Muslims will reject the yellow ticket and will remain on the dock. But the Hindus will accept the yellow ticket, and blaming the Muslims for having staged a false flag attempts with a purportedly yellow sacred Hindu armband, will accept the one-way Jesuit ticket and will go on board of the next Titanic.

What else should the Hindus do now? They just attacked the ‘Christians’ (read: papists) in the last August and so were under the global attention for their violence. A yellow sacred Hindu armband could be see as the sign of a false flag terrorist attack engineered in order to divert the blame from the Hindus to the Muslims. Now the Hindus could be blamed by the international community for that. Or at least suspected for that. And Hindus are not only involved in violence with the ‘Christians’ (read: papists)…. For the Hindus there aren’t paths than the one bringing them in the same Titanic with the Jews and the Americans. Not only “Jewish Neocons” and “greedy Wasps” are the “true masters of Al Qaeda”. Also the Hindus are suspected to support the PNAC agenda. Could you refute all that?

“And the ‘Christians’ (read: papists)”? That “yellow sacred Hindu armband”, to what side of the harbour is it pushing them, the dock or the ship?
I think that there aren’t doubts. They will remain on the dock with their secret Islamic brother. Or what else should they do? To fraternize with the Hindus? With whom they are in war from decades? Psychological dynamic of the triangles: Muslims-Hindus-Papists….

So our friend Nicolas gave us another lesson. Among a spiritual exercise and another, he went enlightened by the apparition of the holy chariots of his saint protector, Loyola, and had a very bright, I would say a yellow-bright idea. The murdered ‘Christians’ (read: papists) of August, by the hand of the ‘bad’, ‘evil’ Hindus, was a very good (low) moral investment. And as the true masters of the finance are teaching, it has to be not touched to squeeze from it immediately any cent of interest possible, in every moment. No, the largest amount of money have to be kept quite for long time in peace. So the August violence weren’t followed by a very strong international echo of condemnation. Just some whispers, in order mostly to spread the news of the violence – instead to blame someone for them. The Hindus front had to see that Rome could have putted them in front of the moral international court of the public opinion, but she didn’t. They believed Rome was weak. Error. Rome was only waiting to bring them the deadly hit. Another Sun Tzu strategy lesson from our friend Nicolas: “make to believe your enemy you are weak, and then destroy him with a powerful, withering attack”.

So you can understand now why I wasn’t able to find a trace of the news in the English web sphere, but the Italian one is plenty of. Italians, aka a Roman Catholic nation, have to sympathize with the Muslims, who are ‘calumniated’ by the evil, “Neocon-Jewish-American-CIA” made Al Qaeda. And calumniated by the ‘evil’ anti-‘Christian’ (read: papist) ferocious Hindus. And then they have to know that it is possible that the ‘bad’, ‘evil’ anti-‘Christians’ (read: anti-papists) Hindu probably are allied with the “Neocon-Jewish-American-CIA” Al Qaeda in order to drag away from them the blames for the persecutions on the ‘Christians’ (read: papists) in India.

India is today a fully (occultly) Vatican controlled and Jesuit ruled country, filled with Romanist Italians. This is the reason for which an event occurred during the terrorist attack and involving an Italian has been spread with large echo in the Indian media. An Italian cook of one of the targeted hotels, challenging the terrorists, exited from the hotel bringing the milk to his baby. A ‘Christian’ (read: papist) hero. Not like those ugly, ferocious Hindus disguised as Muslims.

See how the Jesuits are using their traitor heretic Waldesians and fake Protestant, I mean the Illy coffe-industry family of Trieste, to conquer and to submit India to the divine emperor of Rome. See who is Sonia Gandhi:

"(Fake) Heretics And Traitor-Protestants: The Case, Of Friuli's Governor, Riccardo Illy"

"Religious Clashes Between Hindus and 'Christians', In India: Guess Who Is The Beneficiary"

user posted image
user posted image

“…….The identity of the terrorists, who attacked the financial capital of India and killing more than 100 people, remains surrounded by the mystery
But the Indian press raised doubts about the provenience of the terrorists. In some images, from a service video, it is possible to see one of the presumed terrorists, a young with jeans and T-shirt, who is carrying at the wrist a sacred Hindu bracelet. This object, used as a recognizing sign by some extremist Hindu, would push the attention on terrorist groups growth in the inner country…….” writing happily the La Stampa daily online. And then also, Il Piccolo, Tiscali Notizie, and of course the North League party voice and many many others.

Best regards from a North Adriatic Anti-roman-catholic and Anti-islamic isolationist


From Ken Ardel:
very good insight avles.
more of that Jesuit/papist/ SMOM "hide your hand" involvement as we thought.
Avle's response:

Listen: I would have putted the message in the appropriate thread in the Terrorist section of Unhived Mind, but I wanted the underline the Jesuitical stench coming from the attack. Usually people are not aware about the Italian/Romanist/Jesuitical involvement in the government of India, and the world media are banalizing all that with a clash "India/Pakistan" >>> "Neocons/anti-Neocons". Ok, all that is not wrong, but it is a reduction. I warn you from the simplifications, because they help the brain to not understand what's going on.

So this evening, listening to the usual evening tv news, I gathered other important points (at least Italian tv news perspective...):

1) they are pushig you to consider the attack as the "Indian 9-11". Many times it went underlined by journalists that this was the willing of the terrorists. DECODIFICATION: what does it mean 9-11? For a part of humanity an Islamic terrorist attack etc. For the othe part a false flag attack. If "America created a false flag attack - so did India with Mumbai Massacre" is the allusive equation.

2) to enforce the above equation they repeated that "it is a mystery on how a bunch of terrorist could have done so damages before to be stopped". The rest of the question was: "why the Indian security forces, as well warned by a year before on the possibility of devasting terrorist attacks, didn't stop the Mumbai terrorist attack?" This is called "to instillate doubts without declaring them". The doubts that every spectator must cultivate - with the help of point 1) - is: did the Indian government helped secretly the terrorists? And then "Indian 9-11..." is a natural consequence.

3) at the end of the service, after the attention of every spectator has been captured and the media was sure no one would have lost the final words, the journalist said: "BUT AFTER THE MYSTERIES, THE ONLY SURE THING IS THAT THIS TERRORIST ATTACK IS DE-STABILIZING THE NEAR PAKISTAN". In fact the ISI and Pakistan intelligence is now in great embarrassment. And who is interested to de-stabilize the near Pakistan? My grandfather or the near India? I imagine you could answer for yourself. So another "un-directly instilled certainty".

Take the three points above, and if what I said has some value, you can say that the first true target of those attacks was just the India. Usually the true victim is not publicized. So when you kill him you'll have not the "lights of the stages on him and on you". See the below excerpt:

Translated from:

2008-08-26 19:09


Solidarity with the victims, disapproval for the violence, and an appeal to stop “any kind of abuse”: this is the reaction of the Holy See the day after the violence against the Christians in India. “Referring to the tragic news about violences against the believers and the institutions of the Catholic Church that are coming from India – it is written in the note spread by the Vatican press office – the Holy See, meanwhile is expressing solidarity to the local Churches and to the religious Congregations involved, condemns these actions which are injuring the dignity and the freedom of the people and are compromising the peaceful civil cohabitation. At the same time – the Holy See is adding in the note – it is made an appeal to everyone in order, with a sense for the responsibility, to put an end to any abuse and in order to re-build a climate of dialogue and mutual respect.

"9-11": If the 'American' 9-11 was banally intended to a self-victimization of an 'arrogant' 'American Imperialism' (a short resumee of th usual propaganda), could the Indian 9-11 be a sort of self-victimization for an arrogant Hindu country?

Possible propaganda A): "The Americans are destroying all the world for 'their' interests and the 9-11 was intended to push away the blame from them". Propaganda B ) : "India is destroying the Christianizing of the country with Hindu violence, and the Mumbai attack was intended to push away the blame from her".

Before to drag away these points, think to a real fact: India is a more-than-one-billion people country. His inhabitants - accustomed with poverty - could work with even more efficiency than the disciplinate Chinese.... with a much lower wage than the one of the Chinese!!! India is plenty of poor, young excellent physicians, mathematicians, graduated in informatic, in any kind of science, graduated with excellent quotations. India is like a compressed crossbow the English Empire putted in the hands of the General Superior. Guess to whom it could be aimed. It is clear that Vatican and Jesuits want to keep the absolute control on that continental crossbow. With every means possible.

QUOTE (Avles @ Nov 29 2008, 07:33 PM)

2) to enforce the above equation they repeated that "it is a mystery on how a bunch of terrorist could have done so damages before to be stopped". The rest of the question was: "why the Indian security forces, as well warned by a year before on the possibility of devasting terrorist attacks, didn't stop the Mumbai terrorist attack?" This is called "to instillate doubts without declaring them". The doubts that every spectator must cultivate - with the help of point 1) - is: did the Indian government helped secretly the terrorists? And then "Indian 9-11..." is a natural consequence.

I have still under my eyes the document they showed in the tv news service, with a slow pedagogical zooming on some parts of it, and the journalist slowly explaining to you as "in the December 2006 the Indian intelligence (or what damn else service) had reports about the possible infiltration of 600 or 6000 or XY thousands of Islamic terrorists from Pakistan but the warning has been not heard by the authorities etc. etc. blah blah blah..."

And at the end of the service, when the attention and concentration of the spectator was at his top, the final, fatal consideration: "THE ONLY SURE THING IS THAT THIS TERRORIST ATTACK DE-STABILIZED THE NEAR PAKISTAN"....


Ken Ardel:

and the funny part is that India has 150 million muslim indian citizens , so these so called islamic terrorists need not come from Pakistan.
but America is pushing for the Pakistani involvement angle.


avles said...

Your pics are perfectly representing the sense of my words. Now the bomb "Hindus vs Muslim" has been triggered. Remember that there's another bomb, the "Hindus vs 'Christians'" (read: papists)Bomb.
Thanks to the transitive property is easy to understand who is the Bad and who is the Good. As the 'Christians' (read: papists) are for definition of the dogma only Good, it means that..... the Muslims are Good too!!!

(I will be absent for a week, or little more - the travel to Dresden. I hope to survive all that and to not confirm my and your the same words!)

adolfo said...

We are not happy with the antics of Akhtar during the tour, particularly in the final Test in Bangalore and this will be discussed by the governing body," Dr Ashraf said."It would be premature to comment on what the governing body might decide but it is authorised to recommend any disciplinary action against any player or official if it feels he has not shown enough commitment to the national team.