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Ratzinger to Continue Push Pacelli Canonization

Perhaps goaded by fear of the expose of
Wlodimir Ledochowski's Kulterkampf Revenge?

The Young Ratzinger

From Wispers in the Loggia

Vice-Pope: "Pius Proceeds"

Laying to rest the past week's misreports of a "freeze" on the cause for beatification of Pope Pius XII, the Holy See's second-in-command has indicated that the next major step in the wartime pontiff's controversial progression toward the altars remains in the offing.

Opening a Vatican exhibit yesterday to mark the 50th anniversary of Pius' death, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone SDB said that the late Pope's cause "continues forward like all other causes."

"We can expect the decree on his heroic virtue, and then the miracle [for beatification]," Bertone added. "It will be seen."

The comments were first reported by the Italian bishops' daily newspaper, Avvenire.

Green-lighted by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, the document marking the successful close of the customary investigation into Pius' Christian character is currently pending before Pope Benedict.

Bertone's predecessor as Secretary of State prior to his 1939 election to the papacy, Pius' legacy has long remained under fire from much of the Jewish community, who believe that the late pontiff failed to do enough in the face of the Holocaust. Recently requested to put the brakes on the cause by a global group of Jewish leaders meeting with him, Benedict's reply that he was "seriously considering the matter" had been interpreted in some reports as an indicator that he was given to halting the process.

Tomorrow, Bertone is slated to deliver a major address on Pius' relations with Judaism at the Pontifical Gregorian University as part of a seminar on the late pontiff.

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avles said...

I read:
Thursday, October 09, 2008
On the "Pastor Angelicus"

...and for having realized from the beginning the danger of the monstrous Nazi-Socialist ideology with its pernicious anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic root".

So National Socialism is not anti-Protestant. Ergo Protestants, who should be anti-(Roman) Catholic (not a surpriese, at least in the age of Luther), are: anti-Semite.

Pacelli with his behaviour represents maybe better than his master Ledo the essence of Romanist church: to exploit the good faith of the masses. They hate to death the Lutheran doctrine of Salvation because it doesn't offer any kind of handhold for the deception. But the deception is the blood flowing in the vein of Rome. Romanism is built on the dogmatic identification of the words with their apparent formal significance, and from that it follows in real time the absolute dogmatic identification between the actions (who receives a significance by the words, see the 'good' Romanist works to save the soul) and their formal, apparent, official and superficial Romanist-blatant significance. These identifications have to be cemented by an obsessive manipulation of the Holy Scriptures. With the wreckage of the God’s Word Scriptures reduced in dust, then mixed with their poisonous deceptive saliva, they build the(ir) theological Roman Catholic dialectical concrete. The Vatican’s Talmud. With it they close every interstice between word/action and its formal official, imposed significance. You are hindered to look behind it and to see another hidden, THE real true one, significance/purpose. Martin Luther demolished that evil pagan cement. This is the reason they hate him and the Protestantesim maybe more than the Jews.
The Romanist ‘good’ work dogma is for real the nuclear core propelling the Vatican Black Death starship. It is not only the revisited and with a ‘Christian’ terminology disguised old world of sacrifices to propitiate gods & divine emperors (“to save the soul – from the rage of Isis?”), but the core of the global comedy/tragedy they are building (named: Novo Ordo Seclorum or NWO). When I go to see a spectacle I implicitly agree to not put under question the words/actions of the actor and their formal, official significance of the context. When I hear Ratzy praising Pacelli I am constraind by their dogma to not put under question the link among his words/actions and their official significance. This is the reason for which they have to live entirely for the lies, till the point that they sanctify them in the precise moment when they are telling to you they are the “truth’s carrier”.

I smell something in this Pacelli’s beatification farce. Probably they want to make fall the people in their N.W.O. trap which tries to involve all the humanity in their decision. Do you perceive this very thin game of the Jesuits? If you don’t agree with the beatification of Pacelli it means in any case that you are legitimizing the beatification and the Romanist machine behind it. Think well: ALL the WORLD (if possible) has to give his opinion on Pacelli’s beatification…… Pacelli has to be exposed as the second worst criminal of the XX century having in mind how they are using him.

(I kept the PC switched off since Saturday as the service centre of the telecommunication company – Telecom Italia, the one used to destroy Serbia – told me that the problem of the line will be solved Tuesday).

avles said...

Again the quote:
"....and for having realized from the beginning the danger of the monstrous Nazi-Socialist ideology with its pernicious anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic root".

These Romanist rats are using always two standards.


1) with the left hand they blame National SOcialism as 'anti-Catholic'


2) with the right hand they praise Hitler as 'inspired by the -alleged- anti.semite booklets of Luther'

Result: Protestantism was naturally on Hitler's side.

And Dietrich Bonhoeffer?

"....Protestant theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer stands out among the Christian leaders during the Nazi era, for he was one of the few to actively resist the racist actions of the Nazi regime. In addition to his legacy of courageous opposition to Nazism, Bonhoeffer's theological writings are still widely read in Christian communities throughout the world....
...Bonhoeffer's defense of the Jews, however, was based on Christian supersessionism - the Christian belief that Christianity had superseded Judaism as the new chosen people of God. Despite his outspoken defense of victims of Nazi persecution, Bonhoeffer still maintained, on a religious level, that the "Jewish question" would ultimately be solved through Jewish conversion to Christianity. The Church strongly advocated this view, as did the ecumenical movements most responsible for aiding Jewish refugees fleeing Nazism.

In The Church and the Jewish Question (1933), Bonhoeffer pledged to fight political injustice. The Nazi injustice must not go unquestioned, and the victims of this injustice must not go unaided, regardless of their religion, Bonhoeffer wrote.

With Hitler's ascent, non-Aryans were prohibited from taking parish posts, and when Bonhoeffer was offered such a post in the fall of 1933, he refused it in protest of the racist policy. Disheartened by the German Church's complacency with the Nazi regime, he decided to accept a position at a German-speaking congregation in London....
....In the midst of political turmoil, Bonhoeffer continued to question the proper role of a Christian in Nazi Germany. When German synagogues and Jewish businesses were burned and demolished on Kristallnacht, November 9, 1938, Bonhoeffer immediately left for Berlin, despite having been banned by the Gestapo, to investigate the destruction. After his return, when his students were discussing the theological significance of Kristallnacht, Bonhoeffer rejected the theory that Kristallnacht had resulted from "the curse which had haunted the Jews since Jesus' death on the cross." Instead, Bonhoeffer called the pogrom an example of the "sheer violence" of Nazism's "godless face."...
In October 1940, despite previous Gestapo tracking, Bonhoeffer gained employment as an agent for Hans von Dohnanyi's Office of Military Intelligence, supposedly working for the expansion of Nazism. In reality, he worked for the expansion of the anti-Nazi resistance. During his 1941 and 1942 visits to Italy, Switzerland, and the Scandinavian countries, he attempted to gain foreign support for the resistance movement...

.....In October 1944, Bonhoeffer was moved to the Gestapo prison in Berlin. In February 1945, he was taken to the Buchenwald concentration camp, and then to the Flossenbürg concentration camp, where he was hanged on April 9, 1945. Hans von Dohnanyi was executed soonthereafter."

Clear, meanwhile the PROTESTANT Eichmann was executed in Israel, the ROMAN CATHOLIC Mengele survived... as the SS head of Litoral Adriatic region the ROMAN CHATOLIC Slovenian Globocnik, since the end of war considered dead in Carinthia, meanwhile (news of some years ago) he died in (Vatican) peace in Los Angeles, many decades after....

Also among the same SS and Nazi servants you had the Jesuits' selection!