Sunday, November 23, 2008

Criminal Romish Cigarette Virginia Conspiracy Against Morales Coca

Alliance of Filthy Rome and Filthy Cigarette Pushing Virginia Against the Infinitely Safer Agriculture Commodity Products of Coca Leaf

Neither Rome nor Virginia are Christian.

Do not forget that it is Virginia which perverted Tobacco by engineering the infamous Virginia "Bright Leaf" variety which has the psychoactive properties removed and made smoother, in order to foster addiction, extra profits and death- the Virginia way of bearing false wittiness as if Virginia were righteous (something which that filthy luciferan state is most certainly NOT!)

From Down South:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Evo Visits and the Nutters Come Out

The WaPo has a story today about Evo's visit to Washington (where, incidentally, there seems to be some acts of contrition by U.S. lawmakers for the Bush administration's past year of actively fomenting a coup d'état). Naturally, the paper found a nutcase quote, in this case one Elena Abolnik:
"We are here to denounce what Evo is doing to our democracy, to our freedom of the press, to our constitution, to our human rights," Elena Abolnik, a Bolivian immigrant and activist from Northern Virginia.

An activist? Really? Well, sure, just like the KKK was (still is?) an activist organization. Ms. Abolnik is vice president of the Virginia chapter of Pro–Santa Cruz Committee, the cryptofascist organization run by wealthy landowner and arch-enemy of Evo and Bolivian law and order Branko Marinkovic. The UJC--the brownshirts of the opposition--goes hand in fist with Ms. Abolnik's committee, a violent organization that is only happy to attack the majority indigenous population of Bolivia.

I think it is only right and proper for news media here and elsewhere to listen and report opposition viewpoints, but a simple Google search quickly turned up Ms. Abolnik's association with the Pro–Santa Cruz Committee. Responsible journalism would, at the very least, require that this relationship be disclosed.


Sara said...

Are you going to send a letter to the editor of the Washington Post?

mgrace said...

Letter sent!

Criminal Virginia Bright Leaf Cigarette Conspiracy- More Consumption, Taxes, Fires and Deaths

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