Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jesuit-Masonic Betrayal of Vertriebenen?

From Avles


Doug, you wrote:

......That is the same box except maybe the language "Make money on the internet" as the resolution is insufficient for me to verify the language.

[OK, I clicked on the picture and could then read it; asides from the text "Dating singles in your area" rather then "Make money on the internet", it is identical.]

That it disappeared in about an hour could be the administrator, or the criminal apostate shadow government.

That is reappeared within minutes of my discovery and then minutes later that box complete with its 2 shades of blue at the top, definitely suggests criminal apostate shadow government in complete violation of the US Constitution's guarantee of free speech and against an establishment of religion.....

then - upgrading the same message - I did some consideration (I could be wrong, I don't know informatics), judge them:

.........I don’t have the informatics’ experience to answer to the sequent questions, anyway I think that they could identify the problem: are the strange advertisement we are seeing in the page the effect of a sort of occult ‘signature’ which has to communicate to other members of the Jesuit-Masonic intelligence/terrorist net vital information about potentially ‘dangerous’ new users of the forum? Could the strange advertisements to sign no more controllable members of the forum? For example, if Hans Mueller would a day start to awake and to put disturbing questions going out of the usual “Who does know where live today Lisa?”, or “How many windows had that X palace in Koenisberg smashed down by the Red Army attack in Y month?”, and instead of that he would start ‘dangerous’ questions, probably his message would receive a sort of encrypted signal in the form of the usual idiot advertisement. For example: “Low cost flights to the Caribbean Islands!” to be read as “This man is putting in question the official version of the WWII 's history and he could result no more controllable by the usual revisionism/denial propaganda section – please activate the answer N. 14 of the Manual to deal with Doubtful Vertriebenen”.

Then the administrator of the forum, or any other external member of the forum, who are only your covert censorship-agents, would activate themselves in order to ‘neutralize’ an Hans Mueller who didn’t satisfy himself with the usual inoffensive, anaesthetic questions.......

Then I started to explore the links of the latest message of your C.C.R. blog,

"Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski Cover Up November 2008"

and surfing from the link under Landsmannschaft Ost Pruessen I discovered the site dealing with (generally intended) Vertriebenen/Expellees of Europe:



.....and in the list of faces look the interesting face you can encounter in the "Vertriebenen's movement supporter":

user posted image

A better pic:


(yes, only the address, after the previous experience I feared...)



....Otto von Habsburg (* 20. November 1912 in der Villa Wartholz bei Reichenau an der Rax, Niederösterreich, als Se. Kais. und Kgl. Hoheit Franz Joseph Otto Robert Maria Anton Karl Max Heinrich Sixtus Xaver Felix Renatus Ludwig Gaetan Pius Ignatius, Kaiserlicher Prinz, Erzherzog von Österreich, Königlicher Prinz von Ungarn), in Österreich amtlich Otto Habsburg-Lothringen, ist ein Publizist, ehemaliges Mitglied des Europäischen Parlaments für die CSU, Journalist und Schriftsteller. Er war von 1922 bis 2006 auch Oberhaupt des Adelshauses Habsburg-Lothringen. Von Habsburg ist Staatsbürger von Österreich, Ungarn, Deutschland und Kroatien......

Except Slovenia, but probably because they don't consider that Vatican protectorate a true state entity, as at least for the appearances, the other states are considered. Anyway an applause for the sincerity.

The man is the one considered in a thread in the old "13" U. Mind (Illuminati section) as the boss of our recently expired James Dean of Carinthia (as I nicknamed him), JOERG HAIDER.

And with whom Joerg Dean had his "last soup" - on 11th October - before the meet face to face with the Lord?

.....The local daily “Il Piccolo” of Trieste, title: “Haider was driving at 140 Kilometres per hour: he is dead suddenly” – Undertitle: “But his supporters insist: plot. The last lunch with the Unione degli Istriani”:.......


(only the address, sorry, usual problem...)

Unione degli Istriani = The Italian Vertriebenen from Istria.

Comment of Douglas Willinger:

"....2 or 3 questions:

How hackable was his VW Phaetom's throttle and steering?

Since he objected to the expulsions of the generally Roman Catholic Sudeten Germans, did he perhaps discover Wlodimir Ledochowski's role in setting up the Prussians??

Or was a just another total lackey of the Vatican?...."

Excerpt from my answer/further considerations arose from his comment:

".......As regard the Sudeten Germans,… I want ask to you: has been your attention dragged by the Haider’s death title appeared on the page of the daily? Yes, because that “The last lunch with the Unione degli Istriani” is of a so importance that I decided paradoxically to ignore totally it. In those few words there’s concentrated the Ledochowsky question about the Counter Reformation war in Europe. The “Unione degli Istriani” are the ‘Italian Sudeten people’, wiped away from the post-Ledochowsky policy of Josip Broz Tito….. So I ‘ruin’ a ‘surprise’ post of mine (the ones I use to search fame & celebrity at cheap price, as my divine authority the Holy Universal Darkness says):


2) AND IF THIS “LAST LUNCH OF JESUS HAIDER” (I ask pardon to Jesus for the parallel) WITH THE “ITALO-ISTRIANS APOSTLES IN SEARCH OF THIR LOST PROMISE ISTRIA LAND” (like the Sudeten Deutschen) occurs just after the blessing of don Francis Boniface as saint and just before the ‘celebration’ of the 500th birthday of the worst (local) enemy of the church of Rome (in the North Adriatic regions), IT IS NOT A MESSAGE, BUT A CLEAR DECLARATION

The reasons for the ‘ethnic hate’ in the North East Adriatic regions and the consequent collective tragedies of the XX century are a pure, exclusive effect of the modern Counter Reformation war strategies of the Jesuits and the Vatican.

Pardon the Admiralty-style, I hope now you understand why, when I heard, Saturday 11 about the death of Haider, I started suddenly to laugh, and this not for a cynical reason, the poor Joerg was not a so bad man, but just because the Counter Reformation story board is really foreseeable!............."

(Source - my blog's message of October, the 14th:
http://avlesbeluskesexposed.blogspot.com/2...hout-cause.html ).

I have the impression that this is only the top of the Jesuit-berg.....


Pardon, I should have quoted also your quote of a quote of this site about Eric J. Phelps - as we are dealing with the last rests of the Vatican proud servants (except honourable sons of those bloodline who refused to serve the Roman Antichrist - see the nephew of Maria Theresia who expelled the Jesuits from the empire), the Hapsburg and so the presence of the last Vatican Hapsburg clerk in the PRUSSIAN Vertriebenen question is a very esplicit message (no Doug, Haider was a Vatican whore and if he was well aware of the Jesuit's role in the expulsion of Germans from Sudeten, he didn't care about it - I would have the opposite proof, in order to believe he was caring for real about the Sudeten German, and not acting a Jesuitical-revenge staged role...) :



......Bismarck knew this was to be his fate if he resisted the Jesuit Order in Germany, hence he became "the Iron Chancellor"---and rightfully so.

The Jesuit Order launched its first attack in 1866. Austria declared war on Prussia: within seven weeks the war was over, Protestant Prussia the victor.

Best regards from a North Adriatic Anti-roman-catholic and Anti-islamic isolationist



avles said...

From what I m saying now about the "Italian-ization" of (at least coastal) Slovenia, which is going in a discrete as well decisive way, I have no more doubt that, beyond other tasks (see Massacre of Vergarolla post), it was necessary, meanwhile they were wiping away the East frontier of Protestantism (Koenisberg, etc.), to involve in the matter also some Catholics, whose expulsion not only would be decisive in order to cancel the presence of Catholic Rome in those territories, but in the future would have been used as alibi for new aggressive religious invasions.... (Italinans expelled: 300,000 on a Italian population of 50/60 mio).

avles said...

Exodus of Protestants from East Prussia etc. is covered "ecumenically" by the RC exodus from Sudeten and from Istria & Dalmatia..... In this way, confusing the Protestant victim with the Roman Catholic victim, no one would then believe that the true target was just Protestantism...

avles said...

Thank you for having me recalled that, I nearly forgot this!

avles said...

Of course the last three above comments are linked with the argument:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Otto Habsburg Said to Hate Serbia- but what about Wlodimir Ledochowski?
Reportedly blaimed Serbia for bringing about the end of Austria-Hungary


avles said...

For an external observer Haider is linked with his alleged or not friendship with SS, anti-Judaism, etc., usual topics which are "global wide" known. But Haider was even more important for another question, a local question in Amber Path south. Here:

Austria appeases Slovenian minority with bilingual signage
Jul 6, 2011, 15:16 GMT

Vienna - Austria took a small step to end a decades-long rift with the country's Slovenian minority on Wednesday, when parliament passed a law to double the number of communities allowed to use bilingual city signage.
The decision was supported by all but three of the 183 parliamentarians.
It came 56 years after Austria was obliged by Britain, France, Russia and the United States in a 1955 treaty to honour minority rights, including the use of bilingual signs.
Etc etc......................"


avles said...

Haider's party was expression of the most extreme Austrian nationalism which, all along these post war decades, always firmly denied rigths to the Slovene community living in the Austrian part of Carinthia & Styria. Some years after Haider's death, in an "historical agreement", the right of Slovenes are recognized and the pogrom (in the media they used just this term) against two-language road signals are only a memory of the past. Clear that a myth like Haider would have not survived to such changing.

avles said...

The fact is that Italy is coming back in Istria (& Dalmatia), and that "powerful" German-Austrian influence, is used mostly to hide that. Germany was the first to recognize the independence of SLO, but today, the property of Banka Koper, so important in to control the only access of SLO to sea (city/harbor of Koper/Capodistria), is a 99% Italian property....

I don't see Wehrmache on the roads of SLO, but from day to day an increasing presence of Italians and Italian LANGUAGE (Yes, like by you, with Madonna, Lady Gaga, Napolitano, Pizza, "Itlians do it better", also American Italianized/Latinized, like Slovenia!!!), Italian programs and subliminal spin in the media etc.

avles said...

Germany was only the useful man of straw, just the sparkle to start a secession of SLO from YU and to ignite the sequent recent bloody events of West Balkans... But there's more, if you see the always present strong Austrian nationalism (maybe fueled by a defeat against that little Slavi country?).....

avles said...

All this I should put in a message etc., but as I havenn't time, i put here (anyway I am preparing something It could interest you....).
During the XVI century the Protestant reform (especially Lutheran one) was dangerously sprading in: CARNIOLA, CARINTHIA and STYRIA.

Carniola today is about the centre north of SLO, the other two are divided between Austria & SLO. And which language did use the Reform? But at those times, when the empire had German AND a Slavic language as OFFICIAL language, it was not a question around which people was killing among themselves. Trubar was preaching in: Slovenian, German and Italian. ..... It seems to me superfluous to continue because you understand how Haider etc., are the long shadow of the then arrived Jesuit Counter Reformation which used that pro-Roman Catholic part of the Hapsburg and other bloodlines, suffucating the expression of the Reform and the political issues of the pro-Protestant side of those the same bloodlines.....

(anyway I have something that could interest you, in thse days I should publish it)