Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Stop the Jesuit's Future War
By Spotlighting the Origins of Past War
Wlodimir Ledochowski's Kulturkampf Revenge

UPDATE: The persons below have been emailed the following message on November 5, 2008:
Of interest to the Prussian community:


Douglas Willinger

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Interesse bei uns mitzumachen? Interest in us doing it?
Wir können immer freiwillige Mitarbeiter gebrauchen. We can always use volunteers.


Yes we do need volunteers!

We -- the World -- Share a common enemy.

Research Wlodimir Ledochowski, 26th Superior General of the Jesuit Order, and his Kulterkampf Revenge WW2 destruction of Prussia.

See this blog's tag's "Wlodimir Ledochowski" and "Kulterkampf Revenge"

And please see that messages about this are NOT deleted from the message boards.


Can anyone explain the censorship on the East Prussian message board?

Translation: German » English

ERROR: IP blocking
The IP number and you post is locked.
You can not contribute write here.

There is apparently a traitor in control of the following board:


This is the message that is being censored:


Geschrieben von Avle am 02. November 2008 10:49:48:

Als Antwort auf: Wlodimir Ledochowski's Revenge for the Kulterkampf geschrieben von Douglas Willinger am 02. November 2008 05:34:08:

Explore the topics "Wlodimir Ledochowski" and "Kulterkampf Revenge" in "Continuing Counter Reformation"


Also censored:

The same strategy has been applied in the North Adriatic regions --- The priests of Rome controlling both Roman Catholic Italians and Slovenians, with the help of the Irredentism Italian nationalism and of the later Fascism, created an abyss of hate among both ethnic communities. The Reformation history of the North Adriatic regions has been covered by thousands and thousands of corpses of the ethnic-ideological war. After the smokes of the II Thirty Years war disappeard, in 1945, only the Roman Catholic church legitimezed hereself as the 'only organization able to bypass the horrors of the past'. Take note how the Vertriebenen of Europe concentrate just in the corridor "Baltic sea - North Adriatic sea" (once the ancient "Amber path"). From the German Protestants displaced from Poland to the Sudeten German of Central Europe, to the by Tito's wiped-away (and also murdered) R.C. Italians from Istria: doesn't talk to you this picture about an occult war to shape Europe in a previous-Luther, against-Luther Middle Age?
Best regards/Herzliche Grusse


Whoever is censoring this message is protecting the entity that set up Prussia to be destroyed, and the historical figure who brought Adolf Hitler to power: Wlodimir LEDOCHOWSKI.

They censor it because they fear truth, that they hate Prussia, and that they have a sick loyalty to the entity that set Prussia up to be destroyed: Lucifer's Jesuit Order in Rome.

You need to expose such people and to purge them from your organizations.

EXPOSE the Counter Reformation Crime!

Wlodimir Ledochowski
26th Jesuit Order Superior General
born October 7, 1866
elected Superior General February 11, 1915
(after his predecessor Franz Wernz and the Pope die hours apart in August 1914)
died December 13, 1942

Wlodimir Ledochowski WW2 MasterMind
Wlodimir Ledochowski's War Culpability Admission
Wlodimir Ledochowski's Goal Predicted by Maximilian Kolbe?
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Wlodimir Ledochowski According to Tupper Saussy

Vatican Bank Claims: Prussia Trust?

Maximilian Kolbe on WW2: "God is Cleansing Poland"

The UnHived Mind- League of German Expellees To Target Ledochowski?
A Prussian Awakening Inevitable

The U.S.A.'s 'Reichstag Fire'- Romish-Masonic 911 Suspects

Vatican Bank Claims Prussia Trust and Poland, Russia Should Sue the Vatican!


avles said...

Doug, this is your last comment on my message on my blog "
Monday, November 03, 2008 ---->

"...As of now the message is again deleted, and I am now blocked by my IP address.

I added a note to todays post at Continuing Counter Reformation that there is apparently a traitor with control over this board.

The luciferians are definitely scared sh*tless; lets keep up the bombardment!

Also today, only a few counter hits in Germany; perhaps my blog is being blocked in Germany?...".

Ok, no fear, it is all in order, in the sense that Jesuits and Vatikaners are 'normal' as always they were, when they were burning s.c. heretics or their books.


Hear to what is happening to me. Some weeks ago I purchased a flight card to Prague. I was intended to spend a pair of days in that city, as people I know strongly suggested to visit maybe the "schonste Stadt" in central Europe. But these three days would have been the last ones of a week I was intended to spend in..... DRESDEN.

You can imagine why I decided to visit this city Dresden. Ok, there's also a 'funny question' as I am a railroad modeller ("Modellbahn Krankenheit” as Germans usually nickname such a hobby) - and, just for a coincidence, I follow the German railroads prototypes. But the most important reason (at the opposite I would have chosen any other German or Austrian city ) is the history of the city which is THE symbol of the martyrdom of the Counter Reformation Terrorist Bombings on Germany in 1942-1945. (When finally, after more than 4 centuries, Rome had her revenge and could cancel from the face of heart the Protestant Renaissance).

So look at the coincidence. It could be due to the world economic recession, that limits the travels of people. But I can’t remove from my mind the suspects about the links among the cancellation of the flight I purchased in the first half of October with the exposition of Wladimir Ledochowsky’s and the Roman Counter Reformation as the true black soul of the destruction of multi-ethnic Prussia and of the involved II Thirty Years war in Eurasia (1914 – 1945).

Because I received the mail warning me that my flight has been cancelled TODAY, the 5th of November, and the mail said to me that I have NO OTHER options than to ask for refund.

It could be really due to the economical crisis which involves people dismissing past planned travels, but you know: THEIR economical recession is not a product of the ‘material’ clash in the world (as said by their Jesuitic-Masonic intellectual mercenary Marx), it is a clear minded plan of theirs!

And if you want to go further, you can see in it the concretization of the hopes of Jesuits exposed through the servile tongue of Giuliano Amato:
“The principal goal of the Lisbon Treaty is to take back the Europe to the Middle Age”.
A before-Luther and against-Luther Middle Age, of course. And in the Middle Age only the feudal servants of the priest of Rome were ALLOWED to travel (and they were controlled too) all along their countries and outside, the people were subjects with no means and NO RIGHT to travel…. Could it be more clear?

avles said...

Anyway, I don't think they could stop a flight for a nullity like me... But they could do a more cheap thing, simply to communicate the cancellation of the flight (due to other reasons) just only with the APPROPRIATE timing.... The war of nerves? In any case they are only: pathetic.

Douglas A. Willinger said...

Do not forget the 1986 Flight 800 that was brought down by a US Navy Missle, either as an accident or ...?

I do not know if they shot it down to target a particular person on board- yes that may be a stretch.

But by the way CNN and the rest of the media lied through their teeth and changed the story, and how US Jesuit coadjutors 'President' Clinton was never asked about it by the media, who knows?

Don't discuss exact strategy, but do adopt different methods to get the word to the right groups of people through the 'shields' of the luciferian jesuits, and consider my method of making it impossible for them to hide their fear and their guilt.

By interfering with the message they are doing just that!

avles said...

"...But by the way CNN and the rest of the media lied through their teeth and changed the story, and how US Jesuit coadjutors 'President' Clinton was never asked about it by the media, who knows?..."

Could it be a sort of preventive psychodrama in order to taste the "conspiracy theory creation" ability in the general social groups of truthseekers? If I planned my American Reichstag in order to (using my Jesuitical-Masonic intelligence 'alternative' sources of information (read: Vatican propaganda)) make you feel 'very intelligent' after you were pushed to 'discover' the 'Neocons Jews' etc. as the 'responsible' behind a theatral, banal, purportedly engineered attack, (with the collaboration of my professional actors specialized in the 'negative hero roles' like the very apparent 'Jew' Silverstein), so having in mind the 2001 attacks, could we immagine that we should also try to understand who could be the ones able to accept and then spread in the future our fake propaganda, and to trace a psychological profile? For example If I would be Hans a day I would ordered to shot down a plane, then I would have ordered to my intelligence to start to spread different voices about possible hidden scenary in the crash. And then started to analize what kind of 'rumours' would be accepted better by the population....


The problem is the conceptual distance dividing the daily life of the low terrain human cattle - with the Luciferian and assassin vision of the Jesuit-Masonic ruling elite....In a metaphoric sense David Icke is right, they for real have "not circular pupils like mammals, but surely this would not hinder to them to fall in the abyss they believe to control! All we need is an old good Prussian boot to kick this holigans in their fat asses in the discharge of history!!!

avles said...


"...If I do not post tommorrow or the next day, it will be that I have been jailed under an invented pretext....".

It's all ok?

Douglas A. Willinger said...

I am ok.

Nothing has happened to me yet.

Douglas A. Willinger said...



QUOTE (Avles @ Nov 7 2008, 05:44 PM)
Douglas Willinger wrote:

.....I can not be the only person to attempt to notify the vertriebenen; others on this board and others elsewhere must do likewise, with as simple a message as Have you ever researched Wlodimir Ledochowski and his Kulterkampf Revenge of the Continuing Counter Reformation?........

The message I sent to them:


Ich wunsche, um dieser wichtigen Argumenten fuer das Schicksal Deutschlands und der Preussen, Ihrer Aufmerksamkeit hervorrufen:




Herzliche Gruesse


At least now they know the truth. It's sure that this is the first time in their life they are receiving a totally different information on their lives, on the history of their country and on what is awaiting for them in the next Vatic-Apocalyptic times.

If you want to warn the Vertriebenen about the Vatican and Jesuits' conspiracy to destroy multi-ethnic Prussia and then the entire Germany, here the page with the addresses to which email - (the same Vertriebenen are searching for collaborators!!):



Remember, the more the people around the world knows the truth about the Vatican led New World Order/Novo Ordo Seclorum, we can fight to stop it better!!!

The exposition of the Jesuit-Masonic global crusade is not a simple 'exciting passtime' like an hobby pursued to kill the boredom 'surfing among a conspiracy page online and the next one', but a question of life and death!!!!

It is life or death given the Romish-Masonic success at getting away with WW2 and its aim[s], how this all embolds them to do it again, and how they are positioning themselves to do it again via the 911 induced 'response' of mass public surveillence and REX 84 concentration camps in the US, with the new stadiums with their barriar seperated sky boxes (command centers) as mass detention facilities.

We do not have the ability to go back in time, ala the portal in Star Trek New Voyages (Phase 2) "In Harms Way" to stop WW2, but I see the inherent logic in waking up its various victims as allies to combat and defeat the 'Doomsday Machine' of Romish-Masonry.

Watch "In Harms Way' (a fan made production) for some entertaining inspiration!


It largely sums up how I am feeling!