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Hillsdale College Honors Waco Mass Murder Cover Up Figure Louis Freeh

Hillsdale College, Hillsdale Michigan, USA

Louis Freeh giving commencement address at Hillsdale College, 2008

Louis B. Freeh, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation,
President David M. O'Connell, C.M., and Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston.

"No One In the FBI Wanted Anyone Harmed." For seven and a half years, as well as the autopsy reports, Mr. Freeh had access to crime scene photos and other forensic information. He had direct access to the FBI agents who were on the scene at Waco. And for seven and a half years, Mr. Freeh has been asserting the good intentions and righteous actions of the FBI in Waco. For seven and a half years Mr. Freeh, one of America's most prominent Catholics, has been blaming the Davidians for killing their own, blaming them for killing all those children and babies and mothers ... Speaking of the deaths of the Davidians just last September, Director Freeh said: "No one in the FBI wanted anyone harmed. Everyone did their best under extraordinarily difficult circumstances...." (Dallas Morning News, Plaintiffs take nothing 9/21/2000.)

Arrest the Davidian Murderers. When Sen. John Danforth issued his own report on the Waco Holocaust, he praised the FBI and blamed the Davidians for the Davidian deaths on April 19, 1993. America's famous Catholic, Louis Freeh, termed the Danforth report "both vigorous and thorough." In that vigorous and thorough report, Sen. Danforth revealed that the current leader of the Branch Davidians, fire survivor Clive Doyle, admitted to the Texas Rangers that the Davidians started the fire. Furthermore, the Danforth report says Doyle's hands were burned in a manner consistent with a "flashback" from a liquid fire; Doyle's jacket contained flammable liquids on both sleeves; the FBI has audio tapes of (alleged) Davidians conversing about starting the fire, and that "several" FBI agents saw Davidians "acting as if they were starting a fire." (Final Report, pgs. 17-20. ) Compelling evidence? An honest FBI director who believed the Danforth report was "both vigorous and thorough" would see to it that Clive Doyle (and other fire survivors) were arrested and charged in the Davidian deaths. But Clive Doyle and the fire survivors have not been criminally charged--no one has been charged for the deaths of murdered Davidians. Clearly, Mr. Freeh does not himself believe the story he tells. Perhaps he knows something he isn't mentioning. Let's look at the evidence he surely examined.

Let's Use Mr. Freeh's Eyes. Recall that Mr. Freeh has had first hand information on the Davidian deaths available to him for years. And for years Mr. Freeh has been saying the Davidians killed their own on April 19, 1993. Let's look at the October 1993 DoJ Report, published shortly after Mr. Freeh came to office. "The Tarrant County Medical Examiner's office, assisted by a team of anthropologists from the Smithsonian Institution, assisted in recovering the remains of the persons killed during the fire ...." (pg. 311). The Smithsonian experts have for years been the top forensic consultants to the FBI. Scrutiny of the autopsy reports will reveal that Drs. Douglas Ubelaker and Douglas Owsley were the Smithsonian experts present in the mortuary when the autopsies were performed. Furthermore, the pathologist of record has testified under oath that FBI experts lent other assistance during performance of the autopsies, such as fingerprint and DNA identification. These were first class autopsies. The FBI's top brains were right in the thick of things, helping the Texas locals out. But now let's focus on what the DoJ report says on the death of one of the mothers: "Judy Schneider was buried alive when the bunker collapsed," (pg. 315). "The bunker" is FBI-speak for a concrete room, originally built to provide fire-proof protection for church records. According to the official story, the moms and kids fled to that room on April 19 and died when it collapsed on top of them. At least, that's what the autopsy reports say.

"Inasmuch as ye have done unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." -- Matthew, 25:40

Statue at Hillsdale College of Margaret Thatcher

(1st statue of Thatcher in the U.S.)

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