Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski: Trust in him had turned out to be misplaced

From the Catholic Church and the Holocaust p4

The Pope was expecting the draft of an encyclical on racism which he had commissioned in August (Humani Generis Unitas - The Unity of Humankind). Unbeknownst to the pope, one of the draft's authors, American Jesuit John LaFarge, had already delivered it to the general of the Jesuit Society, Wladimir Ledochowski. When the co-author of the draft, German Jesuit Gustav Gundlach, attempted to find out why the draft had not been forwarded to the Pope, Ledochowski gave him no explanation and told him that he need not concern himself with the matter any further! Nonplussed and disillusioned, Gundlach wrote to LaFarge expressing his fear that the draft had fallen victim to Vatican intrigue occasioned by Pius XI's approaching death, adding that his deep trust in General Ledochowski had turned out to be misplaced.

LaFarge and Gundlach decided finally to bypass their superior, Ledochowski 12 This strategy worked but the manuscript eventually did not reach the pope's desk until weeks or days before his death in February 1939. With Pius too ill to make whatever changes he felt necessary before publishing the encyclical, it ended up as unfinished business. Immediately after the pope died, the manuscript disappeared.

Wlodimir Ledochowski's Job Opening Circumstances

Wlodimir Ledochowski's Death Timing


avles said...

Oh yes, figure it out! Guy Ledo planned the real Holocuast (allegedly half exterminated and half rescued 'just in time' to supply with the horror of their experience the newly planned born Israel... - then the revisionists had easy job writing "...that the six millions never wented exterminated..",)and after the dead of BENEDICT XV who do they have chosen? An esplicit hater of Jews? Who would have constrained sincere Christians to hide their sympathy for Jews? When the Holocaust (which was not a pure extermination but more an 'Select & Destroy' operation among Jews - in other words the worst Holocaust, the spiritual Holocuast) would have begonnen, guy Ledo, the anti-modernist, would have not the unpleasnat surprise to discover too much anti-Nazi silent opposition... And the anti-modernist guy Ledo performed a very modern technique, with his 'Pius' (oh! I don't have doubts he really opposed to anti-semitism. In fact Satana & Lucifer needs of the good faith of the cretin as the survivor in a desert needs of water...) who helped him to detect the true Christian anti-anti-semite.

avles said...

How do they named in the Maoist version? "100 Flowers Revolution", or am I wrong?