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Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski Making Believe

Make everybody believe the Vatican had nothing to do with the war, and in time convince the world the Holocaust never happened

Further elaboration on my thoughts –

Alberto Rivera said:

„Germany surrendered May 8, 1945. Europe was in ruins. The Whore of Rev. 17 was in trouble again. Her one child (The Nazi Party), which Pope Pius XII backed, had fallen. Her other child (Communism), that she hated, was the winner.
The Jesuits, always prepared for reversals, had set up the following precautionary measures in case they lost World War II.

1) Make everybody believe the Vatican had nothing to do with the war, and in time convince the world the Holocaust never happened.”

Put yourself in their shoes. How could they possibly pull off such a feat? The right wingers always try to wipe the evidence away by simply stating: The victor always writes history. It's not as easy as that. An accurate observation would be to see that some things in history are easier to falsify than others. You can for example easily hide the real powers behind or the real intentions of a puppet. Here they had a problem with a massive crime raising the question of the culprit and the motive: there was way too much evidence that could not be denied away:

- the laws that were written down by the Nazis
- the documented speeches and propaganda
- a huge number of dead people
- millions of witnesses

What could they do? Only something indirect, only one thing: Nourish the doubt! How could that be achieved? Easy:

- figures: maybe exaggerate; publish contradicting numbers; revoke and correct the numbers later to a lower level
- make things up, like dramatic inhumane things which allegedly happened and false testimonies of „survivors” that are exposed and revoked later
- set up undemocratic laws to „protect” the truth and persecute doubters in lengthy show trials
- bombard the public with admonitions in the media and education until they are sick of it
- false representatives: make outrageous demands for compensation in the name of the victims until it becomes ridiculous

As outlandish as it may sound at first, I think this is exactly what we are seeing.

People like Zündel are not literally silenced like Alberto Rivera. Rivera on the other hand never got such a platform like people like Zündel get. If Rivera had ever been dignified with such show trials the public would be aware of the legitimate accusations against the Jesuits and the Vatican today. Instead you never see something that goes beyond the LIHOP (let it happen on purpose) speculations that surround the Vatican and its role during the Holocaust.

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PS: Additional thoughts on the topic:

This is the reason why I was never so much interested in the real figures. It would be of much value though to prove that Stalin and Hitler worked in unison. There are reports about ovens in the soviet Gulag camps and people being burned alive in accordance with old church policy regarding treatment of heretics. There were Russian deserters who fought for the SS. And probably the real figures are hard to determine as special death squads like the „Einsatzgruppen” swept the East and hushed up evidence in mass graves.

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