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Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski's Tito


(This is linked mostly with the extermination of the Orthodoxies of Balkans, but anyway is a model of their deceptive strategies involving the other Nazi death camps)

I have under my eyes the example of the (via British services) Vatican agent Marshal Josiph Broz Tito. Remember that Tito, Leon Trotzky, Adolph Hitler (and some others) were frequenting the same streets of Wien (= strong Jesuit centre, not only for Ledochowsky, see the first publising of the novel "Arbeit Macht Frei" in a Wiener Zeitung) and the same Cafè and pubs at about the same period of time....

After the WWII the British generals delivered their Cetnik, Belagarda and Ustasha prisoners jailed in Austrian war prisoner camps to the People's National Army of Tito in Yugoslavia. Tito wiped away the WHOLE contingent of prisoners immediately without trials etc. in the forests of Slovenia. Why?
But simply Tito had the Vatican orders to eliminate the witnesses that could have exposed the Roman Catholic church expecially in the Inquisitorial butchering of the Orthodoxies. Remember that the strongest Communist party of Yugoslavia was the Croat one. And Marshal Josiph Broz Tito was a Croat. Does it sound strange when you link the same Croatia with the most cruel assassinations of the whole WWII perpetraded by Stepinac/Pavelic's Independent State of the Croats? They tell you the cretin lie that after WWII Tito silenced the fresh news of the incredible massacres and so wanted to get the policy of national conciliation. Cretinism. He had a very hard steely fist. Why should he have cared about "not hurting the many national entities" in post war Yugo? But similar lie are spread by the Reds and the leftists in general - especially today. The Reds who supported the Vatican policiy wiping away the once Roman Catholic servant Ustasha butchers when the Inquisitorial assassin work has been fulfilled - and murdering for the second time the same heretics of the Balkans.
Blessed Alojzije (Aloysius) Viktor Cardinal Stepinac (May 8, 1898 – February 10, 1960) was a Croatian Catholic Prelate. He was Archbishop of Zagreb from 1937 to 1960. In 1946, in a verdict that polarised public opinion both in Yugoslavia and beyond, a Belgrade court found him guilty of collaborating with the Ustaše and complicity in allowing the forced conversion of Orthodox Serbs to Catholicism. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison, but after five years was released and confined to his home parish of Krašić. He was appointed a Cardinal in 1952 by Pope Pius XII. In 1998, Pope John Paul II declared him a martyr and beatified him, which again polarised public opinion.
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Alojzije Stepinac, roman-catholic Archbischop of Zagreb 1937-1960 with Ante Pavelic, leader of the NDH-state

"...16 years of detention..", that is always the half of the 32nd Trento's Council canon and the double of '8' in H-eil H-itler....

Monsignor Stepinac, surnamed "Monsignor Genocide" (as his sodier Friar Miroslav Filipovic was surnamed "Frà Satan") should have been quartered and then burned in public in a square exactly like his satanist soldiers did with the hundreds of thousands of heretic Orthodoxies and exactly how they did in their beloved Inquisitorial Middle Age before and against Luther. Teeth for teeth. Amen. But despite the muderous curricula this dirty hoof of the Anticrhist went treated with the "golden gloves" by the atheist, Marxist, communist Josiph Broz Tito. Why? But because simply monsignor Stepinac was the Superior in Command of the Red Marshall of Yugoslavia Josiph Broz Tito. The masters often order to their slave to play the role of the (fake) masters or (fake) oppressors in order to confuse the cretin masses. Stepinac, as a soldier of Vatican, had to fight the crusade of the Vatican till the end of his bloody life, staging a 'detention' for having 'symphatized/backed' the Ustasha and pushing away suspects in the mind of people. The Romanists had to clean the image after WWII. Disgusting servants as Tito did the job. And the via British SIS (as British services backed just from the late '20 the Slovenian resistance against Mussolini - manipulating thanks the Fascist oppression other Slavic populations) Vatican ruled Marshal of Yugoslavia wiped away all the rests of the Jasenovac camp - immediately after WWII, utilizing the Slovenian militia of the pope (Belagarda) prisoners. This is obvious because the true witnesses of the real Vatican extermination camp Jasenovac would have been buried with the Belagarda prisoners as they were super Roman Catholic and what they saw destroying Jasenovac camp would have never been revealed.

This is not new tactic: first use a killer, then kill him and make disappear the wepon used by him.

(I don't remember the source requiring Slovenian Belagarda destroying for Tito the camp, this doesn't fit with Wikpedia, but anyway the sense of what I am talking doens't change of a micron)
End of the camp
In April 1945, as Partisan units approached the camp, the Ustaše camp supervisors attempted to erase traces of the atrocities by working the death camp at full capacity. On April 22, 600 prisoners revolted; 520 were killed and 80 escaped.[2] Before abandoning the camp shortly after the prisoner revolt, the Ustaše killed the remaining prisoners, blasted and destroyed the buildings, guard-houses, torture rooms, the "Picili Furnace" and the other structures. Upon entering the camp, the partisans found only ruins, soot, smoke, and dead bodies.

During the following months of 1945, the grounds of Jasenovac were thoroughly destroyed by prisoners of war, 200 to 600 Home Guard members captured by the Allied forces.[citation needed] The laborers completed destruction of the camp, leveling the site and dismantling the two-kilometer long, four-meter high wall that surrounded it.

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A knife worn over the hand that was used by the Ustaše militia for the speedy killing of inmates in concentration camps.

So stay sure that they had just prepared during WWII (as they planned the defeat of their Black crusaders) the wombs who then would have given the birth of the various 'oppressed heroes of the ideas' as Irving or Zundel. They want to kill first the ideas but doing this from within.

BRITISH (SMOMs) SERVICES CONTROLLING THE COMMUNIST TITO under the orders of the General Superior:
11. Sir William Deakin D.S.O.

Sir William Deakin died on 22nd January 2005 at the age of 91. He was the man who did most of the early preparatory work of the Military Mission to Yugoslavia that Evelyn Waugh joined in the summer of 1944. It was his advice, and a two-hour conversation with Winston Churchill in Cairo, that led to the British government switching its aid from the royal resistance leader Mihailovic to the Communist partisan Tito. Despite this fact, Waugh had a real affection for Deakin and kept up their friendship after the war.

Frederick William Dampier Deakin was born on 3rd July 1913. He was educated at Westminster School and Christ Church, Oxford, where he took a First in Modern History. He was elected a Fellow of Wadham College in 1936 and later Tutor in Modern History, but is now more famous for being Winston Churchill’s historical assistant, helping him in his research for his biography Marlborough: His Life And Times and for A History of the English-Speaking Peoples. In 1941 he transferred to Special Operations Executive. He was at first based in Canada but was later seconded to the Yugoslav section at Cairo, soon to be transferred to Bari in Italy. Here he seems to have imbibed some of the left-wing enthusiasm of the deputy director, James Klugmann, who was later strongly suspected of being a Soviet spy.

In May 1943 Deakin was parachuted into Yugoslavia with another officer to make contact with Tito, the Communist leader. He was to assess Communist strength and create a good relationship before a full military mission was established. He arrived at the very worst time, when these partisans were virtually surrounded by German forces in one of their highly-organised offences. Tito and Deakin had to cross quickly to safety in eastern Bosnia by undertaking a gruelling forced march. During this period Tito and Deakin grew to respect and like one another; they conversed in German which they could both speak well, though Tito had a Viennese accent. Deakin managed to save Tito’s life during a low-level aerial attack though both of them were wounded.

Deakin was so favourably impressed that he became convinced not only that the partisans were providing very much stiffer opposition to the Germans than Mihailovic’s forces but that the latter were in active collaboration with the enemy. When Brigadier Fitzroy Maclean landed to take charge of the mission, Deakin was able to use a vast amount of evidence, most of it supplied by the partisans, to convince him that Britain had to support the left-wing resistance movement. In November 1943 Deakin was lifted out of Yugoslavia to meet his old boss Churchill, and it was then, as he later admitted in his account of these times The Embattled Mountain, that he gave the Prime Minister the impression that the Royalists were near-collaborators and that the Partisans were the main fighting force. Deakin was then rewarded by becoming head of S.O.E. Cairo.

On Tito’s victory, Deakin was reassigned to the Embassy in Belgrade as First Secretary and Chargé d’Affaires but after the war he resigned from the Foreign Office and resumed his old civilian lifestyle at Wadham College and with Churchill, helping him to prepare the early volumes of his History of the Second World War. His scholarly and organisational talent was recognised when he was appointed the first Warden (or head) of St. Antony’s College, Oxford (1949), a post which required him to raise funds and establish many new areas of academic study. He continued with his historical studies, publishing an account of the relationship between Hitler and Mussolini in The Brutal Friendship in 1962 and The Embattled Mountain in 1971, as well as in 1965 The Case of Richard Sorge (co-written with G.R. Storry), an account of the life of a German based in Tokyo who as head of a Red Army spy ring warned the Russians of forthcoming invasion in 1941 before being detected and executed by the Japanese.

After his retirement as Warden in 1968, Deakin decided to live in France with his second wife Livia “Pussy” Nasta, a Rumanian. He continued to visit Tito in Yugoslavia and was a member of the official British delegation at Tito’s funeral in 1980. As the history of Yugoslavia began to be examined minutely by historians and others of varied partisanship, Deakin’s role was treated ever more controversially until for some people he became a villain of the piece. For them he was a highly controversial figure and implicit in the loss of Yugoslavia to the West; Evelyn Waugh was one to take this line though he liked Deakin as a man. Deakin maintained absolute silence, relying on his account of the events and the impartiality of true scholars to give him his due. His friends and some historians attribute to his work and friendship with the Yugoslav leader, Tito’s confidence in severing his links with the Soviet Union after the war and establishing a position of non-alignment.

Waugh does not mention Deakin in the Yugoslavian sections of either his diaries or letters, but does refer to meeting him at Bari. His laconic comment is Hindu legs, ascetic face. In meeting Deakin after the war, he noted that Deakin’s attitudes had changed : Bill Deakin full of guilt about Tito, he stated in his diary for 24th May 1946. He invited the Deakins round to dine and to stay with him at Piers Court. In a letter to Nancy Mitford (8th June 1946) he asked her, Do you know a very nice war hero called Bill Deakin? but her reply does not survive, as far as I know. Later still Waugh wrote to Ann Fleming (7th June 1954), Bill Deakin is a very lovable & complicated man. He can’t decide whether to be proud or ashamed of his collaboration with Tito.

Deakin received several honours, from Soviet Russia, France (Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur), Germany and Yugoslavia as well as his own country. He received the Distinguished Service Order in 1944 for his service in Yugoslavia and was knighted in 1975. He was elected an honorary Fellow of the British Academy in 1980.

Croat Josip Broz "Tito" + British (S.M.O.M.) services agent William Deakin
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Today the cult of the Croat Josip Broz "Tito" is coming back through all former Yugoslavia countries.....
Stepinac, Pavelic, the Ustasha never died, but they continue - disguised in other uniforms - the bloody Inquisitorial Vatican crusade to exterminate the Byzantines (and Jews, and Rom/Sinti gypsies, etc.), look just at what is happening in these days in Georgia/Ossetia. And the Marxists and Reds in general and the Blacks on the other front are continuing to spread lies about the origins of it, always blaming the "Zionists" or the "American Imperialism" for the events cleaning so the blood from the hands of the true responsible, their Vatican masters.

Best regards from a North Adriatic Anti-roman-catholic and Anti-islamic isolationist

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