Sunday, September 7, 2014

Double-Header Eagle Religious Dynamics in Eastern 'Ukraine'

Russian 'Orthodoxy' Would Ally with Western Roman Catholicism AGAINST Protestant Christianity 
The Double-Headed Eagle of Western and Eastern Rome
excerpted from 'Evidence Grows of Russia Orthodox Clergy's Aiding Ukraine Rebels'
The New York Times September 7, 2014
“They were working hand in hand,” said Victor Butko, the pro-Ukrainian editor of a small newspaper here shut down by the rebels during their nearly three-month occupation of the town. He said priests at an [Russian] Orthodox church in the center of town often blessed the rebel fighters and let them store ammunition on church grounds.
Since they began their drive to grab chunks of territory back in April, pro-Russian insurgents have repeatedly shifted their political agenda, undecided over whether they want eastern Ukraine to become part of Russia, an independent country or an autonomous region of Ukraine in a loose federal state.
Throughout, however, leaders have declared themselves bearers of the banner of “Holy Rus,” both a theological concept akin to the Kingdom of Heaven and a reference to a state in the Middle Ages that comprised the territory of modern Ukraine, Belarus and western Russia.
Embracing Orthodox Christianity as a force to unite these now divided Slavic lands and also their own fractured movement, the rebels, fortified recently by an influx of weapons and soldiers from Russia, used their period in power here purging Slovyansk of rival Christian denominations.
They seized the Good News Church, a large evangelical complex, moving in Russian icons and replacing Protestant services with Orthodox ones. They parked tanks in the center’s gardens and, blessed by Russian Orthodox priests chanting prayers, began lobbing shells at Ukrainian forces outside town. When the rebels fled, they needed two big trucks to haul all their weaponry.

Petr Dudnik, the Good News Church pastor, said he did not know who exactly was behind the takeover but said it fit into a long campaign by the Russian Orthodox Church to portray competing denominations, particularly evangelicals, as a heretical fifth column inspired and financed by the United States.
This is tied together later in this article with the Protestant churches being associated with the United States, never mind Roman Catholicism's size and political influence within the U.S.

Is such a dynamic any wonder given how both Western and Eastern Catholic or 'Orthodox' Churches particularly are replete with all sorts of rituals which are commonly seen as holy but in fact forms of cloaked and openly ghastly Satanism.


Христо Стилиянов said...

The Orthodox have never been Christians. They are just as bad as the catholics sans the figure of the Pope and the corrupting power of jesuitism.

The westerners, especially americans don't realise several facts

1. That the Orthodox church has persecuted christians with the same fanatic pagan ferocity (for example the 100 000 slaughtered paulicans under empress theodora, the "bloody mary" of the middle ages) and the anti-western sentiment of russia and the "CIS" is actually "secularized" antichristian/antiprotestant hatred.

2. That anti-jewish sentiments from the times of the Tsarist pogroms have not faded one bit within russian society - it is permeated by copious amounts of vitriolic antisemitic propaganda, much of it originating from the Orthodox body. Orthodox priests that have openly supported pogroms against the jews before 1917 have been canonized as saints in times as recent as the 90s and the 00s.

3. That the geopolical aims of Russia are of brutal imperialistic expansionism that has been craftily disguised and will ultimately be justified by its perpatualized image of being the injured party/ the martyr. These aims have never left moscow, they were by necessity morphed into
the idea of the "internationale" or the "mother party" during the USSR.

4. That, as a result of consistent censoring, propaganda and revisionism, the russian people do not comprehend even the most basic of civil liberties/ societal principles of democracy and have developed a stockholm syndrome.

5. That the Roman Catholic church has been preparing Russia for a takeover as early as the late 1700s.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Earlier- for instance the 1596 creation of the prototype Eastern Roman Catholic Church of the Unite Church in 1596:

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

"Uniate" Church- not "Unite" otherwise known as "Greek Catholic" - designed ultimately to bring Eastern Russian Orthodoxy directly under Rome, but with the rituals and architecture of the East (Byzantium)