Friday, September 5, 2014

Open Letter to Timothy Truthseeker24 of Virginia

NOTE- Sept 6, 2014- Have received response from Timothy- see comment below; claims it was a hacker (site HAS had weird formatting problems recently), and will research "Global Research"- if I unfairly impugned him, I apologize and hope to have encouraged him to better research the religious geo-politics of the Western-Eastern Roman Empire- DW

Strange dynamics at the blog Truthseeker24, as if hacked,
 or (a CIA Catholics In Action creation).... ?
Promotes pro Russia (3rd Pillar of Rome propaganda) 'Global Research' which I wrote about here
despite calling himself-itself 'Anti Jesuit Order'

Double-Headed Eagle of the Western-Eastern Roman Empire
which has gotten a free pass in 'Timothy Truthseeker24's blog
I enjoy looking at religious information, conspiracy fact information, and politics. Additionally, History is a subject that I delve into. If you have any comments and questions, you can email me at I'm usually very apt to respond to emails easily. This is a non-censorship blog so your comments will never be censored here.
 The following is a comment that I left at the above 'Truthseeker24" article "Ukraine, ISIS, etc."
Letter to Timothy Truthseeker 24 9-5-14

I have been looking forward to you reading my analysis of the prop Papist 'Global Research' blog which is the creation of a professor who came from a Pontifical University in South America:

I was looking forward to a response.

yet when I came back later, I see no response, but that you or someone else erased that link from this comment section.

Also I note that you, or someone else re-worked your blog's blog list, deleting Continuing Counter Reformation and numerous other blogs, yet placing 'Global Research' at the very top!

I find this highly puzzling, and look forward to your response, perhaps in an article about your intellectual reasons why you would consider Global Research to be such a superior source to Continuing Counter Reformation and the other blogs that were deleted from your blog's link list.

Best Regards

Douglas Andrew Willinger
Continuing Counter Reformation
Yet within hours the comment no longer appears- deleted by Timothy- or a hacker.

So I re-post it with the following:

What happened to my comment of earlier this day? Is your account being hacked? I ask this because you state that your blog is a non censorship blog- please respond.
Below is my censored (by you or a hacker?) letter. which I ask you to please respond.
Thank You Douglas Andrew Willinger- Continuing Counter Reformation
And within an hour or so, it is deleted, with no explanation.

History is a subject that I delve into. If you have any comments and questions, you can email me at I'm usually very apt to respond to emails easily. This is a non-censorship blog so your comments will never be censored here.

So I must say that unless his account is being hacked, 'Truthseeker24' is NOT what he purports to be, something I can guess by his previous quite limited interest in the religious geo-politics, his focus upon 'race' (a classic mark of controlled jesuitical opposition) to the exclusion of the the economic exploitation that hurts the public at large (such as the despicable banning of Coca leaf to protect Virginia Bright Leaf cigarettes), and thus indeed his very geographic location which he touts as if it were something to be proud of.

".... I'm from the State of Virginia."

Is that code for being from some Roman Catholic loyal element within the CIA - Catholics in Action?  After all, such has its home within Virgina.

'Virginia' after all  is a satanic creation that is an obvious reference to the perpetually Virgina Mary- itself a satanic concept for denying M's relationship with her husband Joseph/Adam- Mary being the reincarnation of Eve?

Certainly 'Virginia' is a satanic creation; the name means untouched by people- meaning that the people who were there when it was discovered by English people in the 1500s were hence not people.

Today Virginia continues as a satanic entity- violating numerous laws in order to enforce its criminal-sociopaths statutes against Marijuana and other herbal gifts of God or Coca and Opium (systematic court prosecutor corruption of boiler-plate testilying for facilitating illegal searches and seizures with the abuse of the term "felon" for possession with sub-divided bags- this from a land that perverted Nicotin Rustica Tobacco into the large leaf Virginia Bright Tobacco designed for deep inhalation to greater facilitate infinitely greater health problems leading to 100+ deaths during the last century though with greater profits.

F*ck Virginia.

Replace it with a new entity- the State of Atlantis.  And while we are at it, re-name the State of 'West Virginia' as the State of Appalachia, perhaps giving it some additional counties in that mountain range within the southwestern portion of the existing 'Virginia'.

Was it any wonder that the Star Wars figure of Jabba the Hut was created to parody criminal Tobacco pushing 'Virginia'?!

If 'Timothy' (no last name ever given as far as I have seen in reading that blog for the past 7 or so years) had his account hacked, or has some alternative explanation, he is welcome to so reply.

You may answer me at the article that I have done about this at Continuing Counter Reformation spotlighting your promotion of pro Roman Catholic Western-Eastern Roman Empire propaganda from the 'Global Research' dis-fo sight.

If your account has been hacked, you may inform me of that there and provide an explanation for the censoring, as well as your pushing the 'Global Research' dis-fo. 

*If* it was not hacked, then your blog needs to be exposed as part of Rome's deceit.

Douglas Andrew Willinger
Continuing Counter Reformation
About 'Truthseeker24's" favorite source of geo-political analysis:


avles said...

Not a surprise. There are years i noticed the sequent phenomena. As I publish a new post, immediately after Timothy Truthseeker blog post another one, as it had to push mine a step below from the top of your blog list roll, in order to be not caught by the eye. I noticed it because if this behaviour happen to be frequent, where a long time of un-activity of Timothy Truthseeker blog went interrupted by one of my new posts, it means a correlation hence a purpose behind such pattern. Sometimes in the past I saved screenshots of such curious phenomena.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

I too have noticed numerous such things, such as this 'interested in history' 'anti-vatican' person having such a slight interest in the history of Europe; and when he did cite me in some of his scribe notes documents got stuff blatantly wrong but never replied. And if he did answer a comment of mine it was very short and he would erase his later reply to me. Plus his obsession on race to the exclusion of the economic exploitation that screws over the population at large. I have lost track of the times I have sent him links to Freedom of Medicine and Diet on the pharma-cigarette mercantilism, only to receive like no reply no interest, which is weird for someone purporting to be anti drug war, yet typical for one from luciferian pig Virginia.

I have numerous screen shots of his work that could make yet another excellent 'What A Circus' piece. I ought to separate his blog from my link list and put it in a new link list of suspect pro censorship, pro 3rd pillar of Rome FAKE anti Rome sites.

Христо Стилиянов said...

Some of Timothy's followers:

Kenn Ws
Works at British American Tobacco
Attended Michigan State University

A J MacDonald Jr
Works at Writer
Attended St. Gregory's University
(Catholic, theologian) is all over the internet[even in Bulgaria], defending Putin's macabre acts..

Timothy said...

Here is my response to You.

I have never in my life agreed with Romanism nor its doctrines at all. I oppose the agenda of the Vatican. I changed my blog to incorporate Disqus in the comment sections of my blog. Many of your words are misconceptions. In the process of creating a new format of my blog, the links were gone. I am in the process now of adding more links to my blog. In my blog, there are many articles that deal with economic manipulation not just about race. There is nothing with black people talking about race and advocating racial justice. That is not a Jesuitical tactic. That is a human right. I will research your information on Global Research. The information that you brought up to me I didn’t know. This is the first time that you have accused the owner of the Global Research of having Jesuit ties. I did not delete your responses me on my blog. It is a product of a hacker or someone else, not me. For years, I have shown an interest in religious affairs. I just also deal with matters of the history of my black people and my culture. There is nothing wrong with that. I have no connects to Roman Catholics in any way shape or form. That is a total falsehood. For years, I have disagreed with Catholicism theologically then and now. Global Research has many legitimate articles. I will research your claims about

I will defend my character.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

So noted- I have added a note at the very top of the article; and look forward to you better researching the religious geo-politics.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

I did spell it incompletely with an aster :) And I do so quite rarely.

They have only killed some 100* million people with their corruption of Tobacco in the past century- a figure comparable by that killed by the political counter reformation, and the very substance PROTECTED by the drug-war inquisition.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

From Timothy:

There are corrupt tobacco interests in Virginia that should exposed and opposed. Also, there are many real people in Virginia fighting for real solutions too. I don't promote pro-Western European Roman Catholic propaganda at all. That is a lie. I show articles from many different sites. I reject apartheid discriminatory policies in any nation from the past or the present. I reject puppet states with Neo-Nazis in its governments. I reject imperialism. So, I disagree with Romanism, the Jesuits, and the Vatican.

From Douglas Willinger:

Many thanks- I will add this to my article as I seek the truth. PLEASE research that Global Research stuff carefully- it is 3rd pillar of Rome.

Race does get the bandwidth at the expense of the economic exploitation of all, for instance with the history of cocaine where a 1914 New York Times article about Blacks being supposedly impervious to bullets while on cocaine is universally cited, yet the info about the USDA suppressing Coca because it was feared as a Tobacco Habit Cure is IGNORED.

This is serious economic exploitation and does link back not only to the USDA-AMA-APhA

IF I have impugned you unjustly I will apologize.

BTW- Your blog has been acting strangely with weird formatting problems, and only recently did it start censoring-dropping comment.

Please feel free to leave comments on my blog, as you stated you are interested in history yet I rarely see you address the history of the continuing counter reformation seen in my blog of that name as well as the high quality Avles blogs and Jesus Partisans on the Balkans, all of which should be on your blog roll. Please begin reading them and offering some comments in their comments section, as they all deal with the greater Western-Eastern Roman Empire geo-political chessboard.

Best Regards

Douglas Andrew Willinger

Continuing Counter Reformation

I have added a note at the very top of the CCR article of yesterday, and look forward to your additional future research and hopefully participation on or comments section.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

DW to Timothy:

Please review and fee free to comment on my companion blog "Freedom of Medicine and Diet' TONS of articles and info of my years of research, that I have sent to you at various times in the past.

Also, here is a quick synopsis on another one of my blogs "South Mall Blogger"

Please check out the link lists on these blogs. I look forward to your comments-participation in the future.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Timothy to DW:

Today has been the first time that I have received your email and I did not immediately seen your concerns, because of work and other responsibilities that I have. For long years, I have shown dissent with Roman Catholicism. I have debated Roman Catholics for years. God knows the truth and the truth is that I will defend my honor. I have every right to both disagree with the Jesuits and to support my black people too.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

DW to Timothy:

Agreed. My concern with the race issue is it often used as a distraction generally from the economic exploitation. As another example then with Coca-cocaine, with Cannabis where it is often cited that fear and prejudice against Mexicans was the reason when in fact that was the media spurred reason, yet there were and are serious economic issues that thusly get ignored, namely the vast economic potential as Hemp for fuel, fiber, Cannabis for medicine etc. Race and ethnicity are reasons, but usually the cover for the underlying ignored economic issues; also the geopolitics as with he unjust anti cocaine hysteria (safer then caffeine and nicotine- its the CONCENTRATION factor that is ignored promoting drug ABUSE) came months after Coca popularize Angelo Francois Mariani had a falling out with the Vatican in January 1904 logically over their revealing their despicable Oder-Neisse-eastern Europe genocide plan against Eastern Germany and Poland to him, them thinking he would go along with it because the French were angry with Germany over Alasc Lorraine.

Please see:

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

DW to Timothy: 9:50 PM

Please research Eastern Orthodoxy and its rituals and history- benign and Christian or satanic pagan like Western Catholicism and evil?

Also, ask yourself- do any of the sources that call the post 2-22-2014 Ukrainian government "Nazi" have anything to say about the apparent ordering by Putin of the assassinations of various human rights activists. A common trend of the accusers of this Ukrainian government as "Nazis" is a free pass to Putin ignoring his documented human rights violations over the past decade.