Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ian Paisley Dies At 88 - 6 Days Before Scotland Independence Referendum

"I hate the system of Roman Catholicism but, God being my judge, I love the poor dupes who are ground down under [it]... I feel for their Catholic mothers who have to go and prostitute themselves before old bachelor priests"

Ian Paisley, long-time Northern Ireland Unionist opposed to the openly pro-Papist rule of the rest of Ireland, passes away at the age of 88 on September 12, a mere 6 days before Scotland's scheduled September 18 vote on whether to become independent of the United Kingdom, that would leave a more disjointed U.K.

- Ian Richard Kyle Paisley, Baron Bannside, PC was a Unionist politician and Protestant religious leader from Northern Ireland. He became a Protestant evangelical minister in 1946 and would remain one for the rest of his life.
- Born: April 6, 1926, Armagh, United Kingdom
- Died: Belfast, United Kingdom 
- Spouse: Eileen Paisley, Baroness Paisley of St George's (m. 1956–2014) 
- Education: Wales Evangelical School of Theology 
- Children: Ian Paisley, Jr., Rhonda Paisley, Cherith Paisley, Sharon Paisley, Kyle Paisley 
- Books: Reasonable Doubt: The Case for the UDR Four, More

Paisley had recently spoken against independence for Scotland.

A vote for Scottish independence would drive a "wedge into the hearts and souls" of Northern Ireland, one of its MPs claimed today.
Speaking against a yes vote on September 18, Democratic Unionist MP Ian Paisley said a vote for independence in Scotland would ensure further division in Northern Ireland.

Addressing Sir Gerald Howarth who had been speaking against separation during a debate on Scotland's place in the United Kingdom, he said: "Do you agree with me that the unnerving and unsettling effect that a division in this wonderful union would have is that it would get the tails up of Irish republicans in my part of the kingdom, and would drive another wedge into the hearts and souls of people in Ulster?"

Sir Gerald replied: "Of course you are absolutely right to make that analogy,and to point to the consequences - the unforeseen consequences - to which the Scottish National Party does not wish to draw attention."
Paisley was a rare public official who spoke truthfully, if alas not in sufficient depth - aka the Papacy's Wars of Religion -- about the Pope as the Anti-Christ:

We need more officials to speak out openly against the Papacy.

Paisley became more private in his later years and his funeral was effectively limited to family:

A decision by the family of the late ex-First Minister and founder of the party has effectively banned all but immediate family members and close personal friends from this week’s burial.

And the Free Presbyterian Church, which Dr Paisley founded more than 60 years ago, may not be officially represented at the funeral service, although friends and family in the church will be present, including his son Kyle who is minister at the Free Presbyterian church in Lowestoft, Suffolk.
When contacted by Sunday Life, the current Moderator, Rev John Greer refused to comment.

Since he was replaced as Moderator in 2008, Dr Paisley and his family had ceased to attend the Martyrs Memorial Church which he founded on the Ravenhill Road in east Belfast — even though he and his wife Eileen and daughter Rhonda still lived in the church’s manse.

He had attended other smaller church denominations until his health began to fail significantly a number of months ago.

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