Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Decaying Old World: 'Global Research' is Putin-Russian Propaganda


Lies about the origins of the Ukrainian- pretends they were always "Rus" not even mentioning their initial name as "Polans" (Poles) - painting the peoples of 'Ukraine' and 'Bylorussia' as simply 'Rus' with no mention of the term 'Ruthenian'
It is an irony of history that the city of Kiev, today’s Ukrainian capital situated west of a more Asian Russia, was the first Russian state. Kiev, the city where this year the USA first ruthlessly overturned Ukraine’s legally elected Russian-friendly government and ignorantly installed a puppet government to rule over a phony state with the phony goal of becoming part of he European Union,  A phony and impossible state [sic] in any case because Ukraine for Russia is like Texas or Midwestern states are to the United States. Russia would never surrender it totally to the West. Enough today for Moscow to turn off the oil spigots to re-establish the order the Slavs have always needed.

Mystery surrounds the establishment of the Kievan state. Its origins are connected with a tribe of people called “Rus”, from which the word Russian derives. Some historians claim the quarrelling Slavs called in Varangians (Swedes) to come and rule over their lands and create order out of chaos. According to many historians the Rus were one of those Varangian tribes; other theories link the Rus to Slavic tribs or people in northern lands or even in the south of Crimea and surrounding territories. Although the name Rus, many historians have discovered, was previously unknown in the West, the name stuck. Rus became identified with the Kievan East Slavic-speaking state. In any case, the Rus formed a large group among them, most certainly Slavic, spoke a language that soon became Russian and established themselves from Kiev northwards to the heart of traditional Russian lands—like Novgorod, Vologda, Vladimir-Suzdal. And finally Moscow—which because of the city’s central position and because its great river, the Moskva, was a principle trade route—became the center of the future Russian empire.

A great many conspiracy bloggers are citing "Global Research" as some sort of independent source-

- one that always paints the USA and perhaps Israel in a bad light, but apparently never Russia.

- one that paints anti-Russian empire Ukraine as 'Nazi' yet gives Wlodimir Putin who is known for stiffening dissent-killing dissent writers a free pass.

- one that NEVER mentions the religious geopolitics, such as Russia as the 3rd pillar of Rome and the Great Schism Line which was used to divide Western and Eastern Poland, done to this very day via the 'Curzon' Line.

- one that never mentions the 1st Pillar of Rome - the Vatican -- which targeted Eastern Germany and by extension Poland with the Wlodimir Ledochowski Counter Reformation 'Oder-Neisse' Line.

From Rational Wiki:

Globalresearch.ca (also under the domain name globalresearch.org) is the website of the Montreal-based non-profit The Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG) founded by Michel Chossudovsky.

While many of Globalresearch's articles discuss legitimate humanitarian or environmental concerns, the site has a strong undercurrent of reality warping throughout its pages, especially in relation to taking its news from sources such as Russia Today. Its view of science, the economy and geopolitics seems to be broadly conspiracist.

Whenever someone makes a remarkable claim and cites Globalresearch, they are almost certainly wrong....
Despite presenting itself as a source of scholarly analysis, Globalresearch mostly consists of polemics many of which accept (and use) conspiracy theories, pseudoscience and propaganda. The prevalent conspiracist strand relates to global power-elites (primarily governments and corporations) and their New World Order.[1] Specific featured conspiracy theories include those addressing 9/11,[2] vaccines,[3] genetic modification,[4] Zionism,[5][6] HAARP,[7] global warming,[8][9] Bosnian genocide denialism[10] and David Kelly.[11]
Globalresearch contributors are happy to source information from anyone who seems vaguely aligned with their ideology; during the 2011 Libyan civil war the site was an apologist for Muammar al-Gaddafi,[12] reproducing his propaganda and painting him as a paragon of a modern leader. In the 2014 Ukrainian crisis the site is taking the standard "anti-globalisation" stance against the Western side and falling into the ranks of imperial Russian propaganda instead

It's no surprise then that the site has long become a magnet for radicals, fringe figures and whacko elements from the left in general.
About Michel Chossudovsky:

Chossudovsky is the son of a Russian émigré, the career United Nations diplomat and academic Evgeny Chossudovsky (1914–2006).[4]

Chossudovsky joined the University of Ottawa in 1968.[5] He was a visiting professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile during the 1970-1973 government of Salvador Allende, and it was the effects of General Augusto Pinochet's post-coup policies which sparked his interest on "economic repression".[5] Pinochet's government among other measures quadrupled the price of bread, and Chossudovsky set out to examine the social effects, concluding that the government was engaging not merely in conventional political repression, but also in "economic repression". Chossudovsky subsequently examined these types of economic policies in a wide range of countries, often associated with International Monetary Fund and/or World Bank programs. One of Chossudovsky's policy conclusions was the corrosive effect of tax havens, which he argued in a world of increasingly mobile capital had facilitated the "criminalization" of the global economy through movements of large amounts of drug money and other illegal finance: "This critical drain of billions of dollars in capital flight dramatically reduces state tax revenues, paralyses social programs, drives up budget deficits and spurs the accumulation of large public debts."[5]

In 2001, Chossudovsky founded the Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG), located in Montreal, Canada, becoming its editor and director. It is "committed to curbing the tide of globalisation and disarming the new world order".[6] CRG maintains websites in several languages, including the English-language GlobalResearch.ca, which are critical of United States foreign policy and NATO as well as the official explanation of the September 11 attacks in 2001 and the war on terror. He said that the Free Syrian Army was created by NATO.[7] Chossudovsky also claimed that deaths of protesters in the Maidan Square in Kiev were "triggered by Neo-Nazi elements", used "to break the legitimacy of a duly elected government."[8] He is a favoured commentator at Russia Today.[9] His opinion is regularly asked for by Press TV.[4][5][6] Chossudovsky is interviewed in the documentary film The Weight of Chains, of which the Centre for Research on Globalisation was one of the sponsors.[10]

At the time of the Kosovo war Mike Karadjis accused Chossudovsky of setting out a 'meticulous frame-up', 'full of half-truths, assumptions, and innuendoes about the Kosovo Liberation Army's alleged use of drug money', seeking to discredit the KLA.[11]In his book Bosnia, Kosova, and the West, Chossudovsky is referred to as a noted 'apologist for the Milošević regime'.[12]

A 2005 article in The Jewish Tribune criticized GlobalResearch.ca as "rife with anti-Jewish conspiracy theory and Holocaust denial." B'nai Brith Canada had complained that there were comments on a forum that questioned how many Jews died in the Holocaust. Website editor Michel Chossudovsky responded that there was a disclaimer that the website was not to be held responsible for the views expressed in the forum, and he had the comment removed. He also said that he was of Jewish heritage and would be one of the last people to condone antisemitic views.[13] The same article also reported that B'nai Brith Canada wrote a letter to the University of Ottawa (Chossudovsky's former employer) asking for the university "to conduct its own investigation of this propagandist site."[13]

Terry O'Neill, in the Western Standard included Chossudovsky on the list of "Canada's nuttiest professors, those whose absurdity stands head and shoulders above their colleagues";[14] criticizing Chussodovsky's thesis and views — that the U.S. had knowledge of the September 11 attacks before they happened; that Washington had weapons that could influence climate change; and lastly, that the large banking institutions are the cause of the collapse of smaller economies — as "wild-eyed conspiracy theories".[14]
It's so weird that bloggers as TruthSeeker24 Timothy are often undermining their credibility by constantly citing Global Research.    This, despite having access to religious-Geo-political hip blogs as Continuing Counter Reformation (weirdly recently dropped, along with numerous other blogs, from his link list, which has "Global Research" at the very top- go figure!).  And access to other such blogs as those various by Edoardo Roncelli/Avles Beluskes blogs, such as Avles Beluskes Exposed and The Amber Path, and also his latest Control Avles Blogs, plus the recent welcome addition to the internet of Jesus-Partisans On The Balkans.

Any conspiracy blog that fails to focus on the Vatican is dis-fo.


avles said...

"Chossudovsky joined the University of Ottawa in 1968.[5] He was a visiting professor at the PONTIFICAL CATHOLIC University of Chile during the 1970-1973 government of Salvador Allende, "

Gotcha! The guy has been exposed as a popish mouth!

Христо Стилиянов said...

By the looks of it - the same old cursed lie about the "panslavism", of course one that seeks to enslave all nations only remotely connected to Russia and that linguistically, everyone "slavic" west from the dnieper. The damnable lie that Russia has some kind of right over slavic history, territory and identity.


Check out this "prophecy" video, the inseperable Russia, "Belarus" and "Ukraine" - the tree future daughters of the same old satanic Lady.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...


I wish there was a translation feature for videos.

Христо Стилиянов said...

The text under the specific image says "as we should not separate the Holy Trinity, so we should not separate Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, this is Holy Russia, never forget that [fact]."

Most of it is ramble about national repentance for the murder of Nicholas 2 and prophecies the coming WW3 and the future god-given Tsar. Then there is some not so subtle - Orthodox Russian imperialism and Tsarism. Some of the "fathers" prophesied that Ukraine would be torn away from Russia but would definetely come back to her mother. The Russian fascist eurasianists of Dugin ( exposed all over the internet) pursue the same goal of unifying the entire eastern - central europe (except hungary) via orthodoxy.

Of course they always go back to the Kievan times of and claim the achievements as their own when in fact the real "ukraine"[means border land] is asiatic Russia.