Monday, September 1, 2014

The Decaying Old World: The 'Unhived Mind' is HIVED for the 3rd Pillar of Rome

More recent nonsense from 'Craig Oxley' promoting the 3rd pillar of Rome as some sort of [false] opponent of the Jesuitical-Romish Order, including idiotic PRO-Put-in statements, as this in an email:
I've made some alterations and additions to the original article again
along with numerous evidences and photographs some of which are embedded
links within the article.  Viva-La-PUTIN

Never-mind that the pro-Soviet separatists in eastern Ukraine already have a recent track record of shooting down aircraft, and that their BUK missiles have a far greater altitude capacity than the 32,000 feet limit alluded to with the allegations that Ukrainian authorities ordered Malaysian Air Flight 17 to fly no lower then.

"Viva L Putin"?!?!- Oxely seems oblivious to the type of man that Put-in is and his track record as a murderous PUNK:

To say nothing his suspected spiritual history-
perhaps as the reincarnation of Wlodimir Ledochowski?:

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