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Amber Path West - U.S. - Biden 'rarely met a war he doesn't like'

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Supported Rome's war crimes against Serbia in the Yugoslav Counter Reformation War

As the leading Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (and its Chairman), Biden has rarely met a war he doesn't like. He echoes George W. Bush that "Force will be used without asking anyone's permission when circumstances warrant." If President Obama and the peace movement do not keep a tight rein on Vice President Biden, he could gain as powerful a role in foreign policy as Vice President Cheney. He would then be positioned to continue Bush's occupations in different forms, and even lead the charge for new wars. If the peace movement prematurely lets down its guard, the number of military interventions may even increase rather than decrease.

Biden led the Democratic support for Bush's invasion of Iraq, has aggressively justified the occupation ever since, and proposed carving up Iraq into three Balkan-style statelets. Like previous Democratic administrations, however, he paints a "humanitarian" gloss over U.S. military interventions, to mask their real purpose of extending U.S. military bases and corporate control of resources.

It was always a mistaken and shallow analysis to demonize Bush and Cheney as the root of all evil, implying that removing them from office would excise unilateral militarism from foreign policy. Personalizing the problem was especially misleading for Americans who had not yet come of political age during previous Democratic administrations. It was Jimmy Carter who declared an "Energy War," established the Central Command in the Middle East, accelerated the nuclear arms race, and revived draft registration. It was Bill Clinton who repeatedly bombed Iraq, enforced draconian sanctions on the Iraqi people, and bombed Serbia and a few other countries. The problem with Democratic politicians is not only that they rarely stand up to Republican wars, it is that they have initiated wars of their own

BOSNIA. The Bosnian War began as Yugoslavia split up in 1992, and many Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Croats in Bosnia wanted to join their own emerging states of Serbia and Croatia, rather than be part of an independent Bosnia where Muslims predominate. As Biden correctly points out, the West stood by and watched as Bosnian Muslim civilians were slaughtered by nationalist Serb militiamen. What he neglects to point out is that Muslims were also slaughtered by ethnic Croat forces, who were trained by Germans and U.S. contractors. Biden was the most outspoken of senators who called on Clinton to bomb Serb targets in Bosnia. But the U.S. only intervened in 1995 as the Croatian Army launched an invasion against ethnic Serbs in Croatia and western Bosnia, carrying out the largest-scale "ethnic cleansing" operation of the entire conflict. The U.S. not only refrained from stopping Croatia, but launched two airstrikes on Serb militia airfields in the Krajina region to back up Croatia's "Operation Storm." The U.S. did not oppose "ethnic cleansing," but merely backed Croatian ethnic cleansers against Serbian ethnic cleansers. In the Dayton Accord, Clinton approved the de facto partition of Bosnia into a Serb republic and Muslim-Croat federation, lending official status to the new boundaries carved by violent nationalists, rather than trying to reintegrate ethnic groups that had lived side-by-side for decades. The British found that partition did not work very well in Palestine and India, as it led to chronic warfare in those regions. Bosnia may be relatively peaceful today, but it is a "peace" of the U.S. rubberstamping successful ethnic cleansing.


avles said...

".....The U.S. not only refrained from stopping Croatia, but launched two airstrikes on Serb militia airfields in the Krajina region to back up Croatia's "Operation Storm." The U.S. did not oppose "ethnic cleansing," but merely backed Croatian ethnic cleansers against Serbian ethnic cleansers......"

The Krajina are appox. back of Dalmatian coasts fromm where after WWII Italians were expelled. It is clear that 1995 Operation Storm alludes to those expulsions.

Symbolically - with that operation - the new post Yugo Croatia had to take again the heir of his Roman Catholic (and traitor of Jews) Pavelic.

But the new Vatican bloody prostitute (the today's Ustasha leader elite of Croatia which, don't forget, was too an hotbed of the Reform, think to VLACICH!!!) could'nt realize without an alibi, without a moral "fire" of protection, the fulfilling of Franciscan Pavelic statement: "One third butchered - One third expelled - One third converted".

That powerful moral (fake) alibi was supplied by the expulsion of the Italians. The Serbs so, in the immaginary global Jesuit drama, are "guilty for having expelled the Italians - as they were the enemies of our allies the RC Ustasha, and now they are paying with their Serb of Krajina".

All those well planned historical events are engineered to build a dramatical constellation in the immagination of the masses.

Please, Douglas, note on how on the back of Dlamatian coasts it exploded the CULT OF MARY, the MEDJUGORJE fetish of the VIRGIN MARY and her satanic appearances to the ones with a blind soul. In this year the Vatican suspended the principal Franciscan responsible of that cult, and this talks to us that the Vatican NOVO ORDO SECLORUMM closed a pahse to start another one:

Of course the "Tempio MARIANO" of Grisa mount in Triest is linked with that. I recall to you that the Serbian king killed in France was murdered with a gun purchased in the gun-shop store of Trieste, the Angelini shop (If I remember well what told me by an amateurish anti-fasccist researchers years ago)

avles said...

Vatican Jesuit anti-Protestant fetish to annihilate Amber Path spirituality and religiously - now that damn Franciscan is useless, they threw it in the oblivion:

Pope Benedict XVI unfrocks Medjugorje priest
Father Tomislav Vlasic, the priest who helped to turn the Bosnian town of Medjugorje into one of the Catholic Church's most visited shrines, has left the priesthood after being placed under investigation by the Vatican.

By Simon Caldwell
Published: 8:00AM BST 27 Jul 2009

Father Tomislav Vlasic, the former "spiritual director" to six visionaries who claim that the Virgin Mary visited them nearly 40,000 times over 28 years, has been laicised by Pope Benedict XVI a year after he was placed under investigation over allegations that he exaggerated the apparitions and had engaged in sexual relations with a nun.

While the Vatican has never given the shrione its formal blessing, an estimated 30 million pilgrims have visited Medjugorje in the last three decades and hundreds of thousands make the journey from Britain and Ireland each year. The unfrocking of Father Vlasic will come as a blow to Medjugorje followers worldwide who were hoping that the Vatican would one day legitimise the controversial shrine.

The Franciscan asked to leave the priesthood after the Vatican launched an investigation into allegations that he was guilty of sexual immorality with a nun which he then covered up.

He was also suspected of exagerating stories of the Virgin Mary's appearance and under formal investigation for alleged "dubious doctrine, the manipulation of consciences, suspect mysticism and disobedience towards legitimately issued orders".

Father Vlasic refused to co-operate with the investigation from the outset and he was banished to a monastery in L'Aquila, Italy, where he was forbidden to communicate with anyone, even his lawyers, without the permission of his superior. He has not commented on the allegations but told the Vatican that he felt wronged given he had turned Medjugorje into an international shrine and generated funds to build new churches.

It emerged on Sunday that he has chosen to leave the priesthood and his order, a move which has brought the investigation to an abrupt halt.

But the Pope has insisted that Father Vlasic observes a set of conditions on pain of excommunication which include a total ban on teaching Christian doctrine and giving spiritual direction.

There is also an "absolute prohibition of releasing declarations on religious matters, especially regarding the phenomenon of Medjugorje".

May them and their Wladimir Ledochowsky burn for ever in Hell!

avles said...

With a perfect timing, after the Kosovo Independence day Feb '08 definitively established that Ante Pavelic and mons. Stepinac were still living!

avles said...

"...Father Vlasic refused to co-operate with the investigation from the outset and he was banished to a monastery in L'Aquila,.."

The same city of L'AQUILA (=The Eagle), hit by an hearquake in last Spring and seat of the G8 international summit. The L'AQUILA visited so by PUTIN & OBAMA who, both, promised the financial patronage of the re-building of some important damaged or destroyed palaceS of L'AQUILA.

If I am not wrong Roman Catholic Obama promised to re-build a ROMAN CATHOLIC church.