Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Amber Path West To South 14

If TIME can admit that U.S. President Ronald Wilson Reagan (1981-1989) and Roman Catholic Church Pope John Paul II "conspired to assist Poland's Solidarity movement and hasten the demise of communism", then what about the roles of U.S. President William Jefferson Clinton (1993-2001) and Pope John Paul II in steering the Vatican's Counter Reformation War against the Orthodox Serbian people?

In early August 1991, when western European-brokered talks on defusing the Yugoslav crisis were about to begin, Croatian special forces launched a secret and brutal raid on Knin, headquarters of the Krajina Serb government. During the raid, Croatian comandos killed 60 Serbian resistence fighters. The next day, EC's representative, Dutch foreign minister Hans van den Broek, requested a meeting of Yugoslav contending patries. No repriemnad were issued against the Croatian attack. Milosevic was furious and refused to attend EC negotiations. Far from sympathizing with the Serbs, however, the Dutch foreign minister blaimed Milosevic for scuttling the talks. The next day, Germany's foreign minister, Hans-Dietrich Gensher, threatened Serbia with economic sanctions. Again, no reprimand was issued against Croatia for its role in the dispute. Germany's close ally, Austria, put additional pressure on Serbia by announcing it was considernig recognizing Croatia.

The Vatican was also making its view clear on the issue. In an August 17, 1991 Mass in the Hungarian city of Pecs, less then 20 miles from Croatia, Pope John Paul II stated that Croatian actions to break away from Yugoslavia were "legitimate aspirations". The Pope's comments were eagerly welcomed by Cardinal Franjo Kuharac of Zagreb and thousands of Croatians who cheered and waved Craotian national flags throughout the Pope's speech.

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