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Jesuitical Political Pyramid

from Craig Oxley/ The UnHived Mind:


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The controllers of the unHoly Roman Empire are the Orsini, Somaglia, Breakspeare, Farnese and Aldobrandini. The later family openly boast amongst Nobles that they their family is the Nephilim you'll find talked about within the Biblical texts. These are shadow Hierarchy of the Society of Jesus, its true founders and overseeing planners behind the Assistancy of the visible black side of the Order. They control the Borgia's and the Loyola's who do exactly as their told or else. Loyola would have been destroyed if he hadn't bowed to Alessandro Farnese and his family, without a single shadow of a doubt.

This Papal Nobility is the Gray highly covert hiding between both the black Jesuit Order and the white Papacy and holding far more power. Alessandro Farnese is a prime example of the underpinnings of the Society of Jesus. You then have to study the Spainish connection with both Loyola the front and Francis Borgia. The later having his families roots from powerful Aragon where the whole Spanish Inquisition originated from. Never forget where the older Illuminatus came from being Spain and the underpinnings of the Jesuit Order being the Los Alumbrados. So whilst the Jesuit Order continue to use the Fredrick Copleston SJ 'conspiracy theories' within their media and Hollywood they will continue to deceive the people. Those people will put blame on a group of people known as the Illuminati of 1776 whilst also having it distanced from the Jesuit Order its creator was sheep dipped within. Now the folks will believe that this group is of the highest order and the destroyer of nations, borders and religion. When in truth its the Arcana Arcanorum Rite of Atlantis and its Society of Jesus headquartered at Curia Generalizia within missile protected Borgo Santo Spirito. Lets not forget this is the home of the European Scottish Rite, Knights of Malta, Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem along with the Teutonic Knights.

The Jesuit Order is a continuation of the dreaded Borgia family poisoning and this is where we term their poisoning as the 'Cup of Borgia'. The Papacy is the next power within the unHoly Roman Empire which no longer has any Papal Nobility bloodline present within the Pope. Its most powerful order below the Jesuit Order is of course the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem then its the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and Constantine Order. Grandmaster Festing for instance is a Prince of the unHoly Roman Empire as are all the College of Cardinals. The Jesuits were controlled from Villa Caprarola in truth which was the Farnese war rooms against the Reformation & Saracens whilst the planner of the united global unHoly Roman Empire. Something which had a massive boost in 1814 thanks to their black Jesuit arm and their destruction of the power of the Pope over the Church of Rome in favour for the Zoroastrianist factions. The bitter internal struggle within the Church of Rome covert powers was finally won.

Again its worth the research into the country of Spain and its power within this Roman Empire. Just note where the power behind the Union For The Medditerrean is headquartered and its role within the Popish, European Union. Its most important role is the bringing of the Eastern lands into open borderless Temporal Power for the Society of Jesus. Once again you'll see King Juan Carlos of Spain a member of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre, Knights of Malta and Golden Fleece tied into all this and of far greater importance than the treasonous Dame of Malta, Elizabeth II also of the Fleece and Order of the Garter. Also annilating Dame of Malta, Beatrix of the Netherlands. I may get you more information on this you posted shortly. Also those within the United Kingdom corp of the Roman Empire and its Canon Law based UCC/IMA are tied by the Breakspeare family who have much control over the Anglo-American branch of their Empire. Then of course you have the Roman power of Westminster controlled by 114 Mount Street, Westminster Cathedral & St John's Wood current powers being Michael Holman SJ, Vincent Nichols and Fredrik Crichton-Stuart and lets not forget Keith O-Brien of Scotland.

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