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Barry Chamish's revelations and predictions, Regarding Israel and Gaza

From The UnHived Mind, posted by Quintessenz:

Calls for an international aka UN presence in the Middle East are increasing. Time to remember what Barry Chamish said.

Barry Chamish - Zion First - The Vatican's New Crusade For Jerusalem – 20m

So what did he [Shimon Peres] do, he brought in the Vatican. He brought in his boys. To sabotage or get the piece of the pie. But he brought them in. And how do we know this. We know this because a person named Mark Halter, the French intellectual friend of Shimon Peres gave an interview in the now defunct Israeli magazine Shishi where he said in May of 1993: I delivered a letter to the Pope from Shimon Peres promising the Vatican East-Jerusalem. And he gave a few details: East-Jerusalem will be policed by the UN. The Vatican will get control of all holy sites of all religions. And the PLO will get a state within this place[?]. Ok, this is all confirmed very shortly after by the Italian newspaper „La Stampa”. And they give you even more details of this [inaudible] deal. Not only is East-Jerusalem going to the Vatican – I mean they get every holy site no matter what religion [...] Jerusalem becomes internationalized, the Vatican gets the holy sites and the UN gets to police the place.

Barry Chamish, 2000 #759
Author, Revisionist Zionist Jew, Israeli Patriot
The author regards Barry Chamish as the foremost Jewish authority when it comes to the real truth behind all political intrigue within Israel. As the founder of the groundbreaking periodical Inside Israel and author of several extremely critical books, including Israel Betrayed (2000), Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? (2000) and Save Israel! (2002), his newest CD release is most important of all. Zion First: The Vatican’s New Crusade for Jerusalem details Rome’s quest to make Jerusalem an international city, as advocated by JFK assassin, Francis Cardinal Spellman. His exposure of Jesuit-trained Knight of Malta, King Juan Carlos of Spain advising Shimon Peres, and Knight of Malta Henry Kissinger advising Ariel Sharon are key points in proving Rome’s secret rule over both Labor and Likud political parties. It was Barry who informed the author that Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin deeded the Temple Mount to the Vatican in 1993; a few months later Rome recognized the nation of Israel—to the chagrin of the Arab world!

Vatican Assassins 3rd Edition – p. 1830

And some more related quotes:

Reports such as the following affirm current Vatican dialogues to regain control of the Holy Land. [...]

* On Sept. 10, ‘93, just three days before the ratifying of the Declaration of Principles in Washington, the Italian news mag La Stampa reported that part of the peace deal was an unwritten agreement that the Vatican would receive political authority over the Old City of Jerusalem by the end of the millenium. The paper described that Shimon Peres had assured the pope to deliver the holy sites of Jerusalem the previous May and that Yasser Arafat had accepted the arrangement.

* In March ‘94, the Israeli newsmagazine Shishi printed an interview with Mark Halter, a French intellectual and close friend of Shimon Peres. He said he delivered a letter from Peres to the Pope the previous May, within which Peres offered the Vatican Palace hegemony over the Old City of Jerusalem. The article detailed Peres’s offer which essentially turned Jerusalem into an international city overseen by the Holy See.

* In March ‘95, the radio station Arutz Sheva announced that it had seen a telegraph sent by the Israeli Embassy in Rome to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem outlining the deliver of the Old City of Jerusalem to the Vatican. Two days later Haaretz issued the telegraph on its front page. The Foreign Ministry explained that the cable was real but someone had whitened out the word “not.” ie We will not transfer authority to the Vatican. Incredibly, numerous Bnei Brak rabbis who had cancelled Passover meetings with Peres over the issue of the telegraph accepted the explanation and reinvited him to their homes. The Foreign Ministry’s Legal Affairs representative, Esther Samilag, publicly complained about “several capitulations” to the Vatican. She was immediately transferred to a post at the Israeli Embassy in Kathmandu, Kingdom of Nepal. MK Avraham Shapira announced in the Knesseth that he had information that all Vatican property in Jerusalem was to become tax-free and that large tracts of real property on Mount Zion tended to the pope in perpetuity.
Jerusalem’s late Deputy Mayor Shmuel Meir announced that he had received “information that properties promised to the Vatican would be granted extra-territorial status.”
Beilin was forced to answer the charges. He admitted, ‘Included in the Vatican Agreement is the issue of papal properties in Israel that will be resolved by a commission of experts that has already been formed.’ If so, this commission has not since issued any proof of its existence. With all this in mind, how do we read the Vatican’s current position on Jerusalem?

1. The Church has claimed to be the true Israel.
2. The Church conspired to eliminate the Merovingian dynasty to gain the title of "King of Jerusalem" for the Pope.
3. The Crusades were launched to gain the Holy Land for the Church.
4. The Church periodically slaughtered or persecuted the Jews.
5. The Church refused the right of Israel to exist for 46 years.
6. The Vatican claims to be headquarters of God's kingdom and guided by popes who are God's true representatives on earth.

Inside Israel, an Israeli news magazine, reported in its July 1994 edition that Shimon Peres, Israel's foreign minister, offered Pope John Paul II and the Vatican control of the Holy City. [...] Halter, a personal friend of Peres stated,

"Peres offered to hand over the sovereignty of Jerusalem's Old City to the Vatican... Jerusalem would stay the capitol of Israel but the Old City will be administered by the Vatican. The city will have an Israeli mayor and a Palestinian mayor, both under the orders of the Holy See... " (30)

The two met for 40 minutes in the Vatican, and the Pope said he hopes to visit Israel sometime in the first half of next year. They said afterwards that they had discussed Middle East matters. "I definitely believe that a visit by the Pope can influence the peace process," Peres told reporters.

Peres is reported, in 1994, to have promised the Vatican official status in Jerusalem.


During his visit in 2000, Pope John Paul II conducted a prayer service in Bethlehem, and announced that the Vatican had always recognized the Palestinians' national rights to a homeland. Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, Dean of Yeshivat Ateret Cohanim, said in response that the Pope's goal was simply to obtain a foothold in Jerusalem for the Church, and that his visit was one way the Pope hoped to reach this goal.

Barry Chamish – Bye, Bye, Gaza, p.332

In response to the news, I [Barry Chamish] wrote an article which proved the handover of the Old City of Jerusalem was a done deal. In fact, it was one of the secret clauses of the first Oslo "peace" accord signed by the Israeli government.


BC - Why is the Vatican suddenly so interested in getting its hands on Mount Zion real estate?

AE - There's nothing sudden about it at all. In fact, the roots of the desire go back 1200 years to the time of Charlemagne. He was the Vatican's military tool for converting Europe to Roman Catholicism.


AE - Germany has never given up its dream of reviving the Holy Roman Empire. At the height of that empire, their greatest king, Frederick the Great, marched into Jerusalem and became the city's king. Jerusalem was once part of the Holy Roman Empire and the dream is that it will be again. [...]

AE - [...] Nothing has changed except now the pope is a determined German. The Vatican want the Jews out of the Old City and apparently our government is agreeing with them.

On Top Of Mount Zion, All Coveted By Rome

Curiously enough, Peres received one of the many congratulatory letters for his inauguration from Pope Benedict XVI - an unprecedented step in the relationship between Israel and the Vatican.

And more research by Eric here:

Pope's Temple Mount

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