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Wlodimir Ledochowski's WW2 Holocaust Magical Spider Web of Power

From Frank O'Collins:

The Machine of Perpetual Evil

What is the largest most powerful energy "machine" ever built? If you said the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) --the 27 Km wide (17 mi) energy particle accelerator beneath the France-Swiss border -- then you would be wrong. The Nazis in collaboration with other Vatican-satanic groups built an energy machine seventy years ago more than fifteen (15) times the size of the LHC --so powerful it changed the course of history --and it is still operational today!

The machine and its energy grid -- spanning from Dublin to St Petersburg and from Rome to Stockholm -- is not a fiction. It is a cold, hard fact "hidden" in plain sight. And if you had read the previous two articles on the Holocaust then you have glimpsed the enormous evil of this machine and the Vatican satanist hardliners and Jesuits who ordered its construction.

Many who have read the first article on the Vatican Holocaust- about the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil and the second article on the Great Vatican-Jesuit Satanic Ley Lines System may still find the claims difficult to believe.

In spite of the precise placement of the Human Sacrifice Temples by the Vatican controlled Nazis to create the largest system of evil ever conceived, in spite of the ley line system connecting major satanic centers and Catholic dictatorships during WWII, some may still simply not believe, or demand yet more proof.

One of the purposes of this article it to provide this to them – clearly and without embellishment so there can be no doubt who was responsible for WWII and who remains firmly in control of the world now under the modern brand - the New World Order (“NWO”).

Yet there is a second and more urgent purpose of this third article -- to understand the implications of the Vatican creating the largest "energy machine" in history. For if what we have been shown is indeed a machine- designed for the purpose of channelling the enormous negative energy formed through sacrificing over 18 million people in precise locations, then technically when did this machine get "turned off"?

It is one thing for the Allies of the Vatican to tear down the death camps -- the Human Sacrifice Temples and hide evidence --but a massive spiritual "energy machine" is not just about putting innocents into a perpetual state of torment, it is also about keeping them there.

At stake then is not merely the discovery of some supremely evil system which has been in force to keep certain satanic families and the Vatican led "New World Order" in power, it is the proposition that they continue to entrap tens of millions of souls in their machine - yet to find freedom.

With the greatest respect for their memory, we hope you will read this article and consider the function and nature of this machine -- and how it might finally be turned off.

Are the Ley lines part of some global "matrix" of evil?

For those that have read the previous article revealing the "Ley lines" of evil radiating from the the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil, the next obvious question is where do the Ley lines end and begin? --also is this part of a global network of pentagrams and evil ley lines?

Given it is none other than the Vatican and Jesuits that forged the philosophy and apparatus that is the New World Order -- from global banking, global crime to the legal "(in)justice" system-- it is natural to assume the Ley lines must surely be part of a "global grid" of evil.

However such an assumption would be wrong. There is no evidence whatsoever that the ley lines eminating from the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil were ever designed to feed negative energy to satanic worship sites around the world - only Rome and a handful of key centres of power in Europe.

If the machinery was truly designed to be global in scope, then the ley lines would logically line up across the globe with evidence of other pentagram shapes in locations of power on other continents such as North America, Africa and even Australia.

While there is clear evidence of infamous and deliberate Pentagram designs of power -- such as the 19th Century re-design of Washington D.C. -- there is absolutely no hard evidence the Vatican-Jesuit system is designed to directly connect up to this other grid system. This makes sense when you consider the time period when the perpetual machine of evil was first designed and then built.

When Pope Pius XII teamed up with the Jesuit Superior General Count Wladimir Ledochowski prior to 1939 to implement the "Final Solution" -- to sacrifice millions of innocent people to satanic gods -- they could not possibly have imagined the plan would go so well.

Since those darkest of days- the truth of the Holocaust has been completely re-written with most people still believing the absurdity that the single largest, most complex and expensive project of mass murder that helped in the downfall of the Third Reich was to "save bullets".

Others still have no memory of how the world at the end of the 18th Century transformed overnight from a merchant-feudal system of trade to the modern financial system of banks, capital and interest we have today --nor who still controls over 50% of the world's gold.

If, less than two hundred years ago, you asked the average merchant or educated person anywhere in the world “what is the wealthiest, most powerful organization on the planet?”—the universal answer would have certainly been “Roman Catholic Church”.

It is without historic dispute that the Roman Catholic Church is the single largest and wealthiest economic entity to have ever existed on this planet. During some periods of history, the “Holy Mother Church” controlled virtually 80% of the wealthy, including treaty nine out of ten people as mere serfs- bonded slaves who were kept near starving and illiterate for nearly one thousand years.

The Roman Catholic Church has not kept “on top” just by accident, but through countless hard won battles, wars, genocides, assassinations and treaties. Yet if you were to look at any official list of the “World’s Largest Economic Entities” – nations and global corporations with immense asset wealth –the Catholic Church is not listed. Even in lists as large as 200 to 500 “top entities” the Catholic Church is nowhere to be seen.

The world has lost its awareness and memory of the real personality of the Roman Catholic Church – the one that forged in blood. Global amnesia is now so pervasive across the world, the Roman Pontiff is treated like a rock star, rather than a head of state, or a feared trickster capable of crushing any country, any government through the immense resources of the Jesuit army.

It is no wonder -- in spite of all the overwhelming evidence to the contrary -- that the Roman Catholic Church desperately wants to announce the sainthood of Pope Pius XII - arguably the single most evil man of the 20th Century and Hitler's patron, mentor and controller.

So if the Ley lines of evil from the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil do not span out across the globe, where do they terminate and why?

Creating the New World Order- The "Spiders Web" of Satanism

Consistent with the Euro-centered view of world domination of Pope Pius XII and Count Ledochowski S.J. all the major terminus points of the Ley lines of evil are almost certainly European cities- the most important being Rome.

Rome is the only Terminus point within the Vatican-Jesuit machine of perpetual evil having five major connections as well as the largest force of negative energy to it (via Auschwitz Human Sacrifice Temple Complex). Only Munich (Germany) has five connections to other key ley lines of evil.

Moving in a clockwise direction from Rome, the next major Terminus points are:

Bordeaux- in France and then home of the Rothschilds- infamous international satanists and key Vatican bankers.

Dublin- an infamous center of human sacrifice and satan worship for several hundred years.

Shetland Islands - another famous location for human sacrifice through satanic ritual, particularly during the late 19th century and 20th century on account of its isolation.

Stockholm, Sweden - neither a location known as a Catholic stronghold, nor major satanic center, but the capital of a pro-Vatican government during WWII that insisted on neutrality and trade with the Nazis.

St. Petersburg, Russia - famous site for Jesuit and satanic worship by the Russian royal household for hundreds of years.

Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia - site for major human sacrifice and prisoner torture by Fr Joseph Stalin S.J. during World War II

Belgorod, Russia. It is feasible that this ley line might also terminate at Sapporo, Japan - a key Jesuit city from World War II and ever since.

Odesa, Ukraine It is also possible that this ley line terminates much further south west in Ahmedabad India - a major centre of independent Jesuit control in Asia.

Bucharest, Romania.

In addition to the terminus points being major power points of satanistic energy, ley lines of evil exist between channels between major centers located on the lines. These include:

Munich, Germany - the most important center of satanism other than Rome that is not a terminus point itself. The five Ley lines coming into Munich themselves form a Pentagram of evil.

Zurich, Switzerland - very important node of satanic power.

Hannover, Germany - also a very important node of satanic power.

How the Vatican-Jesuit Machine of Perpetual Evil works

Now that we have discussed briefly the likely terminus points and major nodes of satanistic worship the next question is how in practice does the Vatican-Jesuit Machine of Perpetual Evil continue to work?

Quite simply, so long as the functioning Pentagram, ley lines and how the satanic locations are kept hidden, then this darkness, this absence of good energy protects the integrity of the negative energy system. Simply - ignorance, the kind that is growing every decade as people stop caring about the past is the insulation that evil needs to grow and thrive.

The second part is that so long as satanism continues to be practised along any of the key ley lines, then the grid remains active and 18+ million tormented souls remain trapped.

Finally, so long as the Vatican remains untouchable for its crimes against humanity, so long as they continue to curse the murdered and the living, then the system is in operation.

And so long as the perpetual machine of evil is running, then group prayer, reflection for the victims of the Holocaust can do little to free their souls, nor the souls of tens of thousands of children, young girls and innocents sacrificed since then in the satanic temples around the machine.

Finally, so long as the Roman Catholic Church has control over the massive machine for perpetuating evil and staying in power, the world has little real hope in seeing change.

Going too far

What Pope Honorius III (1216-1227) left as his legacy was not only the birth of Black Magic and the Prophecy of Moloch (St Moloch(y)), but the means by which he learnt his darkest craft. A willing pupil of the supremely evil Pope Innocent III(1198-1216), Honorius witnessed firsthand the alleged prophetic power of burning innocent human beings alive.

Hundreds of thousands of Cathars were murdered by fire by the Vatican armies. In the process, the Vatican scribes had never been busier, transcribing the last agonizing utterances of those being roasted alive in the flames.

However, Pope Honorius was the first Papal Black Magician to codify what he thought he knew and had orchestrated into a manual of the most evil black magic acts—and the supremely evil idea that midst the dying screams of an innocent victim of the flames, Moloch may actually speak through the victim (acting as a medium) to his loyal disciples.

Since the collection of Prophecy published as Moloch(y) in the 13th Century, there have been numerous other famous utterances of “supernatural” prophecy allegedly from the dying mouths of burning victims – most notably Mother Shipton. While the famous prophecy of Mother Shipton – that chillingly tells of the future four hundred years before it happened—is usually stated as coming before she was burned alive, it is much more probable these were her last words.

Another famous example of the satanic belief that Moloch may use a dying victim in the flames as a communications portal was the sadistic torture and death by burning of Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of Knights Templar. It was his final words that cursed the Pope, the Catholic Church and validated the Prophecy of Moloch(y) as being true.

Yet for all the hundreds of thousands that were sacrificed by the Vatican armies over the centuries, little meaningful prophecy has come into the hands of hardline Vatican Satanists since.The Prophecy of Moloch(y) remains unchanged and now at its end, without any clear public statement of prophecy by the Vatican of any earth shattering note.

One possibility --however strange it may seem -- is that the satanic gods themselves have finally abandoned the Vatican and the Jesuits. Possibly as a result of the hubris of the Vatican satanists. What arrogance against their own gods for a Pope to claim himself a god on Earth through "Papal Infallibility".

Possibly Moloch has abandoned the Vatican because of their supreme arrogance in building the Pentagram. Before the Vatican hardliners and Jesuits built the largest machine ever conceived, they still had to rely on the benevolence of their dark lords. But since then, all signs point to a church where the only god they worship today is themselves.

Whatever reason, it is clear that the Roman Catholic Church for the first time in its history finds itself spiritually cast out by both the forces of good and darkness- abandoned by all but itself and the ignorant. This is the price of going too far - even for the most evil of ancient demons.

What might be the future?

It is clear the current crop of unimaginative hardliners of the Vatican and Jesuits can find no other course of action than to plunge the world into recession along the precise same course that led to World War II.

Maybe they believe (in error) that another supreme sacrifice of millions to Moloch in World War III will somehow excuse their actions in continuing to use the Pentagram and Machine to enslave millions of tormented souls.

Whatever course these dull and dangerous intellects choose to take, there exists only one destiny for them to face - that this is indeed the end of the road for them.

No amount of propaganda, no amount of spin can alter the fact that forces greater than any living being is at work here. Maybe the current Vatican and Jesuit satanists believe they can get away with everything again.

Only time till tell if they are wrong and millions of entrapped souls will finally be freed from the tyranny of the Vatican.

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