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Wlodimir Ledochowski's WW2 Holocaust: LayLines Of Evil

From Frank O'Collins:

Great Vatican-Jesuit Satanic Ley Lines System

Many who will read or hear excerpts of the previous article about the Vatican-Jesuit Holocaust will remain unconvinced, if not horrified by the claims which its contains.

The claim that a three hundred mile (plus) wide Pentagram of supreme evil can be formed by the precise true geographic location of the worst Nazi Human Sacrifice Camps of WWII will strike many as the “imagination” of conspiracy writers – the same fanciful notion as those who would see religious symbols in simple pieces of toast, or clouds.

Yet the Pentagram is able to be drawn and at its precise center of power is an actual Temple dedicated to Cybele- otherwise known as Inaana, Ishtar and Sibyl --the most ancient goddess whose most sacred site is Vatican Hill. So it is not something that can be discounted entirely.

Logic is a critical tool in the search for truth – what is mere fable and sometimes wild slander – and what makes common sense, sounds reasonable and probable. But what is even more important that a logical perspective is a respectful one.

When anyone mentions World War II and the slaughter of innocents by Roman Catholic Dictators and their allies, we are discussing an event of unprecedented evil. Therefore, uptmost care must be given to respecting their memory and surviving families. Any claim needs to be provable - unquestionably factual and not reckless, unfounded theories.

To answer any outstanding doubt concerning the complete involvement of the Roman Catholic Church through Pope Pius XII and Jesuit Superior General Wladimir Ledochowski S.J., let us examine some additional evidence concerning the Pentagram, the satanic religious nature of sacrificing over eighteen million people.

Even Satanists must have a motive

An obvious and possibly still not satisfactorily answered questions to many readers and listeners is not so much “why?” but the underlying motive of people claimed to be so wholly evil they murdered over eighteen million non-Catholics in ovens?

Like any crime, once motive can be clearly established without question, then the likely complicity in the crime narrows or disappears given remaining evidence. So unless the Satanists Pope Pius XII and Fr Ledochowski S.J. along with other hardliners had some pressing and urgent need, the motive for such wholesale slaughter seems less credible.

What then could possibly be an urgent and pressing motive for ancient Satanists to go to the extent, expense and risk of sacrificing so many people? The answer lies in the true author of the most famous prophecy of the Roman Catholic Church.

The true identity of St. Molochy

St Molochy, now frequently misspelled as St Malachy (pronounced Molochy) is regarded as the foremost prophets of the Roman Catholic Church.

St Malachy, we are told he comes from Ireland and was Bishop of Armagh (b 1094 d- 1148). Later we are told he was the first Irishman to be made a saint (by Pope Clement III on July 6, 1199). Further, his life is claimed to have been chronicled by no less than claimed contemporary Catholic priest historian Bernard of Clairvaux.

But what makes St Molochy special is not so much anything within his life, but the specific and detailed prophecy attributed to him. Commonly known as the “Prophecy of the Popes”, St Molochy was said to have received a specific detailed vision of the coming 112 Popes that would reign, beginning with Pope Celestine II (elected in 1143) and ending with the 112th Pope “Peter” who witnesses the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church.

No other prophecy in the history of the Catholic Church has been more personal to the Satanist papal families that have fought for centuries over the Throne of St Peter. No other prophecy has been more validated by its unprecedented accuracy to Popes of history and even recent events. What makes the prophecy even more interesting is that we have reached by its calculation Pope 111 or 112 – the second last or last Pope of the 800 year old prophecy.

So who really was (St) Molochy? And did he really exist? For many respectable scholars the answer is that St Molochy is much more likely a historical fiction- invented in the early 13th Century and attributed to a historic figure. The problem however, is how to explain the “supernatural” accuracy of the prophecy to date? If it was a fraud, then it would have to be the work of some dark genius.

In fact a historic figure does exist in the form of Cencio Savelli, or Pope Honorius III (1216-1227) considered the greatest black arts magician of the 13th Century. It was Honorius who invented modern (and ancient) black magic when he published the first “Grimoire” in history – the infamous “Grimoire of Honorius the Great” – the mother of all black magic books.

Unlike some modern Satanist groups that seek to worship names like Satan or the Devil, Pope Honorius wrote of Moloch – the most ancient dark god of the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Sadducees and Satanists. Moloch – the god of eternal fire and damnation – from where we get the word “Immolate” – to literally sacrifice people by fire.

In a deliberate twist, it is far more likely that the figure St Molochy is none other than Moloch himself- the manifestation of pure evil through the medium of Black Magician Pope Honorius providing us with the prophecy.

It explains why the prophecy remains the foremost and respected prophecy of Satanists within the Roman Catholic Church for eight hundred years. It also explains why the beginning of the 20th Century might have seen a desperate urgency by the Vatican Satanist leadership to somehow “extend” the prophecy, or at least some new insight.

From the perspective of the evil mind of a supremely powerful Vatican Satanist in World War II, controlling in their hands the lives of millions of souls – the sacrifice of a few million to get a new message from Moloch is more than enough motive to have created the Final Solution by Pope Pius XII and the Jesuits.

A matter of logic

If all that is claimed so far is true and the Vatican-Jesuit satanists created the single largest pentagram of evil in history --using the death camps in World War II to "channel" this negative energy --there should surely be more hard proof.

A pentagram is after all a shape that can be drawn with a wide degree of difference. What is to say one shape is true to another? It is frequently why it is the case that any mention of a "black magic" pentagram being spotted out of past evil acts is initially viewed with a high degree of skepticism.

Using logic then, let us hypothetically try to think in the minds of supremely evil men running the Catholic Church in the lead up to unleashing World War II - Is the Pentagram all there is? In a practical sense how would all the negative energy created through the sacrifice of millions somehow get to centres like Rome? The answer rests in the concept of ley lines.

Ley lines of spiritual power

It has been believed for millenia that just as the Earth possesses electro magnetic lines, that there also exist spiritual lines of energy -- or "ley"lines. The same belief exists with the most ancient and powerful of Vatican and Jesuit satanists- hence the use of geometric systems of power.

Therefore, if the Pentagram is to be believed the work of Pope Pius XII, the hardline satanists of the Curia and the Jesuits- then the ley lines should be a masterpiece of evil-unrivalled in the attempt to channel negative energy, connecting all the major favoured satanic centres at the time (1930's).

The ley lines formed by the shape of the Great Pentagram of Evil would be powerful channels of negative energy- so ideally the Jesuits would have to have wanted these channels to pass as close to each key satanic centres as possible.

Naturally, you would expect to see Berlin as well as Rome on key Ley Lines of evil energy. Similarly, if Joseph Stalin really was an evil Jesuit priest masking as a dictator, then a key Ley line of evil energy should pass very near or on Moscow.

Similarly, key Catholic centres at the time such as Zagreb (Croatia) and Bucharest (Romania) should be near ley lines and even Bordeaux - and the centre of the Catholic French Vichy State at the very least.

The only problem about such a plan to create a superhighway of evil energy feeding the network of Vatican-led satanists is such a design would require extreme geometric precision leaving a likelihood that any pentagram could be proven to exist based on the death camps that also had such ley lines of extreme power is impossible to be dismissed as a coincidence.

As it turns out, this is precisely the power and precision of the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil- the creation of a network of massive energy connecting the major satanic centres at the time of unprecedented evil.

The Great Vatican Jesuit Ley Lines of Evil

1. The “Ley Line” of evil running North-East to South-West from Treblinka Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp, south to Auschwitz Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp you pass through the outskirts of Zagreb and through the heart of Rome to the ancient ruins of Carthage.

2. The “Ley Line” of evil running North-West through Treblinka Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp, south to Janowska Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp connects Bucharest.

3. The “Ley line” of evil running West to East from Lodz Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp to Sobibor Vatican Jesuit Sacrifice Camp connects Dublin to Manchester, then Hannover to Belgorod in Russia.

4. The “Ley line” of evil running North West from Lodz Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp and down South East past the Janowska Vatican Jesuit Sacrifice Camp connects Odessa to just next to Tehran.

5. Last but not least, the “Ley line” of evil running North East from Sobibor Vatican Jesuit Sacrifice Camp south-west through Auschwitz Vatican Jesuit Sacrifice Camp cuts through the heart of Bordeaux, Munich and connects up to the outskirts of Moscow.

If the ley lines and shape of the pentagram is even changed by one degree of latitude, or longitude, the ley lines have no meaning. It is only when the Nazi death camps that form the pentagram are placed exactly as they were historically located that the pentagram has power.

For those still unconvinced, there is yet one more piece of the puzzle- the specific and unique designs of the Human Sacrifice Camps around the Pentagram.

The strange unique architecture of each Human Sacrifice Camp

One of the lasting anomalies unique to the all the camps of the Pentagram (yet uncommon to most other pre-fabricated death and labour camps of the Nazis), were their geometric layout – not the buildings, but the shapes formed by clusters of buildings and fences.

Many arguments have been used to explain this anomaly—the most common being that camps like Auschwitz simply “grew” into the size and shape because the Nazi’s didn’t plan on so many victims.

But a quick review of any of the general labour camps puts such answers as deliberately misleading as the Nazis employed ruthless and precise efficiency in virtually all of its other temporary/prefabricated structures except it seems the Human Sacrifice Camps – most notable of the Pentagram.

Another excuse given is that certain camps simply had to accommodate the surrounding geography of the land. This is true for every camp built across key established infrastructure, hills and valleys. However, such excuses forget to mention that the Nazi’s chose to build the camps there – not one mile left or right which would have made their construction cheaper – in some cases the SS deliberately set up camps on difficult terrain – why?

The answer is breathtakingly simple- if you are going to sacrifice innocent people to an ancient satanic god, then the place in which this evil act is done should ideally be a “Temple”.

The massive architecture surveying projects of the SS

Anyone who has seen Indiana Jones movies knows that the Nazis were obsessed in obscure ancient Temple sites of power. The SS undertook the greatest surveying and blueprint maps of ancient Temple sites by any group since Napoleon.

The SS extensively surveyed ancient sites in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. In the movies, the SS are displayed as digging for buried symbols of power—this is deliberately misleading. The Nazis were civil engineers. Why then go to the extent of surveying ancient sites such as Baalbek the first and most important home to Moloch?

The ancient human sacrifice temples of the Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil

If Fr Himmler S.J. physically ordered his engineers to build the Human Sacrifice Camps as replicas of ancient temple sites, then in a short time, their real purpose and satanic nature would have been immediately obvious. We would be all reading now how the Nazis built Auschwitz as a floor plan replica of Baalbek – to deliberately make the camp a physical temple of sacrifice. Instead, what we read and hear is that the physical design of the camps is of no historical consequence.

Yet, consider for the moment the following comparison starting with Treblinka Vatican Human Sacrifice Temple Complex at the top of the Pentagram. Here you have a camp – not designed as a rectangle as so many have incorrectly stated – but a shape more resembling the Key Temple complex of the ancient city of Ur.

Moving south East to the next point of the Jesuit-Vatican Pentagram we come to the Sobibor Vatican Human Sacrifice Temple Complex, which reflected the essential design and location of key satanic temples of ancient Babylon.

Travelling further South we come to the Janowska Vatican Human Sacrifice Temple Complex which in design closely resembled the ancient Temple mount of Jerusalem during the days of the Sadducees.

Now travelling West we come to the vast Auschwitz-Birkenau Vatican Human Sacrifice Temple Complex which resembles the greatest of all ancient satanic temple complexes- the Temple of Baalbek- the home of Moloch.

The only Vatican Human Sacrifice Temple Complex for which we cannot make a comparison is Lodz- the only one of the Vatican Temple Complexes dedicated to sacrificing children. Given the sacrifice of children is a historic trait of Cybele – and the Vatican is HQ for the most ancient cult -- then it is safe to assume that Lodz would have almost been a replica in some way to a Temple related to a manifestation of the goddess.

The fact that this Vatican Temple complex was immediately torn down to its foundations so absolutely no record of its original geometric design can be found is telling.

The camps of the Pentagram are without question designed to be spiritual replicas of the ancient temples to the satanic gods of the Vatican.

Now the obsessive and expensive surveying effort of the SS under Fr Himmler S.J. makes perfect sense. The information was used to design the layout for the “most important” of camps.

Making greater sense of the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil

Now the position of the Human Sacrifice Camps as spiritual and scale model replicas of ancient satanic Temples makes sense to their precise placement- the Pentagram, the replica Temple to be built and the terrain dictated the location of the Human Sacrifice Camps as Temples themselves.

If this information is wrong- then why the Pentagram? Why the temple of Cybele at the center? Why the perfect matches of each camp design to the most important and ancient of temples?

Let’s be clear. The Nazis built most of the their prefabricated camps like rectangular boxes. But for the particular camps mentioned, they chose locations far less optimum than others, built weird and unique designs unlike any other camp costing more time and effort- why?

There is simply too much to be dismissed as an uncanny array of coincidence. Can such a clearly satanic and religious plan be continued to be pinned to the Nazis – and they alone? Or will people finally accept the overwhelming evidence being shown to us by the millions of innocent victims of the Holocaust?

They died for a religious, not political reason. They died because of a deliberate satanic plan. They died to the gods Moloch and Cybele. They died because the Vatican elite in Pope Pius XII and Jesuit General Fr Ledochowski S.J. deemed it so.

Given the same people who did this deed remain “above the law”, isn’t it time we start questioning the motives of these people in making the world a better place. For the sake of the memory of all those who were sacrificed in flames, we owe them the respect to wake up to the truth.


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