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Romish-Masonic Religious War

From The UnHived Mind:

From Insurgent:

Funny how we have African wars, were there are slaughters and genocides are committed, everyday, and now as we speak, but yet nobody protests. Nobody burns African flags etc. But as soon as it is some Israeli/US war, we have protests everywhere and flag burnings.

I am not backing what the Israelis doing, with blind missile/bomb attacks, and I am not backing Hamas/Arab world. We all know what is going on in reality.

These Arabs/Persians need to wake up and start burning Vatican/Knights of Malta/Jesuit flags.

I actually told that to one Arabic person on illusions forum, he said something like "Well, if would start burning Vatican flags it would bring more problems for Arabic world. Think about billions of people who would be mad."

LMAO so it is ok to burn Israeli/US flag but not Vatican's.

From Avles:

First the picture:

QUOTE (CommanderKeen @ Jan 12 2009, 09:41 PM)

user posted image

The youtube video is gone but you could see the moozlems cry allah u akbar after the flag was removed. A quite chilling picture. Can't believe we let those lunatics in our countries, same counts for Britain and France. But now we have here an excellent 'pressure from below' contributing to the agenda of the Pope, at least he'll be the one who profits from all this. This picture is a perfect symbol of how we satisfy the demands of the muslims, which are 50 million now in Europe. And for the demands the muslims have on Israel and the Jews, naturally by their 'holy' Koran, they share a common purpose with the Vatican.

Here is also an excellent new article by Barry Chamish from a week ago:


This pic is the other side of the above one:

user posted image

Why they chose the Milan cathedral/Duomo di Milano? What is saying to you the name

Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor


In June 1158, Frederick set out upon his second Italian expedition, accompanied by Henry the Lion and his Saxon troops. This expedition resulted in the establishment of imperial officers in the cities of northern Italy, the revolt and capture of Milan, and the beginning of the long struggle with Pope Alexander III.
In 1164 Frederick took what are believed to be the relics of the "Biblical Magi" (the Wise Men or Three Kings) from Milan and gave them as a gift (or as loot) to the Archbishop of Cologne, Rainald of Dassel. The relics had great religious significance and could be counted upon to draw pilgrims from all over Christendom. Today they are kept in the Shrine of the Three Kings in the Cologne cathedral.

(Note of avles: IS THIS THE REASON FOR THE BUILDING OF A STRONG LOGISTIC BASE/MOSQUE OF THE MERCENARY ISLAMIC ARMY OF THE POPE IN COLOGNE? See:"Gegen Bolschewismus! Gegen Nazismus! Gegen die Jesuitische Islamisierung des deutsches Landes! "

........where he remained for the ensuing six years. During this period, Frederick decided conflicting claims to various bishoprics, asserted imperial authority over Bohemia, Poland, and Hungary, initiated friendly relations with the Byzantine emperor Manuel I Comnenus, and tried to come to a better understanding with Henry II of England and Louis VII of France.
In 1174, Frederick made his fifth expedition to Italy but was opposed by the pro-papal Lombard League, which had previously formed to stand against him. With the refusal of Henry the Lion to bring help to Italy, the campaign was a complete failure. Frederick suffered a heavy defeat at the Battle of Legnano near Milan, on May 29, 1176, where he was wounded and for some time was believed to be dead. He had no choice other than to begin negotiations for peace with Alexander III and the Lombard League. In the Peace of Venice, 1177, Frederick and Alexander III reconciled. The Emperor acknowledged the Pope's sovereignty over the Papal States, and in return Alexander acknowledged the Emperor's overlordship of the Imperial Church. Also in the Peace of Venice (online in the Yale Avalon project), a truce was made with the Lombard cities,which took effect in August, 1178. But the grounds for a permanent peace were established only in 1183, when, in the Peace of Constance, Frederick conceded their right to freely elect town magistrates.
..........................Etc. etc. amen.

Milan is capital of the Lombard region. Milan is the symbol of the defeat of Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor, so not simply of the defeat of the Protestantism, but especially of the same independence and autonomy of the German and Northern populations.

Just for a Vatican coincidence, the Lombard region and Milan is the hotbed of the North League party, a super-Roman Catholic party, a party apparently anti-Islamic - as much as it is truly and secretly a Nazi-Islamic party, a party whose symbol is:

user posted image

.... Alberto da Giussano, the alleged commander of the anti-Frederick papal army. Alleged, as it seems a pure papal invention - anyway the defeat is not an invention, and the Alberto da Giussano Vatican cartoon represents the victory of the papal supremacy on the German monarchic power, on ANY temporal power on earth. So the North League party, in every moment 'raging' against the Muslims, has the logo which symbolizes..... the war against the German world!!!

Could it be more evident?

You can see how Rome can join all the many crusades all around the world in a single crusade. An occult pro-Vatican NWO conquer of Jerusalem demonstration, showed his anti-Germanic and anti-Protestant occult face. People should awake and to start to see all this. To deepen the argument "North League party" see:

"Islam, Mafia, Italian secessionism, all tied toget, her in the RC Church NWO net."

To deepen the knoweledge about the papal crusade against the North Europe:


To not go out of topic : just today Mubarak announced that Hamas is ready to accept a ceasefire. What does the Roman church say? The first thing is to praise the immigrates (=the Muslims and for the transitive property Hamas) using her puppets of the North League. The Bishop conference in Italy attacked again the 'unrighteous' laws of the government against the immigrates ,.,.... a government supported by the same North League created by the Vatican!!! The Vatican crusade to conquer Jerusalem needs it. These false autonomist actors are staging the 'ugly' face against the immigrates (= again, Muslims and for the transitive property Hamas), giving the opportunity to the priest of Rome to enter suddenly on the stage with the sword in hand defending the 'poor' clandestines (= Muslims and for the transitive property Hamas) approaching the Italian coast. The final act of this abominious Vatican onanist theatre wants the North League actor to stage a defeat and a kneeling in front of the 'moral superiority' of the priests of Rome. Really, disgusting....

Best regards from a North Adriatic Anti-roman-catholic and Anti-islamic isolationist

VOTE DAILY FOR THE UNHIVED MIND (see push-button above) and visit this great blog:
„Kein im christlichen Glauben stehender Deutscher kann, ohne der guten und sauberen Sache des Freiheitskampfes der deutschen Nation gegen den jesuitischen antichristlichen Weltbolschewismus untreu zu werden, die staatlichen Maßnahmen gegen die Jesuiten im Reich, insbesonder die Einziehung jesuitischer Vermögenswerte bejammern. Und den maßgebenden Vertretern von Kirche und Christentum im Auslande müssen wir ernstlich zu bedenken geben, daß der Weg zur jesuitischen Weltherrschaft stets über grauenvolle Leichenfelder führt.”



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QUOTE (Quintessenz @ Jan 11 2009, 06:08 PM)

So what did he [Shimon Peres] do, he brought in the Vatican. He brought in his boys. To sabotage or get the piece of the pie. But he brought them in. And how do we know this. We know this because a person named Mark Halter, the French intellectual friend of Shimon Peres gave an interview in the now defunct Israeli magazine Shishi where he said in May of 1993: I delivered a letter to the Pope from Shimon Peres promising the Vatican East-Jerusalem. And he gave a few details: East-Jerusalem will be policed by the UN. The Vatican will get control of all holy sites of all religions. And the PLO will get a state within this place[?]. Ok, this is all confirmed very shortly after by the Italian newspaper „La Stampa”. And they give you even more details of this [inaudible] deal. Not only is East-Jerusalem going to the Vatican – I mean they get every holy site no matter what religion [...] Jerusalem becomes internationalized, the Vatican gets the holy sites and the UN gets to police the place.

This is the reason for the continue attacks to the UN logistic bases. UN have to police Jerusalem realizing the dreams of Rome, the Unified World Religion and the Novo Ordo Seclorum starting from the Holy Land. The Romanist elite of Israel is doing its best to reach the goal......Today the media gave large resonance to another attack. Today is the 15th day of Januar ---> Saturnalia symbol.

U.N. Building in Gaza Strip Is Hit by Strike From Israel

Published: January 15, 2009

GAZA — Israeli forces shelled areas deep inside Gaza City on Thursday, hitting the headquarters of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency and injuring at least three people among the hundreds taking shelter in the compound, according to United Nations officials and witnesses.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel expressed regret for the strike but said that Israeli forces were fired on by Hamas militants from just outside the United Nations compound and then ran inside to take cover, according to Mr. Olmert’s spokesman, Mark Regev. “It is absolutely true that we were attacked from that place,” Mr. Olmert said in broadcast remarks, according to Reuters.

The United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, said that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak had told him the strike on the compound was a “grave mistake.” Mr. Ban, who was in Israel Thursday to press fore a cease-fire, said he expressed "strong protest and outrage" to Israel.

The strike came as Israeli ground forces pushed further into Gaza City and intensified its shelling of both outlying neighborhoods and central districts, sending thousands of panicked residents fleeing from their homes, witnesses said. Among other buildings hit in the center of the city, the witnesses said, was one occupied by several media organizations, and at least two television cameramen were hospitalized.

A spokesman for the Relief and Works Agency, Christopher Gunness, said that the Israelis had been provided with the GPS coordinates of all United Nations facilities in Gaza. He said that two buildings were ablaze and that there were five fully laden fuel vehicles at the site.

Earlier in Israel’s 20-day-old campaign against Hamas, Israeli mortar shells landed outside a United Nations school compound in Jabaliya, northern Gaza, killing at least 40 Palestinians, according to United Nations and hospital officials.

In that attack, the Israeli military said it was responding to mortars fired by Hamas militants from a yard next to the school compound, and that one of the shells it fired back fell off the mark.

In the attack on Thursday, Mr. Gunness said, the Israelis used phosphorous shells, according to Bloomberg. “The Israelis have shot three phosphorus shells against the compound, where hundreds of civilians are being sheltered,” he was quoted as saying.

The Israeli military would not give precise details of its latest ground operations in Gaza City on Thursday, but a spokesman said that “fierce fighting” was under way “relatively deep inside Gaza.”

The military push may be aimed at stepping up pressure on Hamas as cease-fire talks in Egypt entered a pivotal stage.

Egypt has said that progress is being made toward an interim cease-fire, with some officials predicting that one could be five to six days away. A senior Israeli defense official, Amos Gilad, arrived in Cairo on Thursday to continue the talks.

Overnight, the military said, Israeli planes struck around 70 targets, including a mosque in the southern town of Rafah that it said was used to stockpile rockets, and several squads of gunmen. Within two hours on Thursday morning, militants in Gaza launched 15 (FIFTEEN - my bold characters) rockets and mortars against Israel, the military said, a marked increase in fire compared to Wednesday when there were 16 (SIXTEEN - my bold characters) launches during the entire day.

Palestinians arrived with injured relatives at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City on Thursday, some barefoot and in nightgowns. They told of intense Israeli shelling in several neighborhoods including the Sabra and Tufah districts. Two television cameramen arrived for treatment after the building housing the media offices was hit. They had been filming from a window, they said.

Residents of the Tel el-Hawa district in south-western Gaza City said Israeli shelling and shooting had gone on all night and that the local Al Quds Hospital was under fire.

On Wednesday, as the Gaza death toll passed an estimated 1,000 people and concerns about the humanitarian situation inside Gaza grew, nine Israeli human rights groups called for an investigation into whether Israeli officials had committed war crimes in Gaza. The groups said that tens of thousands of civilians in Gaza had nowhere to flee, the Gaza health system had collapsed, many people were without electricity and running water, and some were beyond the reach of rescue teams.

“This kind of fighting constitutes a blatant violation of the laws of warfare and raises the suspicion, which we ask be investigated, of the commission of war crimes,” the groups said in a news conference.

The groups said that while they believed that it was legitimate for Israel to bomb military installations, it was a violation of international law to hit civilian sites and government buildings that contained no weapons.

The groups included the Israel section of Amnesty International, B’Tselem, Gisha and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel. Israeli Jews are firmly behind the government’s conduct of the war, with the human rights groups representing a small minority.

The president of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Jakob Kellenberger, who spent Tuesday in Gaza City, agreed Wednesday that the situation with civilians was dire but said that the principal hospital was making do with medical supplies, and that doctors, working around the clock, were mostly coping with the flow of the wounded.

“In general, they did not complain about the lack of equipment or material,” he said at a news conference in Jerusalem.

Last week, the Red Cross issued an unusually harsh condemnation of Israel for refusing to allow its personnel into Gaza to rescue people trapped in battle. On Wednesday, Mr. Kellenberger said that although the situation remained critical, rescue missions had not been entirely shut down. The organization rescued 100 people trapped in Jabaliya, north of Gaza City, on Tuesday.

Also on Wednesday, Hamas’s leaders met with Egyptian officials in Cairo and agreed in principle to a monitoring force in Gaza composed of Europeans to prevent weapons smuggling, according to a senior Egyptian official. Israel’s defense minister, Ehud Barak, and his generals favor a temporary cease-fire of several days to a week, partly so that when President-elect Barack Obama is inaugurated next week it would be during a lull rather than in the middle of a battle, and his administration could offer its views on the next step, Israeli officials said.

The short-term cease-fire would, if successful, be followed by a negotiated yearlong truce, something that Egypt says Hamas favors if it includes an opening of commercial traffic into Gaza. But splits in Hamas exist between its leaders based in Syria and those in Gaza. The Gazans are more open to a weeklong break, while the leaders in Syria want something from Israel in return for holding fire.

Mr. Ban arrived in Cairo Wednesday as part of a regional tour to press all parties to carry out a Security Council resolution calling for a cease-fire. He met with President Hosni Mubarak and then issued a plea for peace.

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria also called for a cease-fire, saying in an interview with the BBC that the effects of war could be more dangerous than war itself, “sowing seeds of extremism and terror around the region.”

Osama bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda, in a taped audio message that was his first public statement since last May, called on Muslims everywhere to fight Israel in a holy war.

Perfect, really perfect.

And now give a look to another similar war, a not-conventional crusade of the recent past - do you perceive something in common?:



Open military confrontation in Bosnia-Herzegovina ended with the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement on 14th December 1995. The conflict had resulted in more than 160,000 deaths, and 2.5 million refugees and displaced persons. Not long before, the United Nations (UN) had ordered the first combat units from its rapid reaction force into Sarajevo, after after Serb rebels killed two French peacekeepers. Three Bosnian Serb shells had hit the French and Danish areas of a U.N. compound in Zetra, north of Sarajevo's centre killing a French peacekeeper and wounding another French soldier and a Dane. A half-hour later, another French peacekeeper was killed and two wounded, one seriously, when a U.N. convoy was targeted by Serbs in the suburb of Butmir. The deaths brought the number of French dead to 42 since the Bosnian war began in April 1992 - and not all of them were killed by the Bosnian Serbs, a number of them were also killed in crossfire or deliberately by the forces of the Bosnian government.

Not only did the UN get tough with the Bosnian Serbs - whose political and military leaders have now been charged with war crimes - in 1995, NATO had become directly involved when when they ordered air strikes against the Bosnian Serbs. These attacks had been preceded by a series of barbaric attacks against civilians in the Markele market in Sarajevo, all of which were assumed to be the work of the Serb army laying siege to Sarajevo.

There were three attacks on the markets, all of which were blamed on them: the first on 27th May 1992, killed 16 people, the second on 5th February 1994 killed 68, and the third on 28th August 1995, killed 37. The last attack is the most significant, as it has been widely alleged, by members of the UN Mission in Bosnia, UN Commanding officers and of course, predictably, the Bosnian Serbs themselves, that this one in particular was staged by elements within the Bosnian government to provide the pretext for NATO military involvement in the war. In subsequent attacks, bombs and bullets used by the NATO jets used Depleted Uranium (DU) which is now estimated to have claimed the lives of some Serb 300 civilians who lived in the vicinity of the bases hit by NATO, according to reports that surfaced in 2001. What evidence is there for the claims that the Bosnian government carried out these attacks ?

........................Etc. etc.

No, I am not saying that is an oblige to consider the shelling against the UN headquarter exclusively a fire coming from Hamas. No, with the Jews you don't need of that. You can fool the Jews as you want. "Jewish plot"? How is possible that a bunch of cretins, claiming with their public holy scriptures (the Talmud) their attitude to perform 'plots', could have success in any attempt to do one? The true plot are done by the ones whose 'holy scriptures' are filled only with words of 'love' towards the rest of the humanity, words of 'love' which hides secret feeling of hate hidden in the shelters of their souls.....
Pardon for this excursus. So I said: you don't need to make shot the grenades to realize another Markale Marketplace Massacre (just only in Gaza) by your 'oppressed' front. You can use, as the true masters of the world plot 'love' so much, simply the good faith of the 'oppressors', and the sins of single hidden among them. In this case informatic, communications, telecommunications, are a strong ally:

".......A spokesman for the Relief and Works Agency, Christopher Gunness, said that the Israelis had been provided with the GPS coordinates of all United Nations facilities in Gaza. He said that two buildings were ablaze and that there were five fully laden fuel vehicles at the site............".

There are voices that since some decades, the shots of the artillery are controlled with GPS.... Ops! pardon! I can't confirm those voices, probably are only superstition! Surely the Israel Army loves the good old military traditions! The artillery unities send their pioneers to discover the target. Once the soldier had seen the target with his eyes, he sends the coordinates back to his commander with the use of pidgeons, smoke signals, screams,....

But we know that only in America you can use for evil purposes the GPS, as to drive big planes in giant false flag attacks. No, in Israel, if the IDF shots to hospitals, UN headquarers, schools, if for real the fire came from an IDF unity, this is due exclusively to a product of the generic "Jewish evilness". No, Jews can't have a 'fifth column', an anti-Jewish column inside themselves. No, if they are the universal fifth column inside efvery country of the world, it means that they cannot infiltrate themselves!

Pardon the irony, but in a completely gone mad world you have to help yourself in such a manner. So, if you have not realized what is going on in Gaza, I'll help you giving another part of the storyboard of the Novo Ordo Seclorum reality show occured fifteen years ago, just only 1,000 or 2,000 North of Israel. Yes, there are also differencies, but the structure is the same. I hope you have the necessary intelligence to understand where the Black director changed the storyboard.


The third attack, on 28th August 1995 also hit market and left 37 dead and 90 wounded. When UN issued a declaration blaming the Bosnian Serbs, it evidently ignored the report of the British and French experts as well as the assessment of the UN's artillery expert for the Sarajevo sector, a Russian colonel, A. Demurenko. Soon after the attack, NATO launched extensive air strikes against Bosnian Serb military and civilian targets. The strategy appeared pre-planned as it coincided with an joint Croat and Bosnian government offensive against the Bosnian Serbs. The attacks changed the course of the war in Bosnia as enabled NATO to enter the conflict on behalf of the Bosnian government and Croat forces. After this attack, President Yeltsin gave official credence to reports circulating in the Russian media that a "third party" was responsible for the mortar attack on the bread queue. Yeltsin said that Russia "insists" that the UN "look again" at the attacks as there was new evidence indicating that it was not the Bosnian Serb's who carried out the attack. Despite this, NATO went ahead and launched air strikes. One military adviser to the foreign ministry, General Boris Gromov, even claimed (with no evidence provided) that one of the NATO powers was involved in the mortar attack "as a provocation". Yeltsin also said:

"Why am l against the expansion of NATO ? This (mortar attack in Sarajevo) is the first sign of what might happen when NATO comes right up to the borders of the Russian Federation. Those who insist on the expansion of NATO are making a major political mistake. The flame of war would burst out across the whole of Europe" (The Guardian, 9th September 1995).

The Russians and Bosnian Serbs have claimed that the third attack was prepared in advance over many months by "certain" Western secret services (probably including the CIA), and that Bosnian government troops under the commander of the General R. Delic carried it out. The reason for this, they argue, was to provide NATO with an opportunity not only discredit the Bosnian Serbs, but to provide the pretext to use heavy air strikes on them so as to destroy their military potential. The Russian intelligence service (FSB) were said to had known about the preparation of the plan since February 1995. Then a detailed plan, allegedly called Cyclone 2, was related to a secret memorandum, signed on 10th August 1995 at the Pleso airport in Zagreb, Croatia. The memorandum was signed for the UN by the commander of the UNPROFOR forces based Croatia and Bosnia,General B. Janvier and by Admiral L. Smith for NATO. This secret memorandum was only passed on, as "secret", on 13th September 1995 to the UN Security Council, when the main destruction of Serb targets had already taken place. According to article 7 of the memorandum UNPROFOR agreed to provide all information necessary for the NATO strikes against Serb targets to achieve the maximum success.

According to the FSB, the mortar was fired from the roof of a building near the market and they further claimed that the device was not a standard mortar bomb. Another author, Y. Bodansky, the director of the Republican parliamentary task force studying terrorism and unconventional warfare (Target America, Terrorism in the US Today, S.P.I. Books, Shapolsky Publishers, New York, 1993), believed that the Bosnian Serb intelligence service knew that "something was being planned" in Sarajevo. On 26th August 1995 (two days before the second massacre) he spoke by telephone to a senior official of the Republika Srpska in the Yugoslav capital, Belgrade, who told him anxiously that once again "something terrible is being planned against the Serbs" in Sarajevo. How much of this is true, made up or just a joint FSB-Bosnian Serb disinformation campaign is hard to assess.

Another report indicating that the Bosnian Serbs were not responsible for this market place attacks was published in The Sunday Times on October 1st 1995. It claimed that British ammunition experts serving with the UN in Sarajevo had "challenged" key evidence of the attack on the bread market which not only triggered NATO attacks against the Serbs in Bosnia, but turned the tide of the war against them. According to the newspaper, the British experts:

"found no evidence that the Bosnian Serbs had fired the lethal round"

Nora Beloff, writing in her book Yugoslavia: An Avoidable War (New European Publications, London, England, 1997), also allege that "that Bosnian government arranged to kill their own people" so as to get the Bosnian Serbs blamed. She alleges the news reporter Martin Bell, now an independent MP in Britain, had known about these allegations through his contacts with British UN officers but "he ignored what they might have told him". She repeats claims, as reported in David Owen's account of the bombings, that western experts had discovered that it was the Bosnian government forces and not the Bosnian Serbs who had been behind the attack in February 1994. Allegedly, when UNPROFOR wanted the Bosnian government to participate in truce negotiations, the British commander, General Michael Rose:

"Blackmailed the Bosnian Muslim leaders into submission. He told them that unless they agreed to cooperate, he would tell the international press that he had technical expertise proving that the grenade came from the Muslim, not the Serb, side" (Beloff, p112/113).

Other attacks supposedly carried out by the Bosnian government - and blamed on the Bosnian Serbs - include:

1) 29th June 1992: Rocket attack on Sarajevo's TV station kills 5 people. Bosnian government troops implicated in this attack (The Sunday Times, October 1st 1995).

2) 17th July 1992: A "choreographed" mortar salvo, 30 seconds after British Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd entered a building for a meeting with the Bosnian President, Alija Izetbegovic. The attack killed or wounded 10 bystanders - but not Hurd's guard of honor, who had clearly been forewarned and ducked for cover seconds before the attack.

3) 4th August 1992: Bomb attacks which were filmed by the Western film crews at a funeral of two orphans in a cemetery in Sarajevo. The attacks were blamed on the Bosnian Serbs.

4) 13th August 1992: After the Yugoslav Prime Minister Milan Panic arrives in Sarajevo airport for a meeting with Izetbegovic, a Bosnian government sniper kills US TV producer David Kaplan. The attacks disrupts the schedule of Panic, and he only manages to spend 20 minutes on the phone with Izetbegovic.

Philip Corwen, a senior member of the UN in Bosnia has recently written a book about his experience there (Dubious Mandate: A memoir of the UN in Bosnia, Summer 1995 [Duke, London, UK, 1999]):

"The French forces (the main UN armed force in Sarajevo) were continually harassed, shot at, blocked at, and threatened by Bosnian government forces . . . it was the French who pointed out that the Bosnian government was placing weapons systems next to UN facilities in order to draw fire from Serb artillery onto civilian and UN targets and thus provoke international outrage against the Serbs . .. (p178)

I recommend that readers interested in the background to the conflict in Bosnia read Corwen's book: His meticulous account shatters once and for all the "one victim - one enemy" myth promoted mainly by the Western media. For the record, l unequivocally condemn the war crimes and crimes against humanity carried out by the Bosnian Serb regime against the people of Sarajevo - whom they relentlessly bombed and shelled. The Bosnian Serb leaders Radovan Karadzic and General Ratko Mladic have been rightfully indicted by the International war crimes tribunal in the Netherlands - but why has this tribunal failed to indict Alija Izectbegovic, the Bosnian President and other senior officials of his government when there is clearly enough prima-facie evidence of their complicity in war crimes carried out by the Bosnian army ? I believe that the UN probably has ample evidence to show that the Bosnian government carried out these attacks in Sarajevo, but along with NATO, decided not to pursue charges against Bosnian government leaders for political reasons, and decided to sweep the whole story under the carpet and suppress it.


Novo Ordo Seclorum Vatican movies - once you watched one, you have seen them all:

user posted image

user posted image

Best regards from a North Adriatic Anti-roman-catholic and Anti-islamic isolationist

VOTE DAILY FOR THE UNHIVED MIND (see push-button above) and visit this great blog:
„Kein im christlichen Glauben stehender Deutscher kann, ohne der guten und sauberen Sache des Freiheitskampfes der deutschen Nation gegen den jesuitischen antichristlichen Weltbolschewismus untreu zu werden, die staatlichen Maßnahmen gegen die Jesuiten im Reich, insbesonder die Einziehung jesuitischer Vermögenswerte bejammern. Und den maßgebenden Vertretern von Kirche und Christentum im Auslande müssen wir ernstlich zu bedenken geben, daß der Weg zur jesuitischen Weltherrschaft stets über grauenvolle Leichenfelder führt.”



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So did you understand why they love to shot to the UN logistic bases & headquarters?

Because if a 'bloody' country like Israel, which 'loves' to murder 'innocent children' is shoting to the UN, for the automatic logic consequence it implies that the UN is expression of sanctity, holiness and martyrdom.

Is or not the UN the future clerck and policeman of Jerusalem, the minion of the Vatican that has to control for his landlord the Holy city?

Best regards etc.

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