Monday, January 5, 2009

Obama - Biden: Once Masons?

William R. Singleton Hope Lebanon Lodge #7,
is pleased to host the 1st Masonic Inaugural Ball on January 20th, 2009.

From an email exchange between Troy Space and Douglas Willinger (Continuing Counter Reformation):

Is President Obama or Vice-President Biden a Mason?

Neither President Obama or Vice-President Biden are currently [bold added] Masons. Many Presidents of the United States were members of our fraternity.
My response:

I guess they were ONCE Masons...


Troy's reply:

Good point!
I just received this from one of my contacts, an Italian-based anti-Jesuit Mason (not Leo Zagami). Make of it what you will:

Let me Just say that, if you were already part of the
higher orders of the illuminati, freemasonry wouldn't
even be neccessary to join. Its my guess that these
masons 'think' they know Obama isn't a mason.

We know Obama, at least was a mason, because we keep
lodge records. There are certain Vatican orders and
knighthoods, which actually require exorcism. They
also require intiates to denounce masonry in order to
move higher up the pyramid. Obama has attended lodge
in Italy in the past 20 years. [X] can dig up the
sign-in lists for you guys to prove it. OBAMA is a
mason, guys!

Any mason who tells you otherwise is either a
disinformer, or has been disinformed himself!

I can tell you who is a mason, if they attended the
ritual in Venice between 1960-2009. Almost every
hollywood actor who has visited Venice, for example.
We have the records!

Troy Space: First Ever Masonic Ball- No Joke!


avles said...

Free(?)masonry is another theatre. Remember, never forget the logic under all that. The more it is excommnicated the more is doing very important tasks for the church or Rome. For example the "detect & neutralize" the opponents to Rome. You hate the Vatican? So the first thing you have to do is to avoid any kind of (free?) Masonry. Masonry is used to draft medium-high level social layers in a hyerarchical structure where their (if not present its opposite...) good faith is then used to carry out particular tasks of Rome. Masonry & Romanist church (& Islam etc.) are apening among themselves. The mind structure is EQUAL. This is the only thing that matters. The rest is only 'storyboard', fables to arise 'feelings', 'sentiments', etc. Masonry & church are only the optical-conceptual splitting of the same entity - the Romanist bloody sect. To convince yourself give a look to this. We are living in a society filled with images, so let's use image to understand the relation "Masonry/church of Rome". And as the guy Obama, realizing the profecy of Mrs Surrat is going to swore on the Lincoln's bible, give a look to the picture at the page:
(A Salvador Dali Painting Analysys, Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea which at Twenty Meters becomes a Portrait of Abraham ) - Practically Dalì applied in the art what Rome is doing in the society from thousands of years.

avles said...

........or, to use a literary allusion, the clash "Masonry vs church of Rome" is only a form of collaborative opposition or "Amphibology":
The sentence is only ONE, the sense of it is DOUBLE. Both senses together are forming it.