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Not an Arab-Israeli Conflict

Not an Arab-Israeli Conflict

Elias Aoun

If you want to solve a problem, first you have to be honest. Second, you have to strike at the roots, not the branches.

In 1963, President John F. Kennedy made a speech on secret societies in which he said: “we are opposed, around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy . . .”

That same year, he was assassinated.

It would have been much easier if President Kennedy had specifically named the identity of the conspirators. Although some researchers may disagree about that identity, they seem to agree over the conspirators’ agenda: amass more power and control to themselves, undermine the middle class and the constitutional fabric of every country. By knowing the broad aspects of the agenda, we could then take measures aimed at accomplishing the reverse of the conspirators’ plot – by maintaining local control over a country’s affairs, protecting the middle class and preserving constitutional standards.

With regard to the Middle East , the mainstream media tells us that there are two camps: pro-American and anti-America; pro-Israel and anti-Israel; pro-Iran and anti-Iran, etc. In reality, it is a war against the individual citizen of every country (especially the citizen’s health) – with many leaders on all sides being a part of the conspiracy. The proper media characterization of the two camps should be: pro-citizen and anti-citizen.

Most American soldiers are in the military because they love their country or believe that they are defending freedom, not because they want to kill Arabs. Many individuals throughout the Middle East join militant groups because they love their country and want to protect it from foreign aggressors, not because they want to kill Americans. In some cases, members join because they simply need a paycheck, and have no desire to engage in any war. There are very few on all sides who are simply criminals – always ready to kill anything that moves.

The policies pursued by the leadership places soldiers and militants in a position where most of them did not want to be in the first place – war.

It would be more efficient if war is fought by those who declare it, while the soldiers sit on the sidelines to award a medal to whomever wins, and put a medal on the coffin of the leader who is killed. If the roles are reversed, how many leaders would be willing to declare war? Who are these leaders anyway?

Firstly, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s real name is Mahmoud Saborjhian. No Muslim has a last name that ends with “jhian.” It would be safe to say that the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran may not even be of Muslim origin. Does he favor Islamic “jihad” because he cares about the Muslim causes, or because he wants to place Muslims in situations where they get killed?

Secondly, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is a member of the Catholic Order of the Golden Fleece. It was conferred to him on June 18, 2007 by King Juan Carlos of Spain .

Why would the “custodian of the Two Holy Mosques” be a member of a Catholic order? And why would the Vatican extend a membership to the King of a government accused of financing “terrorists” all around the Middle East?

Some Saudi royals are Knights of the Royal Order of Francis I – such as Prince Khalid al-Faisal and Prince Bandar bin Khalid.

The opponents and proponents in the Saudi-Iranian Middle East tension somehow neglect to inform their listeners and readers that both Iranian and Saudi leaders are Freemasons.

Thirdly, leaders of the Zionist Israeli government are also Freemasons.

Fourthly, the Vatican hierarchy is infiltrated by secret societies or is at the helm of all secret societies – depending on what researcher you ask. In either case, the Vatican is not on the side of the citizen, and never has been for hundreds of years.

Leaders of all sides belong to Freemasonry and other secret societies. Somehow, they do not know how to resolve existing problems, do not tell us specifically the names of those causing the problems, and seem to have no clue about who is committing the assassinations in Lebanon or elsewhere.

Would we be stretching our imagination if we conclude that those who control all sides are guilty of the actions committed by all sides, and complicit in the actions left un-exposed? Do they blame us if we conclude that they are not well-intentioned? If we are mistaken in our assessment of them, then let them present us with their own explanation of the real causes behind current problems.

Based on their history, we should not be expecting any real answers. They are all “anti-citizen” and willing to kill their own people to serve their own glory.

With regard to the Christians, no institution in existence has committed more crimes against Christian believers than the Vatican .

With regard to the Jews, Zionist leaders aided Hitler in the Jewish holocaust. Today, they commit all sorts of crimes against Lebanese and Palestinians to engender a worldwide hatred against Jews. They are enemies of the Jewish people as much as any Arab dictator is an enemy of his.

With regard to Muslims, their leaders conspire to the slaughter of Arabs – in Iraq , Palestine , or Lebanon – and then finance terrorist groups who kill in the name of Islam and generate worldwide hatred for Muslims.

In summary, there is no “Arab-Israeli” conflict in the Middle East . The conflict is waged by the leaders against the population of all sides, including their own. All Middle Easterners – Christian, Muslim, and Jews – must recognize this reality, stop the cycle of blind hatred, and spread the knowledge about the true nature of the conflict.

If we look at another aspect of history, the Near East experienced about three-hundred years of civilization prior to the Crusades. In most part, Christians, Muslims, and Jews co-existed peacefully. This civilization was the most prosperous on earth, ahead of the Europeans who were living in the poverty and ignorance of the Dark Ages. Then, the Vatican decided to invade. Since the Crusades, there has not been any lengthy period in which foreign troops have not been on Arab soil.

The war launched 1,000 years ago by the Vatican continues today by the Vatican and secret societies, acting under different guises. The Arab and Israeli citizens are led to hate and kill each other by Arab, Israeli, and (behind the scene) Vatican leaders who have no genuine connection to Islam, Judaism, or Christianity.

What is the solution? There is a long answer, one of which is knowledge. We have to encourage intellectual inquiry – and it begins with our religious institutions which are hijacked. For those who believe in their religion, we need to read our own Bible, Koran, or Torah and abandon the black-robed clerics and their churches, mosques and temples. Every financial donation to them, every act of service to them, is an act and a donation for our own destruction.

If they have any heavenly spiritual awareness, we would have seen by now some heavenly results. If they have any political solution, they would have implemented it during the last 1,000 years of wars. If they are not the leading cause for the conflict, then let them tell us the specific names of those who are. Until then, walk away from them and lead yourself.

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