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Palestinian Continuing Crusade

From The UnHived Mind posted by Avles:

The below pic explains better the above points:

user posted image

This is related to the papal anti-Israeli demonstration held in Milan:

Article at the page:

"........Gaza,vandalismi sedi stampa/tv Roma
Vernice rossa e volantini pro Palestina......"

Or: "........Gaza, vandalism to press and tv seats in Rome, red paint and pro-Palestine leaflets...."

I think that the above image is the best visual comment for this thread and for what people like Barry and Phelps are warning from years.
The church is the
"......Milan Cathedral (Italian: Duomo di Milano; Milanese: Domm de Milan)...."
- Wikipedia:

.....Milan Cathedral (Italian: Duomo di Milano; Milanese: Domm de Milan) is the cathedral church of Milan in Lombardy, northern Italy. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Milan, currently Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi.........


Just for a Vatican coincidence, among many responsabilities, the guy Tettamanzi is also member of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches, the former Eastern Christian confessions which returned, keeping their traditional rites, to the Harlot of the Harlots in Rome. Those kinds of 'Oriental churches' produced the various Stalins. Those churches were also the preferred tool to infiltrate & destroy the true Eastern churches which, coherently, considered Rome as the expression of the Beast.
So, as you can see the circle is closed with that image: the Vatican crusade in the Balkans to eradicate the Orthodox 'heresy' is fully melted with the Vatican crusade in the Middle East to restore the Solomon's temple for the Pontifex Maximus. And both are aimed to eradicate the greatest enemy of Rome - the Lutheran world.

These kind of pictures are occult signes coming from the Vatican to inform their Jesuit-Masonic Islamic minions.

Ops, pardon! I forgot to mention that the leaflet above mentioned was blaming the "....16 days of military aggression coming from the state of Israel....", and that the squad performing the raid fleed on board of a "...white car.....".

It is bright like the light of the sun the occult allusion to the Templar Holy Sepulchre gang - and also to the Cardinal's paint: the red (the paint spread on the facade of the buildings) and white (like the white FIAT Uno cars used by the bloody papal gang named just from the car they used - a care very common among the clergy...see my posts about the Carabineers' coupe in the old Un. Mind). Red & White also like the high uniform of Cardinal Tettamanzi. For the number 16, it doesn't absolutely need to be commented.....

Best regards from a North Adriatic Anti-roman-catholic and Anti-islamic isolationist

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„Kein im christlichen Glauben stehender Deutscher kann, ohne der guten und sauberen Sache des Freiheitskampfes der deutschen Nation gegen den jesuitischen antichristlichen Weltbolschewismus untreu zu werden, die staatlichen Maßnahmen gegen die Jesuiten im Reich, insbesonder die Einziehung jesuitischer Vermögenswerte bejammern. Und den maßgebenden Vertretern von Kirche und Christentum im Auslande müssen wir ernstlich zu bedenken geben, daß der Weg zur jesuitischen Weltherrschaft stets über grauenvolle Leichenfelder führt.”


I see no more the pic with the Islamic mob praising the Romanist Catholic Venus with the Saturnalia rite in Milan (Duomo of Milan cathedral). You can see it in the post (last pic at the bottom):

Or here:

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