Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wlodimir Ledochowski: 3rd Most Evil Historical Figure

From Frank O'Collins:


Few have probably heard of this Jesuit Superior General. But this man, more than any other can claim something so evil, few can match it- in being the brains behind the starting of not one, but two world wars- WWI and WWII.

History books in large part deliberately misdirect us to the actual starting events and following up battles of war, the heroes, the villains and who eventually wins. But as many readers know, war is much more than simply killing people- it is also about making money- financing war and building weapons as it is about power- who loses control and infrastructure – who changes the influence of cultures and other religions.

World War I was as much about the War of Princes vs the Jesuits, then its timing and results make sense. Prior to World War I, the European monarchies were back on the ascendency. But these same royal families were the ones who destroyed the Jesuits in the 18th Century. The Jesuits had never forgotten, nor had the Papacy against the intrusion into Papal affairs of a more confident ruling class.

It was Ledochowski who played an instrumental part in helping arrange the chess board so that by the end of World War I, many of the Catholic and Protestant Monarchies were destroyed.

But his most elaborate evil was to be seen in the meticulous events leading up to World War II. In finding a close ally in Pope Pius XII, the Papacy and Jesuits for the first time in three hundred years become once again as one- planning the total destruction of the remaining power of Protestantism in Europe- the last war of Reformation.

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