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Western-Eastern Roman Empire 101

- is Eastern Orthodoxy some benign alternative to the [Western] Roman Catholic Church, a sort of form of Protestant Christianity, or is it simply the Eastern form of Roman Catholicism, abet with some different appearing architecture and rituals?  Is it benign and tolerant or hateful and intolerant?

- what do the sources that label Ukraine's post February 22, 2014 pro-western government as "Nazi" have to say about Vladimir Putin and his rule?  Do they also spotlight the political assassinations of human rights activists in Russia during the past decade or so ago.

The Double-Headed Eagle of the Western-Eastern Roman Empire 
- why are web sites that present themselves as anti Rome-anti-Vatican-anti-Jesuit Order particularly The UnHived Mind pumping Vladimir Put-In?

- why are conspiracy blogs as Infowars less pro USA and more pro Vladimir Put-In?  Do they feel that Russia is somehow a superior more tolerant nation that the USA and or its allies such as the United Kingdom, Deutschland and Poland?
Russia successfully tested its latest Bulava intercontinental nuclear missile Wednesday amid rising tensions with NATO over the conflict in Ukraine. The nearly 37-ton missile was launched from Russia’s new submarine, the Vladimir Monomakh, as part of its sea trials. Deputy Defense Minister Yuriy Borisov said a total of five test launches are planned.

Vladimir Monomakh, named after a medieval prince, fired the inter-continental ballistic missile from the White Sea near Russia’s border with Finland and hit its target nearly 3,500 miles away on the Kamchatka peninsula north of Japan. The Russian Navy's head, Adm. Viktor Chirkov, was aboard the Vladimir Monomakh for the launch.
Vladimir II Monomakh (Old East Slavic: Володимиръ (-мѣръ) Мономахъ, Volodimir Monomakh; Christian name Vasiliy, or Basileios) (1053 – 19 May 1125) was a Velikiy Kniaz (Grand Prince) of Kievan Rus'.
He was the son of Vsevolod I (married in 1046) and Anastasia of the Eastern Roman Empire (d. 1067) which is now called the Byzantine Empire. Anastasia is believed to be related to the family of the Byzantine emperor Constantine IX Monomachos, from whom Vladimir obtained his surname. Contemporary Byzantine naming practice allowed the adoption of a maternal surname if the mother's family was perceived to be of a more exalted origin than that of the father.[1]

Eupraxia of Kiev, a half-sister of Vladimir, became notorious all over Europe for her divorce from the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV on the grounds that he had attempted a black mass on her naked body.

Vladimir Putin August 26, 2014

Vladimir II

A basic '101' on the Western and Eastern Roman Empire represented on all those flags we see from Russia and elsewhere featuring the DOUBLE-HEADED EAGLE

330 AD- Roman Catholic Church is established in Rome, officially adopting Christianity yet clearly based upon the already established Roman universal (satanic pagan) church, with clever omissions and additions designed to ferment a fearful obedience.

880 Moscovite invasion of the Kiev of the East Polans- subsequently re-named "Kievan Rus"

988 Moscovite 'Kieven Rus' Ruler Wladimir I Sucks up to Byzantium, effectively creating Rus Orthodoxy (Eastern Catholicism)

1054 Great Schism- this effectively partitions Poland' keeping that nation-state west of the Great Schism Line, while the lands of the East Poles (Eastern Poland) are re-named 'Kievan Rus'

1240s Mongols Smash Kievan Rus, make it westward to Western Silesia

1300s- Lithuania fills the power vacuum in vanquished "Kievan Rus" - and soon joins with Poland to create the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

1517 Martin Luther's 95 Thesis

1525 1st Lutheran State in East Prussia

1572  French bow to Rome St. Bartholomew Day's Massacre

1573 Poland passes Warsaw Confederation Against St Bartholomew Day's Massacre

 "This country became a place of shelter for heretics” - Cardinal Hozjusz papal legate to Poland

late 1500s- Rome's recently created Jesuit Order seeks strategies to deal with expanding Rome's hegemony eastward

Late 1574-Early 1600s Vatican Proposal that Poland merges with Russia

1596 Uniate 'Greek Catholic' creation

1613 Russia's 2nd dynasty Romonov Dynasty established, succeeding the  Rurik Dynasty that had been established cir 862.

1650s Eastern Rome begins to take Eastern Poland (Ukraine) via the Khmelnytsky Rebellion via a pro-Moscovite Jesuit educated leader Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

Enlightened Poles seek to create the Polish-Lithuanian-Ruthenian Commonwealth by the Treaty of Hadiach which would abolish the Roman Uniate Church- is strongly opposed by Rome AND Moscow and is alas thwarted

1772-1795- Polish Commonwealth erased by pro Jesuit Russia and Prussia respectively under Frederick and Catherine the 'Great'.

1850- by this time Rome has decided upon a future war against Prussia-Northeastern Germany; subsequent creation of Protestant Lutheran-Pietist 2nd Reich Deutschland under Otto von Bismark, conflict with the Papacy via Cardinal Mieczyslaw Ledochowski and the revenge planning against Germany and the planned counter reformation against ‘heretical’ Germany and Poland, with the latter’s westward shift and the creation of the modern‘Ukrainian’ movement redefining the traditional East Poles-Ruthenians against Poland and favoring Moscow.

1906- Mieczyslaw Ledochowski’s nephew Wlodimir Ledochowski sets up European alliance system to engineer WW1 with Protestant United Kingdom allied against Germany and with France, which is allied with ‘Orthodox’ Russia.

Reemergence of Poland

1919 Polish Nationalist Joseph Pilsudski betrayed by political opponents loyal to Rome from western Poland primarily in the former Posen Provinz Poznan betray the drive to reunite westerly and east Poland (now re-oriented as ‘Ukraine’).
“This does not mean, however, that he enjoyed the nation’s love and understanding. There were a lot of communities and entire regions (in particular, those of Poznan and Pomorze) where Pilsudski had virtually no political support. This naturally created numerous problems both for Poland and Ukraine.

“There is one very interesting letter written by Pilsudski to General Sosnowski in the early May of 1920. In this letter he complained that the Poznan regiments, moving across Ukraine, will not understand that they were on allied territory, and rob everyone on their way and he, the commander in chief, could do nothing to stop them. He was indignant that some men’s dishonorable and stupid behavior was ruining the entire Polish-Ukrainian concept.

Pilsudski, who sought to re-unify the western and eastern portions of Poland across the great schism line, had these efforts continuously betrayed by the papist loyalists of the political movement of Roman Dmowski, who was a vicious hater of Jewish people and who sought to alienate the Ruthenian-East Polans ('Ukrainians') in conformity with the long term strategic aims of the Western-Eastern Roman Empire via his Endecja 'National Democrat' political organization.

Such a pattern of betrayal was emulated with some of the forces under Pilsudski ally Symon Petliura during the 1920 Polish - Soviet War/Polish liberation of Kiev.  Such forces engaged in anti-Jewish pogroms contrary to Petliura's commands:
Anti-Jewish pogroms accompanied the Revolution of 1917 and the ensuing Russian Civil War. The Ukrainian state promised Jews full equality and autonomy, and Arnold Margolin, a Jewish minister in Petliura's government, declared in May 1919 that the Ukrainian government had given Jews more rights than they enjoyed in any other European government.[12] However, Petliura lost control over most of his armed forces, who then engaged in killing Jews. During Petliura's term as Head of State (1919–20), pogroms continued to be perpetrated on Ukrainian ethnic territory, and the number of Jews killed during the period is estimated to be from 35,000 to 50,000....
Historians have pointed out that Petliura himself never demonstrated any personal antisemitism, and it is documented that he actively sought to halt anti-Jewish violence on numerous occasions, introducing capital punishment for the crime of pogroming.[17][18] Taras Hunczak of Rutgers University writes that "to convict Petliura for the tragedy that befell Ukrainian Jewry is to condemn an innocent man and to distort the record of Ukrainian-Jewish relations".[19][20]

Because the Soviet Union saw Petliura and Ukrainian nationalism as a threat, it was in its interest to tarnish his reputation. A propaganda campaign to this end included accusations of anti-Jewish crimes.[21] Hunczak insists that "Petliura's own personal convictions render such responsibility highly unlikely, and all the documentary evidence indicates that he consistently made efforts to stem pogrom activity by UNR troops."[22]

 Pilsudski and Petliura 1920

WW2- extended to ensure deep penetration first eastward to destroy surplus populations then westward to destroy Warsaw, and then Eastern Germany is erased from the map, with Poland tremendously reduced and pushed westward as per design.

2017 'Greek Catholic' Rus- via a Roman Catholic Uniate Romanov Restoration!

See video at 30:30+ for discussion of future Roman Catholic Russian Czar

By Luke Wilson
Fiction as a teaching tool has a venerable history harking back to the parables of Our Lord, and even to the prophets of the Old Testament. Future fiction entails certain risks, since it has to be based on educated guesses about what will happen. While it is understood that many details of any novel set in the future will prove to be incorrect, the timeless truths taught by the story may remain relevant and worthwhile even long after the previously-future date has been passed. Well-known examples of such novels include George Orwell’s 1984, and Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson’s Lord of the World.
     Russian Sunrise takes place between the years 2015 and 2017 A.D., and is based upon the outline of future history provided by Our Lady of Fatima: the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in union with all the Catholic bishops of the world; but he will do it late. In the end, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph, Russia will be converted, and the world will be granted a period of peace. The novel argues that the conversion of a nation, as promised by Our Lady, can only mean that the nation becomes Catholic. The rather sudden conversion of the vast majority of individual souls in Russia would be a spectacular public miracle -- so great that the world could neither miss nor deny the obvious connection between a recent public papal consecration of Russia, and the unprecedented religious revival that soon followed.
Those who grew up during the Cold War era have long been accustomed to think of the United States of America as the world’s protector, and of Russia as the enemy. Russian Sunrise attempts to explore a different, Catholic perspective: that Russia has been heaven’s chosen vessel for the chastisement of the world, by spreading her errors and persecutions of the Church, for as long as the Holy Fathers continue to delay exact obedience in performing the requested consecration. But in the end, Russia is to become heaven’s chosen vessel of peace for the world, as the modern world’s first powerful Catholic Confessional State. The corrupt monetary and banking systems of secular America are seen as the cause of the Global Financial Crisis. In contrast, future-Catholic Russia’s return to the Social Kingship of Christ provides the world with a new example of distributive justice and cultural cohesion. Interestingly, the modern secular humanist state religion of ‘democracy’ is challenged by converted Russia’s voluntary return to autocratic Catholic monarchy at the national level, thereby keeping local democracy free from corruption by moneyed interests. Reinstatement of a precious metals monetary standard ensures economic justice for all, and together with hereditary Christian monarchy spells an end to “government of, by, and for big money.”
      In Russian Sunrise, it is converted top Russian leaders who privately plead with the fictional Pope Nicholas VI to please consecrate their nation in obedience to Our Lady of Fatima. Grace -- obtained through multi-million rosary campaigns by traditional Catholics -- has changed the leaders’ hearts to see that there is no hope for Russia, or for the world, except through papal obedience to heaven. To escape the “spiritual wickedness in high places” that infests the Vatican, Pope Nicholas goes on a sudden secret retreat to the tradition-oriented Fatima “Cova” parish in inner-city Detroit. Father Kiril Romanov, the Cova’s pastor, is a solidly-orthodox Catholic priest and a talented musician who keeps the classics of great polyphonic Catholic music alive in the context of a weekly high Tridentine mass. Father Kiril’s older brother, bachelor Mikhail Romanov, is also a talented musician, a Professor of Medicine, and a decorated war hero. And, through miracles of Divine Providence, Mikhail is the legitimate crown prince of Russia, born expatriate of uncompromised Russian royal lineage in the United States. Mikhail enters into a chaste romance with Mariya Peterson, a young music prodigy from the Cova parish, who has recently learned she and her parents are also of Russian royal descent. Prince Mikhail and Princess Mariya appear together on the world stage at the Romanov Nobility ball in New York City, on the very evening before the Pope and all obedient Catholic bishops are to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Soon, Russia is converted, clamors to restore her monarchy, and through a referendum calls upon Mikhail to ascend the Romanov throne as the new Tsar of Catholic Russia. A Ministry of Catholic Social Reorganization is established, working to re-structure Russian society from top to bottom, to bring it into conformity with the social teaching of Christ and His Church. As just monetary and economic policies are implemented, dark and powerful forces become enraged, and plot to undermine the new freedoms for the common man and for large families, which are “dangerously” on display in Russia. But other nations begin to stir, wanting to emulate the blessings demonstrated by the new Catholic Confessional state.
     The author, Bruce W. Walters M.D., is a practicing psychiatrist and former columnist for The Latin Mass magazine. He sings tenor in the Latin Mass Choir at Assumption Grotto Church in Detroit, and is a former parish organist and organ-builder: Russian Sunrise contains extensive imagery of organs and classical music. During his lecture in Rome at the recent Consecration Now! conference on Fatima, Dr. Walters asserted that, while much emphasis has been placed on the chastisements threatened if Our Lady of Fatima is not obeyed soon, it is also important to contemplate what wonderful blessings could follow for Russia -- and for the whole world -- after the pope and bishops do finally obey Our Lady by performing the consecration of Russia precisely as requested.
Russian Sunrise is a creative and unusual approach to proclaiming the full truth about Fatima. It is a well-written, captivating, and uplifting story, packed with detailed information about Catholic social teaching, the Orthodox Church, classical music, economics, the Global Financial Crisis, and Russian history. The novel seems designed to reach a much wider audience than just traditional Catholics already convinced of the urgency of the message of Fatima. Russian Sunrise may be an important new tool to spread the full message of Fatima, to inform good minds previously confused by the “Vatican party line,” and to enkindle renewed zeal for the Consecration of Russia in good hearts previously stifled by “false obedience.” A copy for oneself, and a few extra copies to pass along to friends, is to be recommended.

Incidentally, the name of Vladimir means "great ruler"? Kievan "Rus" ruler, Vladimir Great, therefore, entered into an alliance with the Byzantine Empire and created the Russian Orthodox Church.

Then we have Vladimir II  (1053 – 19 May 1125) - a Velikiy Kniaz (Grand Prince) of Kievan Rus'.

Then we have Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski who perfected the evil squeeze of WW1 and particularly WW2 upon north-eastern Germany and Poland - born October 7, 1866, died December 13, 1942, days after the war battle-lines turned against Germany at the Battle of Stalingrad.

Then, whether Russia will soon becoming the new Catholic ruler, Vladimir Romanov, or "roman a great ruler."

Ironically, Putin and Ledochowski, happened to be born on the same day, October 7, with Putin born exactly 14 years before the 100th anniversary of Ledochowski's birth.

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Христо Стилиянов said...

The Orthodox have a prophecy saying 2017 is the end of the world. They also have one saying something about the THIRD ruler named Vladimir, but can't find what it was all about.

Vladi-mir means (ruler [of] peace)

However mir in russian also means the world.
We have a joke - "russians only want mir", meaning "the russian only want peace[or the world, rather]"

So Vladimir = ruler of the world. Symbolic, to say the least. Whatever happens to Putin, the Vatican's final conquest of the world will probably begin with Russia.

Христо Стилиянов said...

Maximilian Kolbe

Beatified, 17 October 1971

Христо Стилиянов said...

Ah, I found it, it says that the ruler to restore Russia's empire is to be named Vladimir. Others say he will lead a war against Israel.

Timothy said...

I think that people should look at your research, since it is detailed. It can make people think and it is heavily accurate. It is true that the Orthodox Church is an offshoot of Romanism. No one should theologically agree with either Romanism or the Orthodox Church. I believe that Putin has done anti-democratic actions as President of Russia and as an ex-KGB agent. That is true and that is unjustifiable. Also, NATO has done mistakes as well. We have to be fair. Putin’s violations of human rights are wrong and NATO aiding terrorists killing innocent Black Libyans is wrong too. People are labeling the neo-Nazi factions in Ukraine as Nazis not every resident of Ukraine. Researchers have proven that many Ukrainian political factions are anti-Semitic (as some members of the Svoboda Party are. Their platform restricts who can be citizens; it bans adoptions by non-Ukrainians of Ukrainian children, and it has other reactionary proposals). Tetyana Chernovol has anti-Semitic ties too. Both the Ukrainian government and the separatists have committed war crimes as documented in the events found in Donetsk and in other locations. The IMF wants a huge economic influence in Ukraine. So, Russia and Ukraine has work to do in improving their respective nations. I don’t support all of the leadership’s policies among both nations.

I do support the grassroots, sincere people (who are many Ukrainians, many Russians, and many Crimeans. Not all Russians are nihilists and not all Ukrainians are neo-Nazis either) who want justice plus true peace in that part of the world.

avles said...

A speciality of NKVD (FSB?) is the camouflage. Also today?

"There are no better illustrations of the Soviet use of rape as a tactical weapon in
warfare than those found in the records of Soviet spetsgruppy in West Ukraine:
evidently, special MGB maskirovka units regularly brutalized local Ukrainian
women while disguised as rebels. Here is just one of myriad examples found in
Soviet police files:"

avles said...

"Beatified, 17 October 1971 "

Or they changed the documents of birth or Satan planned his birth directly. I see the reverse of 17 in that 71. 19 is 2 + 17.... 10 of Oct can be viewed as double 5.

I am curious to hear tomorrow what has to say the Jesuit pope coming here to commemorate the end of the WW1. Lutherans have been treated also like the Orthodox Serbs, one third killed, one third expelled... soon one third (remaining) CONVERTED? To Romanism?
You right Stiliyanov, Orthodoxy is today the Troy Horse for the Final Ride of Catholicism of Rome in the world. Keeping Orthodox Russia isolated to push her than to search ally in the Jesuit pope... It seems history repeat like with Hitler's Germany, another puppet hungry of worldly glory, today Putin.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

That numerology reminds me of the Joan Crawford movie "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane [Hudson]" which where throughout much of that movie the viewers did not know which of a pair of 2 sisters was in which position when one of the sisters- the one played by Crawford- was crippled. The movie story starts in 1917 and involves parents or parent who pushes her child too far.

avles said...

I warmly suggest to you to read this, how Roman Catholicism destroyed USA. You ll see next how many traitors and stabbers-at-the-back jumping on the car of the winner, Roman Catholic new Hitler of the world, Wladimir Putin, and his lords & backers, the Jesuits:

Thursday, August 15, 2013
Watch out for that bear!
by Paul E. Richardson

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